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Subhasish Chakraborty of DTDC awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Consumer Business category at the Entrepreneur India Awards 2011

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

At the recently held Entrepreneur India Awards 2011, DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd’s CMD Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Consumer Business category. This award ceremony was organized by Franchise India so as to commend those individuals who have contributed significantly towards the growth of entrepreneurship in our country. NASSCOM Emerge Forum and Entrepreneur India Advisors were the knowledge partners for the occasion.

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Awardees were nominated after a rigorous selection process wherein nominations were received from established as well as budding entrepreneurs from all parts of the country. On receiving this prestigious award, Mr. Subhasishi Chakraborty expressed his delight by saying, “The initiative taken by Franchise India in awarding the entrepreneurs in various fields is very encouraging to both young and budding entrepreneurs as well as the established entrepreneurs. We at DTDC are elated on the achievement and the recognition bestowed upon us for our contribution to the industry in order to “Make Life Easy” for the consumers. It has enthused us to continue our innovative products and best services. Recognition from such a highly prestigious institute helps organizations to increase their franchise network by giving entrepreneurial opportunities to thousands.”

The awards ceremony was a part of Entrepreneur India 2011, a two day national conference which was organized to serve as a platform for the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to get a better understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation and how to unleash the creative potential in individuals, companies and regions.

Commenting on Entrepreneur India Awards 2011, Mr. Gaurav Marya (President, Franchise India Holdings Limited) said, “Individuals like Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty, with their passion and out-of-the-box thinking, have changed the way entrepreneurship is perceived in our country. Through these awards we want to recognize and felicitate these entrepreneurs and give them their due recognition. Hopefully, others will be inspired by them to take that one requisite step towards making their entrepreneurial dreams come true.”

World Chess Federation’s President Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Entrepreneur India Awards 2011 also witnessed scintillating performances by singer Shibani Kashyap and Angels Dance Troupe.getting clomid online

Post Cloud Computing Summit 2011

Friday, June 24th, 2011

It’s bright and sunny in the cloud front”. Lux Rao, National Manager –Cloud Consulting Services, HP, quipped, starting the proceedings of 2nd Annual Cloud Computing Summit with a bang, bringing out the beautiful oxymoron which describes the present state of the cloud. While Cloud Computing has gone far beyond being a fad, the picture is still cloudy if we bring in the challenges involved in implementation. Lux pointed out that while what of cloud computing has been settled, the question of when and how still remains.

Narsipur Amarnath, Senior Architect, Yahoo addressed the first morning session on how Cloud Computing can be used to address Internet scale computing needs. He pointed at the inevitable fixed budget trade-off essential in balancing Agility and Stability. With more than 38,000 servers and 170 peta bytes of storage, he walked the audience through Yahoo’s Cloud Architecture with Hadoop Clusters. Internet Scale encompassed handling asymptotic behavior for corner cases & boundary conditions to cope with the increasing complexity of the systems. mexico viagra

Social Enterprise

The energy levels surged as Steve McWhirter, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Asia Pacific, Salesforce took over the podium in front of a visibly excited audience to deliver his keynote on “Cloud 2- The Next Generation of Cloud Computing”. Steve pointed out how cloud computing represented the natural progression from Mainframe to Client-server. He pointed out its cost advantages, as companies are able to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 54%. He also highlighted the impending shift from Waterfall to Agile development.

In a social enterprise, you can become a friend of documents”, Steve teased amusingly, showcasing the amazing possibilities that emerge from harnessing social technologies within enterprises. He also brought to light Cloud’s greener side as it is 95 % more energy efficient than on-premise systems. “We are entering the Post-PC apps era”, Steve declared, with the growth of next generation devices. He pointed out to a Salesforce study titled, Post PC revolutions – Is India Inc ready? which stated that India would have 205 million mobile workers by 2015.

Telcos hovering around the Cloud

This was followed by a panel discussion on Driving telcos in the cloud-space, moderated by Sridhar T Pai, CEO, Tonse Telecom. Sethu Madhavan Srinivasan, Director Marketing and Strategy, Huawei Telecommuncation addressed the need to bridge the Web 2.0 world with the Telecom world, who are no longer satisfied with the traditional plumbing role, through a social Community Map layer. With live examples, he talked about Huawei’s Single Cloud, which unifies the Service Cloud with the Enterprise Cloud. He used the metaphor of a digital shopping mall to explain the nature of Single Cloud. He pointed out that the transformation of IP based networks to Cloud remained one of the big challenges. Lux Rao corroborated the evolution of telecom, which once used to run last mile operations, has shifted towards distribution of IT services. He advised the telcos to invest ahead of the curve.

