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Graymatter STRATEGIES, LCC: Family Dynamics in Private Wealth Management

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Lisa Gray, a keynote speaker at the marcus evans Elite Summit 2011, discusses the role that family dynamics play in private wealth management.

Interview with: Lisa Gray, Founder & Managing Member, graymatter STRATEGIES, LLC.
Montreux, Switzerland, February 28, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The biggest risks to family wealth emanate from the family itself. Market risks pale in comparison to the role that family dynamics can play,” says Lisa Gray, Founder & Managing Member, graymatter STRATEGIES, LLC. A keynote speaker at the marcus evans Elite Summit 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland, 25 – 27 May, the author of “The New Family Office: Innovative Strategies for Consulting to the Affluent” and “Generational Wealth Management: A Guide for Fostering Global Family Wealth” talks about family dynamics, and generational and behavioural biases.

What is missing in private wealth management today?

Lisa Gray: Family dynamics have a direct impact on the conversations taking place between family members and their advisors. However, nobody seems to recognise this. For advisors to be truly effective today, they must broaden the scope of their thinking in defining excellence in client service.

What are the key concepts discussed in your books? What can the industry gain from your experience?

Lisa Gray: My first book chronicled the history of the family office industry and introduced the issues of family dynamics and the misunderstandings that different generational perspectives create among family members. In my second book, I explore these issues much more deeply and show how they fit into the wealth management continuum.

Generational perspectives influence all of our decisions. Family members’ perceptions are skewed by their individual generational biases. Families often overlook talents and abilities of family members who feel they do not have a voice in family decisions. As a result, intellectual, human, and social assets which could contribute significantly to the family wealth may never be discovered and thus, never materialised.

The real benefit of a consultant is in guiding the family toward solutions which truly fit their needs. Family offices often become overly focused on the investment component and may not realise that the reason they exist is to support families in developing communication and trust between members. That is where the real power of their work lies; their processes should support families’ goals and needs.

Even when they have been appropriately identified, family goals often get lost in the translation to the investment piece. Behavioural biases also skew the translation of the family’s goals. Behavioural finance can be a wonderful tool in aligning asset allocation more directly with the family’s needs.

What investment strategies would you recommend?

Lisa Gray: I would caution people to broaden their consideration of risks. There are three levels of risk: market risks, what all investors go through; the risk of increased regulation, which will change how they do things and increase their costs; and the biggest risk to family wealth, the family itself.

Families and advisors should recognise the deeper sources of risk to the wealth. Family issues often seem to come out of the blue, but in fact the signs were there all along.

Does the issue of family dynamics actually limit investment advisors?

Lisa Gray: I would say the opposite. It makes their work much easier. Awareness of what influences family decisions frees advisors to partner with the family in the decision-making process.

Any final thoughts?

Lisa Gray: Advisors often seem reticent to approach the psychological issues of wealth management but today, they truly have no choice. Not only are markets psychologically based but investors’ responses to markets are also psychological. Behavioural finance, which is becoming increasingly woven into the world of wealth management, is based on the psychological biases of investors. So it is not a stretch to say that an awareness of generational perspectives and family dynamics should be included as a component of the advisory client service spectrum.

Contact: Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits Division

About the Elite Summit 2011

This unique forum will take place at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, Switzerland, 25 – 27 May 2011. Offering much more than any conference, seminar or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed wealth management industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The summit addresses the most current wealth management trends, and provides attendees with fresh perspectives on adapting effectively to global changes and opportunities to sustain, grow and preserve family wealth.

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Please note that the summit is a closed business event and the number of participants strictly limited.

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Monday, February 28th, 2011

Africa has abundant energy resources, far exceeding the region’s requirements, yet two-thirds of its people remain trapped in poverty because they lack access to a stable source of energy to fund socio-economic development. A new energy landscape is emerging in Africa, creating opportunities for business to be part of Bridging the Energy Gap in Africa.

The countdown to Energy Indaba 2011 has begun in earnest, with the event kicking off on Tuesday 1 March to Thursday 3 March at Sandton Convention Centre.

This year’s topical and compelling conference programme once again brings together the foremost experts in the field to debate critical industry issues and find solutions to Africa’s energy crisis, with a dynamic line up of speakers and a programme packed with useful insights into the future of energy in Africa.

The exhibition running alongside the three-day event will showcase the top companies in the world energy sector, who are bringing to market new and innovative technologies, products and services to meet the demand for sustainable, renewable and traditional sources of energy.

“Ensuring sustainable access to energy is one of the major challenges facing the global economy today and is not unique to South Africa,” says Hart. “However, in the African context lack of access to energy impedes socio-economic development, undermining health and stagnating growth.

