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2nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009 – Discounted registration-Last date:August 102009

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009



What is the common among Tata Chemicals, Alexandria Carbon Black Company, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Hi-Tech Carbon, Gridpariti Foundation, Lanka Gasifiers, SDSU, Abellon Clean Energy, Nav Bharat Ventures Limited, K.K.Nag Limited, SJK Biotech Pharma Limited and many others?  They are all participating to Discover the greatest idea of this century How to convert CO2 emissions to Biofuels using sunlight, water and Algae at 2nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009.

 Limited seats available (due to fixed Seating auditorium), Reserve Your Seat NOW, Discounted registration closes on 10th August 2009

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 Discover the greatest idea of this century

How to convert CO2 emissions to biofuels using sunlight, water and Algae�

Ever rising prices of liquid fuels like diesel are posing serious threat to the bottom line of large energy users. Establishing a project to create a captive source of Biodiesel using CO2 emission, sunlight & water is the wisest strategy for industries!

Algae farming for oil is the biggest opportunity of this decade

Billions of years ago the earth atmosphere was filled with CO2. Thus there was no life on earth. Life on earth started with Cyanobacterium & algae. These humble photosynthetic organisms sucked the atmospheric CO2 and started releasing oxygen. As a result, the levels of CO2 started decreasing to such an extent that life evolved on earth. Once again these smallest organisms are poised to save us from the threat of global warming.


Algae, like corn, soybeans, sugar cane, Jatropha, and other plants, use photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy. They store this energy in the form of oils, carbohydrates, and proteins. The plant oil can be converted to biodiesel; hence biodiesel is a form of solar energy. The more efficient a particular plant is at converting that solar energy into chemical energy, the better it is from a biodiesel perspective, and algae are among the most photosynthetically efficient plants on earth.


Growdiesel Consortium, is engaged in development of a technology that could allow companies to recycle emitted CO2 from flue gases to convert it to “Biofuel and also earn Carbon Credits. It is a golden opportunity for companies to kill two birds with one stone! Growdiesel technology will allow the capture and recycling of CO2 from smokestacks, fermentations and any other emission. The best part of the technology is that industrial facilities do not need large modifications to host a Growdiesel algae farm.

In order to facilitate an understanding of benefits of establishing an Algae Biofuel project, Growdiesel Climate Care Council is hosting “2 nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009 from 8th to 10th September 2009 in India.



Key topics to be covered at 2nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009


An introduction to Biofuels

  An introduction to First Generation Biofuels

  Current Status of global biofuel industry

An introduction to Algae Biofuel The next Generation Biofuel

Advantages of Algae over first generation biofuels

  Current status of global algae biofuel industry.

Pros & Cons sustainability factors in technological, economical , social & regulatory environments. Do Algae Biofuels provide solutions to the fuel vs. food debate?

  An introduction to An introduction to Algae Growing Systems

Studying the technological options for algae farming systems-Open Ponds or Enclosed Ponds

Enclosed Photobioreactor Systems

Hybrid systems using Enclosed Ponds & Enclosed Photobioreactor Systems

Enclosed Photobioreactors vs. open ponds – which is the right technology for commercial Algae Biofuel projects?

Studying the capacity options for energy farming systems. Small vs. large: What is the right size of an energy farm?

§  Lipid Production from microalgae, strain selection, induction of lipid synthesis and outdoor growth- Algal Strain Selection and development of Algae Mass Culture Techniques for Biofuel Production

§  Maximising solar conversion efficiency in mass culture

  Achieving both high oil content and high productivity in mass culture

Opportunities in Algae Biofuel Sector for corporate

§  Using Algae as a tool for CO2 mitigation and driving the Carbon Capture and Recycling process for reversal of global warming

  Developing a process for Production of algae from industrial plant flue gases – An approach toward Emission to Biofuel

Opportunities in Algae Biofuel Sector for SME-small & medium entrepreneurs

  Financial Modelling and feasibility assessment for decentralized Bioenergy farm Project

  Developing a process to purify, compress and bottle algae biogas as compressed methane gas for using as motor fuel and cooking gas

  Establishing a marketing network to sell environmental friendly bioenergy products

Opportunities in Algae Biofuel Sector for Rural Entrepreneurs

Sustained algae cultivation in open ponds

Developing a process for integrating Algae Biofuel projects with dairy, piggery, poultry and aquaculture farms

Developing natural milk with high percentage of good cholesterol

Developing eggs and poultry products with high percentage of good cholesterol

Opportunities in Algae Biofuel Sector for Public Bodies/ESCO companies

Developing a process to utilize Algae for treatment of liquid waste/effluent waste water & using the resultant algal biomass for Bioenergy production