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The journey to the cloud has to be a holistic journey involving the transformation of the organization”, Lux Rao shared from his personal experience over the challenges involved in adopting the Cloud. The discussion veered towards the standardization, which went together with openness, as the panelists enthused about DMTF and SNIA’s cloud efforts. The panelists voiced their support towards an Open Cloud Architecture based on X86 hardware. To an audience comment about the organic evolution of technology, the panelists opined that the regulatory environment also played a major role in deciding the course of evolution.

ERP on Cloud

Shyaam Sunder, Chief Knowledge Officer, Ramco Systems addressed the drivers behind the shift to the cloud. In response to the debate on standardization, he averred that markets often do not wait for standards in perfecting the solutions offered. He recollected the pioneering efforts of IONA towards standardization of the erstwhile CORBA architecture. He highlighted the transition from time dependency to time sensitivity, approaching towards Time Criticality. He showcased Ramco’s gateway products such as Zero Touch and Switch-on Analytics which enable enterprises to take baby steps towards the cloud world. He contrasted the ERPimplementation of the yesteryears with the Cloud, where firms, which previously had to implement ERP first in order to install Analytics, now could switch on Analytics as they proceeded with the implementation.

While integration is implemented today through EDI and Web-services, Cloud ERP integration would be WSO2 compliant in the future. He averred that Cloud would be able to bring down the implementation time. He corroborated the benefits of multi-tenancy, through standardization and economics of scale, which has been the fundamental compulsion for an organization to move over to the Cloud. Every time the finance minister announces the budget change, the change can be modeled into the application through one central activity for the benefit of the subscribers. Every firm has a distinctive approach to the Cloud. Private Cloud would be preferred when business model is unique and does not lend itself to easy productization with standard ERP delivery. Business data is not contained in the metadata of the application and products that are available. Vendor is unable to provide resources time-critically. Financial impact of time criticality is cost-structure elasticity, being able to pull and push the components into it.

He also introduced Community Cloud, where any group of people can be grouped into a Community Cloud. It is presently used in the Aviation industry to subscribe to the industry specific templates through the Cloud. He advised the need to take baby steps as and when one is comfortable so that one becomes proficient with using Cloud based solution, either through a general ledger or inventory of purchase applications and then move bigger. One doesn’t have to take the great leap like Lord Hanuman did when he saw the sun up there and thought it to be a big orange.

To an audience question about metadata conceptualization challenge in Cloud, he pointed out such a challenge exists as there is ambiguity about developing use-cases. The four modes of intermediation-disintermediation, new intermediation and re-intermediation and intermediation constantly evolve as an account of new technology development shifting technologies of today to oblivion. As long as this happens, metadata conceptualization would remain a challenge. It is impossible to completely simulate every use-case that is going to happen in the next ten years. If one could do that, quarter and quarter predictability of profits should also be possible. Businesses cannot be run like a metronome. The principal dependency is the ability to articulate the metadata, which is application independent.

Ashish Varlekar, Head of Microsoft Practice & Alliance Manager, L&T Infotech walked the audience through a case study which involved a succes sful implementation of a performance management system built over Azure platform. He highlighted the Load Balancing features of PaaS and L&T’s Silver Line application to control and manage PaaS Apps.

Subu Iyer, Section Manager, IPG R&D Hub, HP presented his session on the future of printing in cloud. By 2012, Internet will be the biggest driver of pages, with 35 % of the pages being printed from the Web. He talked at length about Web connected printers which possessed email addresses for printing, and Driverless printers which can print documents anywhere, anytime.

The Afternoon session began with a panel discussion on Evaluating key emerging markets for improved strategy, moderated by Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder & CTO, Orange Scape. Jyotish Kumar Ghosh, Sr. VP & Head IT Services, Sify presented an interesting case study on the deployment of cloud at Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority. Mandar Naik, Director, Platform Strategy, Microsoft talked about cloud’s eventual development defined in terms of one- size-fits-all approach. Mani Doraisamy brilliantly brought the necessary business shift, which is all inclusive, to bring Cloud Computing to the fore with an analogy recollecting Steve Jobs famous words, “We have to let go of this notion that for Apple to live, Microsoft has to die”.

