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The American Businesses and the Race for the Emerging African and Caribbean Markets

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Where do the American businesses stand in the race for the Emerging African Market? We see the European and Asian businesses aggressively rushing to the African continent in large numbers. “The American businesses are slow in this race”, says Professor Matthew Sam Kuofie, a professor of global business management and information technology. This look warm attitude of the American businesses should not continue.

This is the time for the American businesses to aggressively join in the race for the emerging African/Caribbean markets. The market is fertile. The World Bank/IFC report, Doing Business 2007: How to Reform ranked two African countries Tanzania and Ghana in the top 10 global reformers for 2005-2006. The Africa continent as whole ranks third in this year’s regional rankings for reforms that encourage new enterprises, formal sector jobs and growth.

Now is the time for more American businesses to enter the African/Caribbean Market to increase their clients, revenue and profit. Entering the African market will enable these businesses to employ more American citizens to work for them here in the US; this is an opportunity for these US businesses to help in addressing the current economic downturn facing some states in the US such as Michigan.

Global Strategic Management Inc. (GSMI) of Michigan has the expertise to help American businesses ease into the African/Caribbean markets. GSMI is holding the First Annual USA Africa International Business Conference November 29-30, 2007, in
Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The conference theme is Harnessing the Expertise of Business Professionals, Academicians and Government Officials for Economic Development.

The main aim of this conference, UAIBC2007, is to provide an international platform for business people, academics and government officials from Africa, Caribbean and USA/America to come together to exchange ideas on how to propel American businesses to the forefront of the African and Caribbean markets and vice versa. The conference will promote business, trade and investments opportunities between American and African/Caribbean businesses and to improve economic developments of Africa, Caribbean and America. The conference will promote business– trade, investment, etc– delegations from America to go to Africa and Carribean and vice versa.

Invited keynote speakers include the United States Department of State Representative Haiti Finance Minister Daniel Dorsainvil, Overseas Private Investment Corporation Exec VP John Simon, US Department of Commerce Representative, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, US Senator Carl Levin, US Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, US Congressman John Conyers, Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick, African Union Ambassador to the US Amina Salum Ali and African Presidents and Ambassadors.

Partners include United African Community Organization, The European African and American Partnership, and Oakland University. Key sponsor Western Union. Let GSMI and partners help you join the race for the fertile emerging African/Caribbean market.

Take this opportunity to join GSMI in hosting the conference or participating in the conference.

Please go to for more conference information.

Professor Matthew Kuofie, MBA, PhD

Peggy Price

1st Annual USA-Africa International Business Coference

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

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