§  Developing a process for extracting nutrients from municipal waste water before safe discharge in river streams & using the resultant algal biomass for Bioenergy production

  One to one meeting of Biofuel producers with biofuel product traders to discuss opportunities for mutual tie-up

Road Map to enter the trillion dollars next generation Biofuel Industry by Thinking BIG & starting small

  Developing a CDM project for obtaining Carbon credits for Algae Biofuel projects

Tapping innovative Financing options for Integrated Bioenergy Projects

Attendee Profile

A Select Gathering of Senior Level Representatives, CEO’s, Presidents/Executive Vice Presidents/Directors & Business Unit Heads


Covering Key Functional Areas
- Business Strategy and Alliance Management
- Business Development/Marketing
- Research and Development/ Product development
- Product/Project Management and Supply Chain Management


Across the Value Chain

Commercial Diesel Users, Corporate & Industrial Diesel Users

  Energy producers & oil companies

  Transport industries, including shipping, port trust and Airline representatives

Hotel & hospitality industry representatives

Educational institutes

Biofuel and Renewable energy project developers & equipment manufacturers

UN agencies, global agencies, consulates, foreign missions

Local & global government agencies

Research institutes & R&D centers

  Industrial associations, bodies, environmental support agencies, carbon mitigation and trading companies

  Angel investors, entrepreneurs, venture capital companies, private equity companies, banks, financial institutions, commodity traders,

 Partial List of major presenting & participating organizations at Algae Biofuel Summit 2009

Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Swinburne University Australia, University of Cambridge, National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Centre for Algal Biotechnology, Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies, University of Madras, Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering, Tamilnadu Agricultural University, The University of Georgia, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology, Tata Chemicals Limited, Gridpariti Foundation, Lanka Gasifiers Pvt.Ltd., SDSU, Abellon Clean Energy Limited, Nav Bharat Ventures Limited, Alexandria Carbon Black Company, Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited, Hi-Tech Carbon, K.K.Nag Limited, SJK Biotech Pharma Limited etc..

Reserve Your Seat Today, Discounted Registration closes on 10th August 2009

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Why attend Algae Biofuel Summit 2009

  • Listen & learn from leading experts from all over the world
  • Find out what policies the government is implementing to support market growth and future industry development
  • Benefit from practical case studies
  • Learn, network and debate with industry experts
  • Be updated on advances in Biofuel farming, production and optimization technologies
  • Understand the latest developments in creating cost competitive, commercially viable algae biofuels
  • Examine the latest developments in next generation feedstocks, including algae & waste
  • Plus, learn about the tremendous opportunities for algae as a feedstock in a special three days workshop. Leading experts will provide the full feasibility of cultivation, investment, refining and other areas of this interesting project for prospective entrepreneurs


Over the past few years, 5000+ delegates have attended our biofuels programs. Here is what some of them had to say:

 Excellent program with good speakers. Prof. Mohamed Shariff, Professor & Director, Innovation & Commercialization Center, Malaysia.

 Really it’s a great effort by Growdiesel for such a successful conference in India. Mr. Shovon Mandal, Indian Institute Technology, India

 The Summit was well organized and managed & the facilities were good. Mr. Jalal Al Muhtaseb, Pertech,Jordan.

Well managed conference excellent conference/good interaction. Mr. Karl Heinz Riedel, Chief Scientist, Sasol Technology , Sasolburg.

Congratulation for organizing a wonderful biofuel summit. Ms.Noor Ezleema M.Jalal, Environmental Manager, Petronas Gas BHD. , Malaysia

 Wonderful job done good effort to put people interested in algal technology together Dr. Dolly Dhar, Head of Microbiology Department, Indian Agriculture Research Institute, India

Very useful programme. Will help me to formulate on future R&D projects, Mr. H. C. Das, Head (R&D) Oil India Limited,India

Hope with the efforts of Growdiesel, one day we will be able to provide practically viable alternative energy resource as algae & cyanobacteria. Dr.Tasneem Fatma, Professor, Jamia Milia Islamia, India

Great Program & Great Country. I have visited many countries all over the world where I met so nice people. But this in the first time for me to visit India. It is my pleasure to state that in India I met so nice, so simple and kind hearts. Dr.Mohd. I.Abdel Hamid,Professor, University of Mansoura, Egypt

An excellent effort to bring together researchers, scientist, academicians, social organizations and industrial associates together on one platform to discuss. Dr.R.B.Srivastava, Director, Defense Research Laboratory, Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, India

Very good initiative of Growdiesel to gather worldwide experts around such a challenging and up to date topic. Ms. Marcia Leite Drachmann,Business Advisor, Petrobras, Brazil


For Paper Presentation, speaking opportunities or Participation Opportunities, please email us at


For a wider participation, please help us by forwarding this email to your colleagues,

friends & industry associates. We shall be thankful for your support.


2nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009

Hosted by

Growdiesel Climate Care Council,

B-196, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi-110092, India,

Telephones: +91 11 65803335, +91 11 32904064,

Fax: +91 11 42404335.

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The IV Eurasian Energy Forum 2009 in Kazakhstan

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009


The IV Eurasian Energy Forum 2009


Forum | Exhibition | Awards

The IV Eurasian Energy Forum KAZENERGY provides a timely, in-depth management assessment for decision-makers on these key strategic shifts that will impact all Governments, companies, investors, financiers, and service/supply industries within Kazakhstan.

The IV Eurasian Energy Forum “KAZENERGY� will bring together over 800+ the most influential professionals in the Kazakhstan oil and gas industry. You will hear from 55+ top-level speakers, who are all recognised leaders and experts in Kazakhstan and international oil and gas markets, on their strategies for making those tough decisions that will allow them to become stronger and better placed contenders when the markets start to recover.

Eurasia in general and Kazakhstan in particular play an important role in ensuring the smooth transition to a new world energy order of sustainable development. In Kazakhstan this means attracting investment to the energy sector in highly competitive conditions.

World political and business leaders, in their relations with the governments of energy producing and exporting countries, are calling for the formation of strategic alliances as a rational alternative to the use of political leverage, and the major oil companies, as well as industrial and service companies, have significant experience at cooperating with the governments and other entities in such countries. This cooperation is based on the principles of preserving global energy security, achieving a balance of interests on world commodity markets, developing eco-efficiency and local content, introducing advanced technology, creating joint ventures and much else.

The goal of the IV Eurasian Energy Forum is to focus the attention of experts and key decision makers in the global energy commodities market on discussing the main issues of the energy sector’s development in a changing world market situation, formulating and agreeing a unified policy of common action, and using modern approaches to regulating relations of partnership in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector.

For further information please contact:

In London Tel: +4420 7617 7532 | in Almaty: +7 727 270 9307

Speeches and presentations at the III Eurasian Energy Forum


1.  Timur Kulibayev, President of KazEnergy Association Welcome Address by the Forum Chairman 
 2. Karim Massimov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Opening Speech on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
 3. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Greeting Speech on Behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey
 4. Sauat Mynbayev, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan Perspectives of the Development of Kazakhstan’s Electric Power Industry
 5. Slav Slavov, WEC Regional Manager for Europe and Central Asia  Global Energy Challenges: Could We Face Them
 6. Nurlan Balgimbayev, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Evaluation of the Past Steps in the Development of Hydrocarbon Industry of Kazakhstan: Experience, Problems, Perspectives
 7. Kanat Bozumbayev, Chairman of the Board, Kazakhstan Holding for State Asset Management “Samruk“  Perspectives of Major Investment Project Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan 
 8. Bonifacio Garcia Porras, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner for Energy, European Commission, Belgium  The EU Vision on the World Energy Challenges
 9. Charles Watson, CEO, Shell Energy Europe, Netherlands  Gas: Europe and Kazakhstan
10. Kairgeldy Kabyldin, President of the NationalCompany “KazMunayGasâ€?  International Cooperation in Transportation of Gas: Legal, Technical and Financial Aspects
 11. Steven Rose, General Manger, ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc. The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030
12.  Askar Kassabekov, Vice President of the National Company “Kazatompromâ€?  Development of the Atomic Industry in Kazakhstan
 13. Almasadam Satkaliyev, President of Kazakhstan Electric Grid Operating Company (KEGOC)  Perspectives of Electric PowerIndustry Development
 14. Adel Kambar, CEO Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Renaissance Capital  Capital markets – source of energy sector growth
 15. Kenzhebek Ibrashev, Vice President Exploration & Development, National Company “KazMunayGasâ€?  Caspian Region: Perspectives, Resources and Partnership
 16. Bulat Uzhkenov, Chairman of Committee on Geology and Subsoil Use under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources  Gas Exploration: New Horizons
 17. Baltabek Kuandykov, President Meridian Petroleum LLC Geological Exploration Risks at Caspian
 18. Il-Soo Kim, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Kazakhstan  Korean Energy Policy and Perspectives of Energy Cooperation between Korea and Kazakhstan
 19. Mehmet , Director, International Government and Corporate Affairs, BG Group, UK  Investing in Kazakhstan’sEnergy and SustainableDevelopment