Sudhakar S Marthi, Vice President Sales & Marketing – APAC, Zoho Corporation presented his session on “Cloud Computing for SMEs”. With 14% of SMBs already on cloud and another 10% expected by 2012, cloud is becoming more of a reality for SMBs. He also highlighted few interesting features in ZOHO where mail threads are converted to forum threads and wiki articles.

Pavan Yara, Consultant, Eucalyptus Systems talked about the unique features of Eucalyptus systems and its hypervisor Independence. The ensuing Panel discussion on Infrastructure, Deployment, Integration & Security Strategies focused on the unique challenges in deploying the cloud. Integration has to be upfront activity rather than an afterthought after installation. Mathan Kasilingam, Regional Manager, Systems Engineering, Symantec highlighted the initiatives taken at his firm to provide confidence about the security to the clients. The panelists agreed on the need for federated clouds to talk to each other.

In response to an audience question on security strategies in VoIP space, Bikram Barman, Senior Engineering Manager at RSA, Security Division, EMC talked of possibilities of extending private cloud to a public cloud in a secure way. Girish Dave, Head of Core Network Solutions presented interesting case studies in Cloud deployment, ranging from Pudong’s Health Cloud to China Mobile. He stated that deploying cloud required higher operational skill sets. He also highlighted at the different standards existing at telcos at UNI and subscriber levels. The final panel discussion on Sharing resources in the cloud value chain brought the legal perspective in the purview of the Cloud. Anu Vaidyanathan, CEO, PatNMarks urged the audience to look at Intellectual Property as a defense card rather than an offense card. She highlighted various examples where big companies have used patents as weapons against the competitors. Mani Doraisamy concluded the session eloquently showcasing the innovator’s dilemma in offering services that have never been offered and the incredible opportunity that lies in providing these services.

Healthcare Operations Management India2011

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Building Operational Efficiency and Reducing Cost Whilst Maintaining High Quality Standards


Mumbai, India, 27 April 2011-The Indian healthcare industry is booming and is expected to develop into a US$ 280 billion industry come 2020. Currently, many corporate players have descended upon the healthcare industry due to the rising concern of healthcare operations management. The demand for better quality healthcare services is more prevalent today than ever before.

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Healthcare Operations Management India 2011, will be a two-day regional event and is scheduled to be held on the 11th-12th of August 2011 at Mumbai, India. This event with 14 interactive sessions has been specially designed in such a way to provide participants with a great platform to meet and discuss new ideas, challenges and future direction whilst gaining useful knowledge through practical case studies and presentations.

According to Project Manager, Geraldine Lopez, “The conference will address the key issues in healthcare management strategies, cost containment while increasing revenue, patient care and safety, healthcare information systems and telemedicine as well as medical tourism. Some of the highlights include learning from expert practitioners and award winners from leading organizations in India and across the borders, gaining insights on the latest technologies and software in the market.”

The event will feature top-notch speakers from the best local and international hospitals. They are Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO of Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital, Dr. Praneet Kumar, CEO, Dr. B L Memorial Hospital, Raju Narayan, CEO of Parkway East Hospital, Ravi Virmani, Executive Director of Max Super Specialty Hospital and a multitude of others.

For more information on the event, log on to or e-mail us at


Media Contact:

Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah

Executive, PR & Digital Marketing

Gen: +603 2600 6000

DID : +603 2600 6190

HP  : +6012 318 5807


India Investment: Where the Future is…

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

India has undergone a systematic transition from a closed economy to an open economy since the beginning of economic reforms in the country in 1991. India has witnessed unprecedented levels of economic expansion, along with countries like China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. India, being a cost effective and labor intensive economy, has benefited immensely from outsourcing of work from developed countries, and a strong manufacturing and export oriented industrial framework. Despite facing issues such as political uncertainty & bureaucratic barriers, the country’s economy, today, is characterized by a liberalized foreign investment and trade policy, with the private sector and deregulation playing a key role.