“South Africa’s recent accession to BRICS opens up enormous opportunities for trade, investment and socio-economic development throughout this resource-rich continent that could deliver millions of people out of poverty. But these opportunities depend on sustainable sources of energy to fuel them.”

Now in its third year, Energy Indaba 2011 holds an important place in the business calendars of policymakers and business leaders from all over the world, and attracts delegates of the highest caliber, who are capable of effecting real change in their spheres of influence.

Prominent speakers include South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Energy Barbara Thompson, and Christoph Frei, the Secretary General of WEC London, as well as Leon Louw, the executive director of the Free Market Foundation.

But, says Hart, Energy Indaba is not just a talk-shop. “There are real opportunities for deal-making, networking, branding-building, knowledge-exchange and capacity-building. Our business matchmaking programme is the ideal space to help participants set up targeted and focused business-to-business meetings with interested parties.”

Energy Indaba 2011 is also proud to host the following side events:
· The World Energy Council (WEC) Regional Africa Meeting from Saturday 26 February to Monday 28 March;

· The Nanotechnology Media Roundtable on Thursday 3 March; and

· The Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States Science and Technology Programme workshop on Thursday 3 March.

· Delegates will be invited to join a tour of Eskom’s Lethabo Power Plant in Vereeniging on Friday 4 March.

Highlights include the opportunity to network with more than 300 senior energy executives, experts, academics, decision-makers and policymakers creating Africa’s energy future, learn from over 50 expert speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise, and browse more than 100 exhibitors showcasing state-of-the-art energy solutions.

February 28 2011
Issued by: Siyenza Management
On behalf of: Energy Indaba
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Monday, February 28th, 2011

Free market guru Leon Louw is billed as one of an impressive line-up of speakers at next week’s Energy Indaba 2011, from March 1 to 3 at Sandton Convention Centre.

A well-known South African personality, Louw is the executive director of the Free Market Foundation and the Law Review Project and is credited with having had a significant impact on policymaking in South Africa over the course of his 30-year career.

Louw will present on the topic, The Economics of Energy Alternatives, looking at privatisation and deregulation as policy mechanisms for ensuring a stable energy supply. Other prominent speakers include South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Energy, Barbara Thompson, and Christoph Frei, the Secretary General of WEC London.

Now in its third year, Energy Indaba 2011 has earned a reputation as Africa’s foremost energy event, bringing together the leading players in the energy sector the world over, including business, government, NGOs and academics.

The conference programme brings together the foremost experts in the field to debate solutions to Africa’s energy crisis, while the exhibition running alongside the three-day event will showcase the new and innovative technologies, products and services to meet Africa’s energy demands.

February 25 2011
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About Siyenza Management

Siyenza Management is a multi-faceted communications company, well established within the South African business community, and well placed to co-ordinate an event of this stature. We are immensely proud of both our South Africa roots and ability to provide services to global standards, in the fields of brand architecture, communication, event management, marketing and publishing. Siyenza, meaning “we do” in Nguni, provides a platform to facilitate the bringing together of people. Renowned as a world-class service provider, with strong networks across South Africa, Africa and the world, Siyenza is highly regarded in the business community and has sound track record of delivery, as one of the top 15 event management companies in Africa.


Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Energy Indaba 2011 has concluded an agreement with the EU African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) Science and Technology Programme to hold a workshop on Sustainable Non-Food Sources of Bio-Fuels alongside this year’s conference and exhibition to be held in March.

The EU ACP Programme has initiated a Science and Technology project to build sustainable, non-food, renewable biofuel supply chains for providing Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or cogeneration electricity, and identify future feed stocks needed to replace fossil fuels in South Africa, Namibia and Ghana.

The programme aims to bring together academics, professionals, decision-makers and support scheme managers from these African countries and Italy and the UK in a series of workshops to build capacity and identify and stimulate funding for the biofuels industry.

Our Government’s commitment to renewable energy has facilitated several opportunities for the biofuels market in South Africa, giving the ACP
programme and interested stakeholders a strong platform for furthering developments in this industry
,” says Energy Indaba MD, Liz Hart.

The workshop will host a number of local and international industry and research experts in the field of renewable energy and non-food energy sources. The workshop will go further in identifying viable and sustainable renewable energy sources and establishing training programmes in South Africa, to provide a framework for what the organisers hope will accommodate many future projects and programmes in the growing biofuels industry in South Africa.

Non-food biofuels include those based on jatropha plants, which thrive in the African environment, as well as micro-algae and bio-gas from agro-and food wastes. ACP hopes to foster partnerships between energy businesses and farming supply chains, transferring know-how from experienced teams toothers and providing capacity-building for the ACP programme at universities that will train up a new workforce and offer technical expertise, training and research.