Eugene Dari, Head of Corporate Banking Department #7 (Oil&Gas), BTA Bank

 The Role of Kazakhstan’s BankingSector in the Development of Petroleum Industries
 21.  Serik Abdenov, Vice Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan  Labor Protection in Extractive Industries: Is There a Way for a Compromise?
 22.  Kadyrbek Boribekov, Director, Department of Technical and Professional Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan The System of Professional Education for Energy Industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan
 23.  Azat Peruashev, Chairman of the National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan “Atameken Unionâ€?  Corporate Social Responsibility in Kazakhstan
 24.  Kamil Zakirov, Vice President for Russia/CIS, Weatherford International, Russia  Increasing Competitiveness of Personnel in Energy Industry: Generation of Social Enquiry
 25.  Iskander Nasyrov, Vice President on Caspian Region, Regional Director on Kazakhstan, Lukoil Overseas  Oil and Gas Projects As Example of Efficient Investments in Human Assets
 26.  Makset Taubayev, Deputy General Director, Tengizchevroil  The Development of Kazakhstan Content
 27.  Raushan Raiskhanova, Director of HR Management Department, National Company KazMunayGas

Ways of Resolving the Problem of Personnel Deficit. Experience of National Company KazMunayGas

 28.  Sigurd Heiberg, Corporate Strategy and Acquisitions, Strategy Development, StatoilHydro ASA; Chairman of the UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Harmonization of Fossil Energy and Mineral Resources Terminology, Norway  Reclassification of Kazakhstan’s Resources and Reserves in Compliance with International Standards
 29.  Kurmangazy Iskaziyev, Managing Director Reservoir Geology and Geophysics, National Company “KazMunayGasâ€?  Methods of Stabilizing Production on Mature Oil Fields
 30.  Brian Grayson, Global Business Development Manager, Pressure Control Systems, Weatherford International, USA Advanced Technologies in Well Engineering, Drilling and Completion
31.  Fang Jiazhong, Chairman of Board of Governors PKKR  Gas Utilization Program of PKKR
 32.  Tim Wallace, Exploration Manager Russiaand Caspian, ConocoPhillips, USA Heavy Oil Technologies
33.  Peter A. Claypool, New Business Development Manager, ExxonMobil  Kazakhstan Inc.  Integrated Workflows for Carbonate Reservoir Management. Examples from ExxonMobil’s Global Inventory
34. Randall Gossen, President of World Petroleum Council (WPC), Canada The 19th World Petroleum Congress: From Oil Price to Climate Change
35.  Nurlan Iskakov, Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan Climate Change The Global Environmental Problem
 36.  Erbolat Apsalyamov, Member of the Committee for Environment and Nature Management of the Majilis of the RK Parliament   Environmental Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Harmonization of Economic Interests in the Region
 37.  Anders Kullerud, Senior Vice President, Corporate Integrity and Social Responsibility, StatoilHydro, Norway  EITI and Other Transparency Initiatives. Expectations of the Civil Society
 38.  Ahmet Cemal Dordunchu, President of TUSIAD Energy Working Group, CEO of Sabanзi Holding, Turkey  Turkish Perspectives of Regional Energy Cooperation
 39.  Erkin Ongarbayev, Chairman of the Science Committee of the RK Ministry of Education and Science  Main Trends of Fundamental Scientific Researches in Energy Industry
 40. William Zempolich, Vice President, ENIPetroleum, Houston, USA  Hydrocarbon Potential of the Carbonate Reservoir of the KashaganField
41.  Mr. Guo Yi, Director Marketing, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC International)  Oil & Gas Pipelines: Transportation Security by Promoting Mutual Trust and Strengthening Cooperation
42.  Nurlan Sauranbayev, Managing Director, Oil Traпsportation, National Company “KazMunayGas Transportation of Caspian Hydrocarbons: Economic Benefits and Perspectives at Selection of Export Routes
 43.  Vitaliy Bailarbayev, Vice President State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR)  New Routes: Possibilities and Perspectives
 44.  Rauf Gusseinov, Analyst of Argus Agency, Editor of “Argus Caspian Market”, Russia Kazakhstan Oil Export Routes RiskAnalysis
 45.  Lev Ring, Director of Solid Expandable Technology, Weatherford International, USA  International Cooperation Projects in Science and Technologies: Company’s Proven Record
 46.  Andrey Tyo, Deputy Team Leader of MVV Energie AG / IPA Consortium group on EU projects, Uzbekistan  EU Commission Inogate Project: Development of Coordinated National Strategies in Central Asia with Focus on Technology Transfer
 47.  Marat Orazayev, Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Perspectives and Possible Limitations of Biofuel Market Development in Kazakhstan at the Present Stage
 48. Julia Nanay, Senior Director, PFC Energy, USA  Adding Value to Kazakhstan’s Oil: Developments in the Refining Sector
 49.  Helmut Hohenstein, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany  Energy efficiency in buildings – a Global Problem: Best Practice for Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
 50.  Dauren Yerdebai, General Director “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.”  First Integrated Gas-Chemical Complex
 51.  Guenter Benik, President of Energieteam AG, Germany  The Renewable Energy Legislation:  Economic and Ecological Environment
 51. Gennady Doroshin, Project Manager, Kazakhstan-Wind Power Market Development Initiative, UNDP  Potential of Wind Energy Development in Kazakhstan
 52.  Nikolay Tyryatkin, President of the Kazakhstan Association for Alternative Energy Sources   Creation of the Center for Energy-Saving Hydrogen Technologies in Kazakhstan
 53.  Guenter Voss, Director of Institute for Energy Related Edificial Refurbishment of Lichtenau, Germany  Energy Related Optimization of Private and Commercial Buildings
 54.  Oleg Lyzlov, Director of Refining Department of JSC “Trade House “KazMunayGasâ€?  Designing, Expansion and Modernization of the Refinery
 55.  Saduokhas Meraliyev, Deputy General Director The Rompetrol Group NV  The Petromedia Refinery and Petrochemical Complex Modernization Project
 56.  Tadeoz Mandaria, President KazGiproNeftetrans JSC  Complex approach at Formation of Industrial Zones
 57.  Askar Batalov, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan  New Legislation in Subsoil Use: Shall the Stability of Contracts be Provided?
 58.  Daulet Yergozhin, Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan  Reforming the Subsoil Users Taxation
 59.  Askar Aubakirov, Executive Director of KazEnergy Association  New Tax Code: Evaluation of Impact on Subsoil Users
 60.  Zhumageldy Yelyubayev, President of the Kazakhstan Petroleum Lawyers’ Association (KPLA)  Kazakhstan’s New Subsoil Use Legislation from the Investors Point of View
 61.  Aidyn Bikebayev, Senior Partner of “Sayat Zholshy & Partnersâ€? Legitimacy and Realization of Decisions of International Arbitration in Kazakhstan
 62.  Yelena Dobson, Assistant to General Director of PR agency “Pelham Public Relations?, London Formation of Reputation of Oil-and-Gas Companies in the Context of Global Energy Challenges. World Experience.
 63. Robert Corzine, Independent Consultant  What is the Reputation and How to Maintain It. World Experience in Crisis Management Communications
 64. James Moor, Ex-correspondent of The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, independent consultant Western Mass Media about the Development of the Energy Complex of Kazakhstan. View from the Outside.