From a ‘developing nation’ just two decades back, India, today, has emerged as one of the decisive nations shaping the contours of the world economy. Consistently charting a growth path over the last few years, India is an idea whose time has truly arrived. Today, the triumph of the Indian Economy is visible in almost all fields – with some aggressive cross-border acquisitions India has been rewriting the global business equations.

Indian markets offer prospects of high profitability and is ranked third among the most attractive FDI destinations in the world. The country, with its robust legal framework and stable financial market, has transformed from being a highly controlled economy to a liberalized one, with its economy rising by 8.8 per cent in the June 2010 quarter year-on-year, its fastest pace since early 2008.

With huge investments in infrastructure development on the anvil, India is today a preferred investment destination. There are enough reasons for investing in India, be its large knowledge based industries; or simply investing in the fastest growing population of workers and consumers.

Fleming Gulf’s India Investment Convention : 2011, to be held in Dubai from 24th -25th January 2011, will offer a platform to discuss the growth and investment opportunities offered by the Indian Economy and its various robust industries. It will act as a passage to global investors.

The conference will answer few of the following questions amongst others:

What makes India appear so high on the radar of investors? Why and how did the country remain insulated from the economic slump? – Was it because of its robust banking regulations? And, how can investors from the Middle East and around the world participate and reap benefit from the India Investment story?

About Fleming Gulf
With a rich 6-year history of producing high quality, industry specific business events around the world and in the Middle East, Fleming Gulf Conferences is one of the leading names in business intelligence. Our B2B conferences are highly interactive events with number of delegates from specialized industry sectors including Finance, Energy, Transportation & Infrastructure, Shipping, Logistics, Utilities, Real Estate, Construction and more.

Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of the world’s largest free market democracy slated to be a future superpower. For further information and to book your place at the event, please visit our website.

Bhavya Mahadevappa
+91 9880250255

IBB International has launched the final agenda for their 2nd Annual India National Summit

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Mumbai, India- IBB Launched Final Agenda 2nd Annual India National Summit Internet Marketing 2010

IBB International, international provider of business information, launched today the final agenda for their 2nd Annual India National Summit this coming November, 29-30th at the Tunga Hotel in Andheri in Mumbai, India.

Navana Kundu, Head of IBB International Asia-Pacific, presented the agenda of their summit today. Regarding Kundu, Internet Marketing in India are challenging many topics but the top 3 are: Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing & Latest Tools on SEO and Online Advertising.

The day will cover a complete update with the latest tools & best practices of these high impact challenges.
Kundu continues: ‘after the success of last year’s conference, the events returns to Mumbai and we are happy to announce that we have engaged very qualified speakers like Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm, the chairman of the conference, and marketing experts of Companies like Microsoft, IIT, Jet Airways, eBay,,, and more’.

We thank as well our partners: DMAI, ITM Business School, TIE Mumbai, YourStory and Quasar and I am sure that together it will definitely become another successful and interesting conference‘.

We asked Navana Kundu what the day will bring to the participants. Kundu replied: ‘the participants and speakers will share their expertise and knowledge and present themselves for open questioning along with some great tools and tips. At the end of the day the participants will see how they can make optimum use of all the new digital ways and therefore how they will improve the business of their company.

29th November 2010: Internet Marketing India Summit 2010, Mumbai
30th November 2010: Ooptional): In Depth Workshops on Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and SEO/Online Advertising.

Contact information: IBB International
International Institute for Benchmarking & Best Practices
phone + 91 33 400 34943.

Draft and Craft Law Firm : Legal Transcription Festival

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

The changing times has made law firms and corporations aware of the importance and need of legal transcription. Understanding this increasing demand of reliable legal transcription, Draft n Craft has constantly endeavored to provide the best.

From legal to business transcription, Draft n Craft has time and again proved its brilliance in the field.

After working with over 25 clients and the successful delivery of more than 15,000 files in the last 2 years, Draft n Craft is celebrating its 2nd anniversary for excellence in legal transcription services from 11th October – 15th October 2010.

Rakesh K Sharma, Draft n Craft’s Chief Executive, said: “Achieving this milestone only reflects the quality of service and the high level of customer satisfaction that we provide. I am overwhelmed with the response received by our clients.”

As Draft n Craft achieves this high point, their employees celebrate a week long festivity to mark its success in the field and their contribution in achieving it.