“One of the objectives of the programme is to address ACP in-country state-of-preparedness and the ability to respond to new technologies emerging from Europe,” says Professor Patricia Harvey. “Energy Indabais the ideal forum to raise awareness of second-generation renewable biofuels for meeting energy requirements in local communities, and to expand the renewable biofuels debate in Africa.”

For more information visit or contact

As power prices in Africa rise, grid expansion stalls and as grid power availability is constrained, consumers and communities increasingly have to take electricity production into their own hands. In the long term, this is a good thing, and having a portion of electricity coming from decentralised sources is healthy for any grid.

CEOs, Government together drive Malaysian talent, technology and creativity needed for Vision 2020

Monday, February 14th, 2011

CEOs, Government together drive Malaysian talent,  technology and creativity needed for Vision 2020

SINGAPORE (10 February 2011) – What will drive business success in 2011? is the most popular question that CEOs, HR Directors and CITOs in HR from Asian Wall Street Journal’s most admired company list—as the global economy slowly rebounds and emerging markets are seen to carry much of the recovery—will address at the HR Talk Show, held 9 March 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2011 marks a critical period of Transformation for Malaysia—a quantum leap from the current US$7,000 per capita annual income to US$15,000, and a spate of debates has sprung recently on how best to approach the very ambitious transformation of Malaysia into a developed nation that would require Malaysia to grow by 8% per year during this decade. Reports mention that this level of growth will require major private investment from both domestic and foreign sources, resulting from confidence in upgraded human skills and significant economic reform.

Several enthusiastic government initiatives already was set to propel this growth, such as the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP), the National Key Results Areas (NKRAs), the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs), the New Economic Model (NEM), the Government Transformation Programmes (GTP), and the Economic Transformation Programmes (ETP). The establishment of PEMANDU and the newly minted Talent Corp—driving these serious initiatives—is expected to drive serious growth trajectories in Malaysia.

Whilst PEMANDU has been resolutely driving growth with 19 more projects and worth RM67 billion in investments, RM36 billion in Gross National Income (GNI), whilst contributing to almost 35,000 new jobs, the challenge is on for Talent Corp, tasked to encourage overseas Malaysians to return home, after almost 500,000 Malaysians reportedly left the country between 2007 and 2009, more than doubling the number of Malaysian professionals who live overseas—exacerbating the country’s brain drain problem. It will have to bridge this massive talent gap.

Talent Corp’s Chief Executive, Johan Merican will be joining the most globally admired companies in Malaysia at the HR Talk Show to address current HR professional challenges three years ago, what those issues are today and what they will be three years from now to provide strategic clarity for Malaysian business leaders.

“Today, 80% of the workforce has education only up to SPM qualifications, Malaysia’s equivalent to the O-levels,” said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Over the next five years, the aim is to raise the number of highly skilled workers to 5 million— now standing at 3.1 million among the 12 million workers in the country.

But it is, however, easier said than done. The New Economic Model adhering to “market friendly, merit-based, transparent and needs-based” principles of promotion through its inclusive affirmative action policy has yet to generate buy-in from various stakeholders.

The private sector is being cautious in going about this major change, especially given that the new global economy’s “bigger, better, faster, cheaper” demands which put a downward pressure on companies’ profit and liquidity prospects. In IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study, CEOs turn back to innovation driven by creative leaders who thrive in uncertainties and experimentation to stay relevant in a highly volatile market. Prime Minister Najib Razak declared last year as the Year of Innovation and Creativity for Malaysia, saying, “Innovation creates jobs and boosts national competitiveness. This is why we, too, must make a creative impact in a competitive global economy. We must not allow ourselves to be left behind.”

Technology is another challenge given the new trends that require further collaboration, clarity and transparency, visibility and ubiquity amidst drive to cut costs without cutting effectiveness. HR will constantly be asked of hard numbers before taking up expensive server-based technologies from which they turn towards enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products as cost effective alternatives to ERP software systems for human resource management. In fact in a global survey, about 40% of HR executives plan to implement SaaS for core needs between now and end of 2011, to simplify software management and reduce costs. However, there are challenges along the way, which include security/ privacy concerns, offline support availability and expensive initial implementation costs.

Contact: Rex Ian Sayson
Arc Media Global
(+65) 6844 2080
Arc Media Global Pte Ltd
Robinson Road P.O. Box 176, Singapore 900326 ? T +65 6844 2080 ? F +65 6844 2060

If the new economy is to regain its soul, we need to ask ourselves some tough questions,” award-winning author Jim Collin wrote. During this critical period of Transformation in Malaysia, do we ask ourselves tough questions to be the first trillion-dollar company?