Stem Cell and World Biobanking Summit this September @ Scotland

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Select Biosciences is very pleased to announce the details of their Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Europe Conference, which is being co-located with the World Biobanking Summit, and which are being held in Edinburgh on *23rd, 24th and 25th September 2009.  (*Stem Cells only.)

We have secured some world class speakers, including Paolo Macchiarini, Ian Duncan, Charles Ffrench-Constant and Stephen Minger, to name but a few experts on the Stem Cells research side and Pascal George, Barry Gusterson, Rivka Ravid and Craig Lilly, who are all experts on elements of the Biobanking arena.

By registering to one conference, you will be allowed access to both, giving you exposure to 43 speakers over the course of the three days.

For more information please go to: or

For Sponsorship  and Exhibition opportunities please contact Aaron Woodley:

A list of current exhibitors can be found using this link:


2nd Annual Proteins Congress 2009 to be held in Berlin, Germany

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Oxford Global Conferences is proud to present the 2nd Annual Proteins Congress 2009, which is to be held on the 29th & 30th October in Berlin. The congress is the single most focused event in Europe dedicated to key technological and scientific trends in Proteins in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as academic institutions. It will also be co-located with our GPCR Congress

With the ever-expanding protein therapeutic market, there is a need for the bio/pharma industry to reassess the technology, discovery and delivery trends.  Protein expression & characterisation systems are rapidly evolving, and there is more pressure to harvest larger, purer quantities of product to support research pipelines. More efficient methods are also needed to identify and analyse proteins involved in disease populations with the aim to discover novel diagnostic tools and treatments. The conference also looks at effective strategies in protein assays and microarrays and data mining in discovery.

Over two days, the 2 events will attract over 150 senior-level decision makers working in Proteins development from the UK, Europe and US.  This prestigious event provides a forum for practitioners and prominent innovators to learn more about key solutions being provided to their industry, network with their peers, and address key industry concerns through a series of cutting edge conference presentations in a professional yet relaxed environment, during a 2 day conference programme.