About Draft n Craft

Established in 2008, Draft n Craft is a cut to the chase Legal Process Outsourcing Company with strong and dedicated work force of professionals. Having established a brilliant track record, Draft n Craft has been partners of growth to many of the law firms and corporations in the UK and US. Draft n Craft’s supreme focus has always been on helping lawyers deliver the best value to their clients by working on process and technology optimization, and by devising ways to rationalize client’s operational spending.

For inquiries email at

Expo Summit 2010: Nothing Get Bigger Than This

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Expo Summit 2010 is all set to scale new heights this year around. After receiving an overwhelming response and 224 participants last year, Expo Summit 2010 is back with a bang. Scheduled to be held from June 4-5 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, this two- day conference intends to bring in more representation of the International stakeholders from the world exhibition fraternity. The highlight of the event is its encouraging number of participants. We are pleased to reveal that more than 300 participants ranging from exhibition organizers, booth fabricators, logistics companies and service providers from across the globe would be present at the Expo Summit 2010. What is most heartening is the fact that international associations from world over have expressed their keenness to be associated with this high profile event. Expo Summit 2010 is perhaps the only medium through which service providers are able to tap the entire Indian Exhibition Industry extensively that is growing at a very encouraging rate.

Undoubtedly, India holds a commanding position in the list of big and influential international organisers across the world. However, there are quite a few issues that need to be addressed in order to make India the next launch pad for Asia. While, the exhibition trade, globally had advanced to a larger extent, India continues to deal with issues related to stiff government policies and inappropriate venues. In order to ensure that India is indeed the potential hub of exhibitions across the world, it’s very important to adopt a unified stand over various issues of concern and match up the difference that the West has laid for us.

With Expo Summit’ 09, a foundation stone was laid for the Indian Exhibition Industry to build a strong ground that is recognised as an industry. The need to take a forward step in unifying the entire sector and to adopt a unified stand before the policy makers was felt. When Expo Summit’ 09 was taking shape, the industry felt that it would represent its strength and challenges before the policy makers sitting on the other side of the table. However, by the end of the summit, all the industry stake holders, including the policy makers and autonomous bodies came to the consensus that none of them were actually on the other side. Rather, they all were a part of a unique cycle and agreed to adopt a collective approach in the right direction to maintain the graph of augmentation, moving upwards! It was very heartening to witness the formal ‘discussion’ being transformed into a healthy ‘dialogue’! The challenge before Expo Summit, 2010 now is to start the second chapter of this dialogue!

Expo Summit 2010 will reinstate its objective to provide the required platform to the exhibition fraternity to stand together. To strengthen this pledge, Indian Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA) has also extended its unconditional support to the event. “The Indian exhibition industry has surely benefitted from the platform of Expo Summit being offered by Manch Communications. The association finds a definite synergy with the objective behind this event and will extend all possible support to the organizers to make it a grand success� says Anil Arora, Hon’ Secretary, IEIA.

“We have started promoting the event in all possible ways to attract more international speakers and organizers who are eyeing on India to enter and set up their shops. We got an excellent response at UFI Asia Open seminar at Taipei with confirmations from industry stalwarts like Paul Woodward, Michael Duck and Mark Cochrane to speak at the summit. We would also attend UFI Middle East Open Seminar in Bahrain later this month to attract more delegates from that part of the world. We are committed to deliver a prolific experience to all Indian delegates in the summit� says Anuj Mathur, Director, Manch Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Since its formal launch, Expo Summit, 2010 is drawing overwhelming response from various segments of exhibition industry. Some of the international organizations have begun to show keen interest in the event and have also expressed their willingness to be part of it! Litmus Meroform and RE Rogers India have extended their support in the capacity of Foundation Partners of the event. Roder HTS Hocker, the world leader in the tensile structures and Siddhartha Logistics, the new age logistics solution provider have come forward in the support of the event as Associate Sponsors. The event is well promoted by several online and print media covering the trade.,, Events Venues and Avenues are contributing towards the event’s promotional activities.

“We invite all industry stakeholders to come and attend the two day conference and go back with a motivational approach towards their businesses. Indian companies will surely get a chance to boost their business by venturing with their international counterparts� concluded Anuj Mathur.