Our role as leader in our organizations is to clarify your people and business management direction for 2011-2012 and determine how we can future proof our business and people strategy, against the global drivers that will affect our organization in the coming decade.

The HR Talk Show series is a high-impact interactive platform that bridges the gap between the government and business initiatives to drive best practices and actionable insights into talent, technology and strategy. In a unique talk show format, Anne

Edwards of Bernama TV will facilitate thought-provoking questions to most admired companies to ensure that you:

• Drive improved talent productivity and leadership succession
• Cast off accident-prone legacy strategies for talent management
• Get a methodology to evaluate and implement HR technology and services
• Resume your role with a greater clarity of thought and vision

The Center for Business Strategy and Tactics (Center for Business) is an industry research centre (IRC) that works to bring top executives together in communities of learning and practice to act as a catalyst for generating high-value energy business insight and channel top expertise to where the world needs it most. Center for Business meetings are powered by Arc Media Global, a B2B/G2B integrated international marketing specialist headquartered in Singapore.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with the speakers at the HR Talk Show, please call Rex Ian Sayson at (+65) 6844 2080 or e-mail Rex at


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Home Décor Exhibition Shenzhen Hometex + Wall & Décor Expo fostered the best in Furnishing Fabrics

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Spur with Sufficient Accumulation; Leverage with Advantageous Situation
Home Décor Exhibition Shenzhen Hometex + Wall & Décor is fostered to be the No.1 Furnishing Fabrics Exhibition in China

Having an evolvement of 15 years, the 2011 Spring Shenzhen Hometex Fair is scheduled to be held from 7 to 10 in March, 2011 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. To gear itself up to the trend of Integrated Home Furnishing, Interhometex was renamed to Home Décor Exhibition. The exhibiting product groups are extended, and the size of the exhibition is soared up to 90,000 sq.m.s. Tens of thousands of buyers, insiders and designers invited flock to attend this gala party of the Chinese home furnishing industry.

Taps the Potential Demand for Home Furnishing

Shenzhen Hometex fair originally focused on curtains and decorative fabrics. Having observed the market trend, the organizing committee, beginning from March 2011, changes the exhibition name to Home Décor Exhibition Shenzhen Hometex + Wall & Décor. Home Décor Exhibition is the first exhibition that specializes in home furnishing and aims to become the foremost in China, which will satisfy the needs of massive consumers and create enormous business opportunity for exhibitors, buyers, and people from the interior design and decoration discipline.

Integrate Home Furnishing Industry Resource

Home Décor Exhibition is privileged to be offered support by home textiles association, wall paper association, home decoration associations all over the nation. Home Décor Exhibition originates the integration of home furnishing relevant industries, facilitating the perfect match between fabrics and wall paper and between furniture and ornaments, which will induce renovation and innovation of design, R&D, production and distribution of these industries and on another hand provides consumers a one-stop sourcing solution.

Lead Home Furnishing Fashion Consumption

With the mission to “breed hometex brand, lead fashion consumption”, Home Décor Exhibition has been the biggest high-end exhibition for decorative fabrics in China, the symbol of decorative fabrics fashion in China. Home Décor Exhibition 2011 Spring has added more connotation to this mission that is to lead home furnishing fashion. Home Décor Exhibition 2011 Spring is gratified by the participation of each single leading brand exhibitor. The conglomeration of these leading brands enables Home Décor Exhibition to live up to this new mission.

Stimulate Home Furnishing “Creation in China

Home Décor Exhibition 2011 Spring will offer participants such wonderful activities as National Home Furnishing Design Contest, National Art College Design Contest, New Products Appraisal, Exhibiting Stand Appraisal, Designers Salon, Designers Lecture, Forums and Seminars, Fashion Presentation, Awarded Works Presentation and Industry Networking Party. These activities are examination for the Chinese home furnishing industry in one year which also serves as reference for future development.

Home Décor Exhibition has established sound IPR mechanism. The on-site IPR panel composed by provincial and municipal copy right bureaus, copy right associations all over the country and licensed lawyers’ firms provides potent copy-right laws execution and supervision on-site. Home Décor Exhibition 2011 Spring is the “Experimental Unit of Trade Fair IPR in Guangdong Province”, being one of the five exhibitions that obtains this honorable title among numerous exhibitions in Guangdong Province.

Home Décor Exhibition Shenzhen Hometex + Wall & Décor 2011 Spring is the impellent momentum and optimum platform for home furnishing “Created in China”.