Day One

Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization: Examines different expression systems including Bacman technology in mammalian cells through the use of Baculovirus, as well as purification and characterization processes, new cell line development, and how to overcome immunogencity problems

Vaccines, Novel Technologies & IP and Outsourcing Issues: Explores various techniques and technologies involved with Proteins and Vaccines and also a strategic overview of various IP & outsourcing issues.

Day Two

Biotherapeutics: Protein engineering technologies for next generation biotherapeutics including focus on increasing half life, alternative scaffolds and biosimilars

Protein Structure & Production: Analysis of protein structure from a structural biology angle as well as focus on Protein Production solutions and techniques


Who you will meet

Delegates are pre-qualified dependent on budget, responsibility and seniority.  Delegates are senior-level decision makers, from major pharmaceutical, biotech companies and research institutions based in Europe and typically include VPs, Directors, Managers and Heads of:


Proteins   Protein Engineering  Structural Chemistry  Crystallography  Molecular Research

Proteomics Protein Science  Structural Biology    Bioformulations  Biopharmaceutical Development

Discovery Protein Production  Bioinformatics Biomarkers  Biologics Research

Biotherapeutics  Medical Science Biochemistry  Expression Systems  Technology Development



Meet face-to-face with leading solution providers and senior-level industry peers through a series of formal and informal networking opportunities.  Using our online appointment system, you are able to view the full profiles of all solution provides before the event.  In addition you have the chance to pre-arrange one-to-one meetings with them, giving you the opportunity to discuss technologies, services and solutions that address your key business needs.  Categories of solution providers include:


Protein Analysis  Expression Vectors  Protein Engineering Solutions  Protein Chip & Microarrays

Lyopllization  Phage Display  Protein & Antibody Labelling High Throughput Applications / Platforms

Purification Sequencing Plasma Protein Profiles  Protein Expression Systems

Sequencing  Immunogenicity  Diagnostics   Protein Protein Interactions

Transcription Regulation Protein DetectionCell Signalling  Parallel Quantitative Biology



Oxford Global Conferences, produce cutting edge congresses and summits in the Life Sciences sector. Focusing on summits,

Conferences and unique congress formats, our success is unrivalled in the production of high calibre events that offer tailored

knowledge-sharing, industry solutions and networking opportunities. A list of upcoming events is below:-

2nd Annual Proteins Congress, October 29th-30th 2009, Berlin Germany

GPCR Congress, October 29th-30th 2009, Berlin Germany

QPCR Congress, 16-17 November 2009, London

5th Annual Biomarkers Congress, February , 2010, Midland Hotel, Manchester, UK

2nd Annual Drug Development Summit, April 2010,One America Square, London, UK

11th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, June 2010

8th Annual Pharma Technology and IT Summit, June 2010

Special discounts are available by quoting “PCDEL09�. For information on sponsorship and registration please email or call +44(0) 1865 304925


Printed Electronics/Photovoltaics Asia 2009 – Register Now!

Friday, July 24th, 2009

If you have difficulty viewing this mail, please click here or paste this link into your browser:

End User Requirements, Market Analysis, Technical Progress and Routes to Market

Topics Covered include:

This third annual event will provide you with insight into printable electronics and photovoltaic activities in Asia, Europe and North America.
The bi-lingual two day conference will cover the full breadth of technologies and applications.
Leading global organizations will present at and attend this important event.
The exhibition will showcase printable electronics in action
Participate in IDTechEx expert-led Masterclasses and hear from world recognized experts
IDTechEx hosted tours allow you to visit the leading printable electronic organizations in Tokyo for an exclusive view into their work and progress.

Exhibitors Include


Tour these organizations:


And many more …


The highly rated IDTechEx conference and masterclasses (including new topics) and Company Tours all make this event unmissable.


by July 31st for 35% Early Bird Offer
and copy of printed and organic electronics in East Asia

Early Bird Offer
and a complimentary copy of Printed and Organic Electronics in East Asia
Speakers Include

event options: Printed Electronics

Register at to receive free white papers, journal back issues and more

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New Topics Covered at Printed Electronics Asia

Friday, July 24th, 2009

New Topics Covered at Printed Electronics Asia
By Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

While some involved in OLEDs and OTFTs and moving out of the business of printed and potentially printed electronics, work on inorganic materials and compounds is increasing, and is at least half of the effort on the topic as a whole and will continue to be so. That is why the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Asia event in Tokyo on Sept 30 – Oct 1 gives this balanced view, with 40 speakers from 13 countries.

Covering the recent surge in activity in zinc oxide transistors, Dr Flora Li from the University of Cambridge, UK, presents on the fabrication and stability of Indium Zinc Oxide deposited at low temperature. Zinc Oxide is transparent and offers higher mobility compared to that of aSi or organic TFTs, and is therefore of great focus to display companies as a backplane technology, particularly for OLEDs. In contrast, Professor Elvira Fortunato presents on transistors on paper, where the paper substrate also doubles as the transistor dielectric. The Tokyo Institute of Technology also present on inorganic transistor developments.