On the 7 June 2010 Mayor of Astana will address at the First International Investment Forum – AstanaInvest 2010

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The Keynote address at AstanaInvest 2010: H.E. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The AstanaInvest 2010 Forum is organised by Mayor of Astana city, with the active support and direct participation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The forum is aimed at improving the investment climate and to further encourage the flow of domestic and foreign investment in the city’s economy, creating and promoting a brand of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan to world markets under the Strategy in the number of occurrences of Kazakhstan of 50 competitive countries in the world.

Key speeches at AstanaInvest 2010Karim Massimov, the Prime – Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Asset Isekeshev, Vice Premier of Kazakhstan, Minister of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Imangali Tasmagametov, Mayor of Astana City.

Other key note speakers include: Zhanar Aitzhanova, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Zhaksylykov Timur, Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;Kim In, General Director of Highvill; David Ben Nanney, President of Lior Corporation; Elena Baturina, President of Investment and Construction Corporation Inteko.

The forum will be attended by over 500 delegates, including key financial experts from Europe, USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Gulf countries, as well asrepresentatives of central and local executive bodies, national companies, development institutions and foreign companies, financial institutions, large and medium business capital.

AstanaInvest 2010 will enable potential investors to explore economic, legal and other terms of doing business in the region to get acquainted with investment potential during a presentation of investment projects and organizations in the city of Astana, as well as to discuss with representatives of official and business perspectives and concerns of international and regional investment cooperation.

In the thematic sessions and round tables will discuss the prospects of the construction industry and the dynamics of the Kazakhstan capital, considered the measures of government supports for the manufacturing sector and the State Programme for accelerated industrial-innovative development.

Participants of the AstanaInvest 2010 Forum will refer to specific investment projects in the capital through public-private partnership in education, health, infrastructural and energy, cultural and sporting facilities.

The Moderators of thematic sections at AstanaInvest 2010:

Industry Section: Albert Rau, Senior Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan

Construction Section: Serik Knockeen, Chairman of the Kazakhstan Agency for Construction and Housing

Public-Private Partnership Section: Bolat Smagulov, Chairman of the Board of JSC “Kazakhstan Center for Public-Private Partnership”.

The press conference dedicated to AstanaInvest 2010 with the participation of Mr Yerlan Kozhagapanov, Deputy Mayor of Astana, press conference will be held on 02 June 2010 at Radisson SAS Hotel.


Press Accreditation

For further information on accreditation, please go to or contact Oksana Netchaeva, Press Officer, +44207 617 7532; Email:

For other enquiries, in the first instance, please contact:

If you have any questions, please contact the press office of the Forum: Oksana Netchaeva: +44207 617 7532;Email: and please

18th Convergence India 2010 Opens Today

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

New Delhi, 23rd March 2010: The nation’s capital is the centre of ICT innovation as the 18th Convergence India 2010 opens today at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Hailed as South Asia’s largest event on information and communications technology, the Convergence India series is organized by the Exhibitions India Group.


Over 450 participants representing the Telecom, IT, Broadcast, Media & Entertainment, Green IT, Security & Surveillance, Cable, Satellite, IP Surveillance and Information Security sectors of 20 countries have gathered on this international platform to showcase cutting edge technologies, products & services.


The event is supported by the union ministries of Communications & IT and Information & Broadcasting along with a host of other national and international associations ensuring a continuous flow of high-profile visitors at the event.


The Indian telecom industry has achieved tremendous growth consolidating a subscriber base of 560 million by end 2009 By end 2010 we are hopeful of crossing our 11th Five Year Plan target of 600 million connections – two years ahead of schedule, declared Shri Gurudas Kamat, Honorable Minister of State for Communications & IT, presiding over the event’s Opening Ceremony as Chief Guest. “Telecommunications have emerged as a springboard of ICT applications with economy-wide impact. A whole range of information based industry applications have come up creating new sources of employment and earning he added.


Endorsing these views, Shri R. Chandrashekhar, Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & IT, said “There has been a huge surge of innovation in services riding on the wave of convergence and the mobile revolution.� Shri Chandrashekhar was present as Guest of Honor at the event.


Indeed, the ICT industry has been moving towards a whole new phase of growth with the focus on customized Value Added Services to serve the 1 billion plus Indian population. It is the acceleration of providing services like e-health, mobile commerce, mobile gaming, e-education etc. to the country’s rural hinterland that is telecom’s next big challenge.


