IDTechEx – Commercialise Innovation Two Weeks until Printed Electronics Europe 2009 By Dr. Harry Zervos, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

Less than two weeks remain until IDTechEx conferences Printed Electronics Europe 2009 and Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon 2009 take place, in Dresden, Germany on the 7th and 8th of April.

International speakers from major research and technology hubs around the globe, as well as integrators and end-users of innovative technologies, will be there, to exchange opinions, network, present recent results and progress in their respective fields. In addition, they will be expressing needs, discussing challenges faced and obstacles overcome in the efforts to commercialise innovation.

Companies presenting at the conference range in size and scope to give a broad overview on the subject of growth of the industry sectors addressed. Together with end-user input, the conference provides the grounds and the opportunities for immediate interaction between the providers of innovative technologies and those who will implement and use it for their and their products’ benefit.

End Users

Examples include presentations from car manufacturers such as FIAT and Daimler, toy manufacturers Ravensburger and government agencies such as NASA, providing insight into their needs from these new technologies, allowing attendees to gain firsthand knowledge of what their potential customers require. The range of end-users involved with the conference is very wide, with attendees registered from companies that have become household names such as Nestle, BMW, Braun, Hallmark and Procter & Gamble.

TFT and Displays developments

Delving more into the technology advances that will be presented at the event, display giants such as Samsung and SONY will be talking about their development of thin film transistors and their achievements in making better performing and more robust devices and manufacturing techniques. Other approaches covered at the event include QD Vision’s development of quantum dot light emitting devices for displays and lighting applications as well as Texas Instruments’ approach towards powering innovative displays such as flexible organic light emitting displays (OLEDs).

Electronic Paper developments are also attracting a lot of attention so the latest development from “spotlight startup” Plastic Logic as well as Prime View International and Bridgestone Corporation will cover development and commercialisation efforts.

Wearable Electronics

Electronic functionality is being made possible in areas where it wasn’t possible before as electronics are characterised by new properties such as stretchability, wearability, etc. Wearable electronics are being further investigated at Printed Electronics Europe, with companies like Sefar discussing the bridging of the gap between electronics and fabrics as well as opportunities for printed electronics presented by Interactive Wear’s CEO Mr. Andreas Roepert. Research at PHILIPS or the Embedded Systems Lab at University Passau is also highlighted, giving an overview of the current status of efforts in the field.

Conductive Materials

Graphene and copper inks are attracting a lot of attention as well, especially with instability in the pricing of silver or issues with its disposal (let’s not forget that silver is a biocide, making it the last thing you would want to have ending up in a landfill), should electronics become ubiquitous and disposable. Applied Nanotech is presenting on its proposition for replacing silver inks: a highly conductive inkjet printable copper nanoparticle ink that could potentially be a solution to the issues of silver. Graphene research and development will also be presented by Vorbeck Materials as well as Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

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IDTechEx Dates:

Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon Europe 2009| April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany

Printed Electronics Europe 2009 | April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe | June 3-4 | Cambridge, UK

RFID Europe 2009 | Sep 29-30 | Cambridge, UK

Printed Electronics Asia 2009 | Sep 30-Oct 1 | Tokyo, Japan

Energy Harvesting & Storage USA | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

RTLS & Wireless Sensor Networks Summit | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

Printed Electronics USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

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