Business Technology Summit 2009

Date: 3-4 November 2009, Bangalore | 6 November 2009, Mumbai

When it comes to business technologies, the noise is increasing. Business Technology Summit 09 is your filter. Saltmarch Media has created a focused summit programmed to make the most efficient use of your time. Centered on the theme “Shaping Your Enterprise in a Post Crisis World”, Saltmarch Media’s annual Business Technology Summit features a convergence of technologies that are enabling organizations to benefit from the flip side of Moore’s law and do the same for less.

From Nov 4-6 2009, the summit will feature the hottest technologies that will help shape enterprises in a post crisis world: SOA & Web Services, Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management & Storage, and Information Security. A platform for software infrastructure, middleware and enterprise app vendors, the summit is India’s first, largest and single-most inspirational technology show attended by a serious audience of over thousand lively and thought-provoking IT practitioners and business leaders who will pose tough questions to the speakers, who are doing the best business technology work in the world. Speakers at the summit include leaders from the industry, independent voices, analysts, visionaries, and the innovative companies that are transforming the way we do business.

Speakers at BT Summit 2009 include Howard Charney (Creator of Fast Ethernet), Robert Marcus (Author of the Global Grid), Nils Puhlman (Co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance), Jinesh Varia (Amazon Web Services Lead), Robert Schneider (Analyst, Think88), Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Principal Analyst, CMSWatch) among others.

Business Technology Summit 2009 will be held at two cities in India – the Big Tent Technology Edition in India’s tech capital Bangalore (4-5 Nov’09), and the Executive Edition in India’s financial capital Mumbai (6 Nov’09).

Quick Facts about Business Technology Summit 2009

* 60+ focused sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, power panels and workshops

* The Best Speaker Lineup: Over 40 acclaimed speakers, visionaries, standard setters, and luminaries are expected from the world of SOA, Web Services, SaaS, ECM, and Virtualisation

* 1000+ Unique Qualified Attendees across the days of the summit
* Attendee Profile:

o Big Tent Technology Edition in Bangalore for Purchase Influencers: Software & IT Architects, Solution Engineers & Software Developers, IT Directors/IT Managers, Project Managers & Project Leaders, Network and Infrastructure Specialists, System Administrators, IT Consultants & Technology Evangelists

o Executive Edition, Mumbai for Decision Makers: a profiled group of 100+ CxO’s from various verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Media, Energy, Transportation, and Pharma/healthcare

* Important dates:
o Big Tent Edition, Bangalore: Main Conference: 03-04 Nov 2009
o Executive Edition, Mumbai: 06 Nov 2009
* Summit website:

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