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FEATURED CONVENTION CENTER: The Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


The Los Angeles Convention Center is not your typical convention center in LA. Aside from its world-class facilities, LACC has also been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as an “earth-friendly green venue� by recycling over 50% of its waste.

What makes it easily convenient as a convention center is that LACC is located strategically in the heart of Los Angeles:

It is adjacent to the STAPLES Center, Financial district and Civic Center; and

It is rightly positioned at the hub of major freeways, LA Dash Transit System, Metrolink Trains and Metro Rail and Bus Systems.

The Los Angeles Convention Center boasts of the most technologically advanced, architecturally pleasing and functionally superb venues in the world with a total size of 720,000 square feet of exhibition alone, not to mention the 147,000 square feet of meeting room space. LACC is the right place to host any event of all sizes.

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Contact Los Angeles Convention Center:
Main telephone:(213) 741-1151/(800) 448-7775
Address: Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Fax:(213) 765-4266
TDD (Hearing Impaired):
(213) 763-5077
Exhibitor Services: (213) 741-1151 ext 5470 (Exhibitor Service Orders and Verification)
Event Services: (213) 741-1151 ext 5360 (Event Coordination and Operations)
Sales Office: (213) 741-1151 ext 5340 (Convention Center Booking Information)
Public Relations: (213) 741-1151 ext 5319
LACC Security:
(213) 765-4605 (Non-Emergency and Lost and Found)


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008


IITA, Kampala, Uganda- The best and the brightest minds in banana research and industry from all over Africa will converge in Kenya later this year to develop a 10-year strategic roadmap that would harmonize and guide efforts to promote the marketing and trade of the crop in the continent.

Organizers are pleased to announce that the earlier postponed Banana 2008 conference on “Banana and plantain in Africa: Harnessing international partnerships to increase research impact” will take place at the Leisure Lodge Resort in Mombasa, Kenya on 5-9 October 2008. This is the first-ever Pan-African banana conference that links research to markets within the African context. Interest in this event is massive; the conference will be opened by Anna Tibaijuka, Undersecretary-General of the United Nations and Director of UN-HABITAT, and Karl Falkenberg, Deputy Director General for Trade of the European Commission.

The event is organized and coordinated by IITA in cooperation with Bioversity International, FARA, KARI and ISHS, and supported by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, the National Agricultural Research Organization of Uganda and Du Roi.

The conference will have three major themes: markets and trade, production, and innovation systems. The role of research and the importance of public-private sector partnerships will also be highlighted.

Results of the conference will lead to the development of a 10-year strategy document that will shape and change the way bananas are produced and marketed in Africa, linking state of the art research to new markets and stimulating trade. In the long-term, the impact will be to change commercial banana production from a donor aid-supported system to one which is sustained by an invigorated private sector that actively seeks technological interventions.

Bananas are among the most important food and staple crops in Africa, providing food security, nutrition and income for millions of smallholder farmers. Depending on the variety, they can be cooked, fried, brewed into alcohol or eaten fresh. However, local and regional banana production, often carried out in smallholder farms, are badly managed and inadequately marketed. But times are changing. Small-scale but lucrative enterprises are sprouting in many places in Africa, producing in vitro-propagated plantlets that can be rapidly disseminated in large quantities, leading to increased farm productivity and allowing farmers better access to markets.

Increasingly, bananas are being targeted for commercialization, not only within Africa, but also for lucrative and emerging markets such as the Middle East and Europe, where dessert bananas are hugely popular as fruits. Recently, large international banana producers have announced plans for long-term strategic investments in sub-Saharan Africa, shifting banana production for European markets from Latin America to Africa. The conference will capitalize on this wave of change to help improve the plight of resource-poor banana farmers in the region.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Thomas Dubois
Chair of the Banana 2008 Organizing Committee
IITA – Uganda
Tel: +256 752787808

Jeffrey T. Oliver
Corporate Communications Consultant
IITA – Headquarters, Nigeria
Tel: +234 2 241 2626 (ext 2773)

ORASI Congress: Building Better Families

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

ORASI is proud to announce the 1st ORASI CONGRESS, 16, and 17th May 2008, with the main theme Building Better Families. This theme is a very nowadays concern several international and well-known speakers, from several universities. The subthemes that will be discussed are the following:

1- Vulnerability of affects;
2- Impact of adverse childhood experiences in adulthood;
3- Attachment and development;
4- Drugs and family;
5- Maltreatment prevention and intervention;
6- Education, School and Family;
7- Parents, education and development;
8- Difficult children.

Distinguished as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the location of the event city of Oporto – is known by its typical hospitality, natural of its inhabitants, and by the extraordinary landscapes, namely the Douro’s River trajectory, where the elder wine production in the world is made.

The congress will be attended by exhibitors of health and education areas. Thus, the organization offers the enterprises the chance of becoming sponsors of the 1st ORASI’s Congress, giving them the chance of exposing and promoting their
services and/or products (e.g. editors, labs, universities, etc.), either as exhibitors, either in publicity in the Program and Abstracts Guide to be offered to participants.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us by e-mail ( Exhibitors space is limited.

Some of our invited speakers are: Robert Neimeyer, PhD, Thomas Sayger, PhD, Arthur Horne, PhD, Timothy Melchert, PhD, Ayse Cifitci, PhD., Joao Salgado, PhD, Rui Nunes, PhD, Ines Jongnelem, PhD, among others that you can check online.