Japan’s largest printing and packaging companies, Dai Nippon Printing and Toppan Printing, with revenues of approximately $16 billion each, will be presenting on their latest printed transistor work, as will the $80 billion consumer electronics giant Sony. Indeed, attendees joining the hosted company visits have the opportunity to visit these companies, including Toppan Forms and Hodogaya Chemical.

Reinventing organic electronics

While a shakeout in organic TFT developers continues, there is increased interest in the higher performance organic carbon nanotubes (CNTs).  Earlier this year Fujitsu, Japan, demonstrated carbon nanotube and graphene transistors, the later with a mobility of 2000cm2/Vs. NEC, Japan, has successfully printed CNTs onto plastic film at low temperature (below 200°C). In a different tack, US based Vorbeck Materials is developing printable graphene to be used as a viable alternative to expensive silver flake conductors. All these companies will be presenting their latest work at the event. In addition, the new IDTechEx report “Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene” covers the latest progress from 78 organizations around the world

Who is winning the race for the best barrier layer

The event features companies from US, Europe and Asia comparing the latest and best in transparent, flexible  barrier layers. Prof Beng Ong of A*STAR Singapore will reveal the closely held details of their impressive specifications, while Alcan packaging and Vitex give the latest work from the West.

Colour E-readers, flexible displays and RFID

One cannot miss the e-reader tipping-point that has been reached, thanks to successes at Sony, Amazon and many others. Now the next target is colour e-readers, and technology from Liquavista and Bridgestone are exposed at the event. Progress with displays from Samsung and Kodak are also covered, as are stretchable displays from the University of Tokyo. The $100+ billion Marubeni Corporation discusses RFID developments in Japan and Sunchon University, Korea, presents its progress with roll to roll RFID printing.

End use applications

As usual, this IDTechEx event also focuses on printed electronics applications and products. US based T-ink cover new applications involved printed conductors where they create new products and markets. In healthcare, Dr Tina Ng of PARC USA covers flexible printed sensor tape for diagnostics of mild traumatic brain injury; Imperial College UK looks at using printed lighting and photo detectors for medical diagnostics, and Power Paper Israel covers the success of printed batteries in the skin patch market, delivering cosmetics and ultimately drugs by iontophoresis.


Japan is one of the leaders in photovoltaic production, and after Germany, it has the largest PV install base in the World. We cover global photovoltaic developments including the new world record in OPV efficiency from US based Solarmer, at 6.77%, to CIGs. IDTechEx analyst Dr Harry Zervos analyses all the latest PV trends and technologies, giving ten year forecasts and the market reach of each technology.

Why attend Printed Electronics Asia

This event, unlike others, is not “more of the same”. It brings an international line up of leading academics and companies together with Asia’s leading exhibition on the topic. Many presentations are World firsts. The event sessions are simultaneously translated in Japanese and English. Over 300 attendees are expected based on 238 attending last year.

For more information see Attendees receive for free the IDTechEx report “Printed & Organic Electronics in East Asia”, profiling 196 organizations in the region, worth $2500. If you want to learn what is going on in the territory and meet the leading companies in the field, attend Printed Electronics Asia, hosted by the leading global analyst on the topic, IDTechEx.

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IDTechEx Dates:

RFID Europe 2009 | Sep 29-30 | Cambridge, UK

Printed Electronics Asia 2009 | Sep 30-Oct 1 | Tokyo, Japan

Energy Harvesting & Storage USA | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

RTLS & Wireless Sensor Networks Summit | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

Printed Electronics USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

Improving Drug Design for Children

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


This will be a half day webinar for clinical pharmacologists, scientists and pediatricians to discuss overcoming the scientific challenges in designing PK/PD studies to aid developing new pediatric medicines.

NextLevel Pharma’s focused and interactive webinar will look to concentrate on the position that pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling and simulations have to answer the questions of how children metabolize drugs differently, how to assess optimal drug dosage levels and optimise the design of pediatric studies.

Experienced industry pharmacologists and pediatricians will join us to discuss recent developments and assess how to better understand drug interaction, determine the optimal dosage and report on efficacy in children.

Why participate?

  • Understand the need for pk/pk studies: the when, how and why in the eyes of the regulators.
  • Learn what roles pk/pd studies have in the development of pediatric drugs and how they can be used more effectively to determine dosages, measure efficacy and demonstrate value to the pediatric world.
  • Hear case study presentations from industry leaders on how to adapt methods used from adult to children and gain fresh perspectives from experienced pharmaceutical companies who have successfully integrated pk/pd into pediatric studies for optimal design.
  • Discover which approaches are best to predict dosage, utilize existing (adult) data, and understand the interactions between drug and child.