Positive trends are being noticed in this direction. Handsets are becoming more affordable, there are different capabilities and services bundled at every price point. Shri Kamat emphasized the need of the hour as enabling the mobile device to empower the masses through customized value added services for rural applications.


Positing ICT as a tool to bridge the urban rural divide and create the spread of equitable economic development was the inaugural conference session – a round table discussion based on the theme ‘Digital Convergence.. Empowering a billion lives’. Communications companies are exploring the rural markets like never before in a bid to access 2/3rdof the country’s population and maximize on the opportunities in this underpenetrated market.


Animated panel discussions deliberated the issues of tariff wars and declining ARPUs in a multi operator environment and the timing for the emergence of a National Media Policy. Other conference sessions of the day focused on the future of the wireless business for GSM and CDMA operators and the digitization of broadcast technologies in India.


Leading companies such as Ericsson, NDS India, Advance Digital Broadcast participated in an animated panel discussion exploring the emerging issues in a multi-operator environment such as the consequent tariff wars and declining ARPU in the competitive scenario. A successive conference session on “GSM & CDMA “The future of wireless business brings spokespersons from Bharti Airtel, Telcordia Technologies, Centre for Development of Telematics (C-Dot) and the Cellular Operators” Association of India together to discuss issues of network transformation and emerging applications against the spread of wireless networks.


Fulfilling its long-standing mandate as a premier knowledge sharing forum, the 18thConvergence India 2010 was also a launching pad for the event’s Knowledge Partner OVUM to release an industry white paper entitled Telecoms 2020.


The Exhibitions India Group, established in 1987, is a trade promotion group focused on organizing international exhibitions and seminars and attracting investments in India, as well as, promoting participation of Indian companies at leading tradeshows worldwide.


Exhibitions India is the only trade fair and conference organizer in India with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 Certification. The Group is a member of UFI (The Global Association of Exhibitions Industry); IAEE-USA (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) and IEIA (Indian Exhibition Industry Association). The expos organized by the Group conform to the Trade Fair Certification Program of the International Administration of the US commercial Service.


With its headquarters in New Delhi, the Group has branches in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and, Mumbai and an international office in California, USA


For more information, please contact Corporate Communications Department :

Ms. Hena Ahmad

T: 91 11 42795168

M: +91 9999 600622



Mr. Sachin Nagpal

T: 91 11 42795071

M: + 91 99108 59933


Expo Summit 2010: All new approach and very familiar soul make a perfect blend

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

After the striking start at Expo Summit’ 09, the premier Indian Exhibition Industry event is all set to conquer with its 2nd edition! Expo Summit, 2010, 2nd International Conference on Exhibition Industry in India is scheduled on 4-5 June at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.

The second edition will carry the legacy of grand success that was set by Expo Summit’ 09, which attracted over 200 delegates from India and abroad. The flagship event set a tradition of bringing all the stake holders of exhibition Industry including national and international exhibition organizers, venue owners, service providers, autonomous and government bodies under one roof. Expo Summit, 2010 is eyeing upon brining larger volume of industry insiders at the event to discuss challenges and means to overcome them. 

Expo Summit, 2010 has received strong support from Indian Exhibition Industry Association IEIA. Other international associations like UFI and AUMA are also showing keen interest to join their Indian counterparts at the event.

The Event comes with the theme of Applying effective strategies to build sustainable and profitable exhibition business. The Conference will thrive for the best practices trends and futuristic solutions for consistent growth of entire sector. It will focus upon the potential of the Indian exhibition sector to go international in true sense and will also discuss the growth inhibitors of the sector. The forum will see the opportunities if India could become the exhibition hub of South Asia! Topics like significance of direct marketing in the digital marketing era, pricing strategies in the sector and developing exhibitions as the most potent experiential marketing tool and some other contemporary topics will be discussed at length by the experienced speakers from all across the globe, bringing the international advantage to the industry.  

“We are looking forward to have more than 300 delegates from national and international arena at the Summit. As entire industry was enthralled with the first Expo Summit, we are confident of the greater support from the sector this time!” said Anuj Mathur, Director, Manch Communications Pvt Ltd, the organizer.