Who will benefit:

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Organisations:
Vice- Presidents, Directors, Managers;
Pediatrics, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Pharmacologists, Modelling and simulation specialists.

Pediatricians, pharmacologists and scientists involved in the development of new pediatric medicines

Agenda Request

To request the full agenda please follow the link:

Contact Details:

For Booking Information:

Tel: +421 232 662 621

Fax: +421 232 662 622




Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes at RFID Healthcare

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

RFID in HealthCare Produced by RFID Journal | Co-located with Health Care Supply Chain Summit
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Learn How to Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Outcomes With RFID

At RFID in Health Care 2009, health-care providers and leading early adopters will share real-world case studies that will reveal the business benefits of RFID technology.

This is the only RFID event focused on health care at which you will hear from industry leaders, see the latest technology solutions and learn how to employ radio frequency identification to improve hospital operations.

Register now and save $350 off on-site rates—plus, save an extra 15% now when you use VIP code HBBB.

This is the only event at which you can hear real case studies presented by companies employing RFID to:

Improve patient monitoring and safety
Increase asset utilization with real-time tracking
Boost revenue with automated billing
Reduce errors by tracking medical devices
Enhance supply-chain efficiencies
And so much more!


Gain new insights from these and other featured speakers:

• Kim Carter, director, cardiovascular diagnostics and interventional services, UMass Medical Center
 ED Bortone, director of materials services and security, Lahey Clinic  Medical Center
• Ralph Herkert, senior research engineer, Georgia Tech
Pankaj Sood, founder and manager, McMaster RFID Applications Lab
Mark Roberti, founder and editor, RFID Journal

See our Web site for the most up-to-date agenda.

Register now and save $350 off on-site rates—plus, save an extra 15% when you use VIP code HBBB.

By attending RFID in Health Care, you will:

See the latest RFID solutions from such leading companies as Awarepoint, Intelligent InSites, Reva Systems, ThingMagic and US Biogistics.
Network with thought leaders—RFID Journal events attract leading early adopters, implementers and strategists, making this your best opportunity to meet others on the cutting edge of RFID adoption. Learn how to cut costs and improve patient outcomes at this unique event!

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About RFID Journal

RFID Journal is the leading source of news and in-depth information about radio frequency identification (RFID) and its many business applications. Business executives and implementers depend on RFID Journal for up-to-the-minute RFID news, in-depth case studies, best practices, strategic insights and information about vendor solutions. This has made RFID Journal the most relied-upon and respected RFID information resource, serving the largest audience of RFID decision-makers worldwide in print, online and at face-to-face events.

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health care professionals

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RFID in Health Care • Sept. 17, 2009 • The Westin Waltham-Boston • Waltham, MA

Infor Security/Systems Auditing, August 5 -7, Malaysia

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

UNI is proud to organize a workshop focusing on:

Information Security Management Systems Auditing Masterclass

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · 5th-7th August 2009

This is a highly impact full workshop, which will protect your company’s vital information assets and give confidence to interested parties by ensuring it meets the requirements of information security management through auditing of your information security management systems.

Course Outline

This classroom-based ISMS Internal Auditor Masterclass will equip delegates with the knowledge and practical skills required to perform audits of ISMS against ISO 27001:2005. This course promises to be highly interactive in nature with emphasis on active involvement of delegates in group-work, brainstorming sessions and exercises, which will help delegates, assimilate and consolidate their understanding of ISO 27001:2005 requirements effectively.

In this 2-days workshop, you will:

  • Define the following terms: ISMS audit; auditee; internal and external audits; 1st, 2nd & 3rd party audits; audit schedule; observation; non-conformity; objective evidence; follow-up audit; management review
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of ISMS audits
  • Prepare to conduct an audit
  • Conduct audit interviews
  • Develop statements of non-conformities to enable appropriate corrective action to be initiated
  • Evaluate corrective action plans

About The Trainer

The trainer is the Technical Director of an international IT security company in the UAE and UK. He is the Principal Information Security Consultant, Auditor & Trainer. He has many certifications as well as registered and pending patents in information security and cyber forensics in the US Patent and Trademark office. He has authored several publications on IT Security and he has conducted and facilitated numerous international and regional workshops and has presented in several conferences on IT Security.
For Further Registration & Details, Please Contact:
Lee Hui Ru
Tel: (65) 6825 9630 | Fax: (65) 6776 2120
Email: – with subject code “ISMS-GTMâ€?