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Microhydro project database to be launched at Hydropower Africa in September

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Electricity power increases have refocused the attention on small hA database detailing all microhydro installations in Eastern and Southern Africa will be launched at the upcoming Hydropower Africa conference and exhibition in Johannesburg from 19-23 September. The web-based database will show current developments and provide information while hydropower industry professionals will also be able to update content.

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The driving force behind this project is microhydro expert Wim Jonker Klunne, who is a senior researcher in Rural Energy and Development, at the CSIR: “The information on small hydropower in Africa is very sketchy and incomplete at the moment. It is certainly not known how many installations do exist and where. The ultimate aim of the database is to identify success stories of small hydroplants that have been in operation for a long time already and see how their success can be used to develop implementation models for small hydropower that ensure sustainable operation.”

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Jonker Klunne says it surprises him that such a robust mature technology has been ignored for so long. “Furthermore, there are many systems out there that operate very satisfactorily but which are not publicly known. In my interactions with players in the field we really “discover” existing plants very regularly!”

He defines small and microhydro as “run-of-river” installations that normally do not having storage reservoirs and are well suited to serve isolated rural communities that are normally not connected to the national electricity grid.

Microhydro ideal for rural development

According to Wim Jonker Klunne, most of the challenges in implementing (small) hydropower in Africa are related to regulations, financing, human and technical capacity and a lack of resource data. He explains: “the technology itself is certainly not a problem as hydropower is a mature proven technology.”

He says the potential is huge and that only a very small fraction is being utilised at the moment. “Small hydro in Africa has certainly not reached a situation as in China where over 100 000 microhydro stations are in operation! One of Africa’s success stories is definitely the microhydro installations that you can find in remote areas of for example Tanzania that provide really remote areas with electricity for productive uses, lighting and entertainment. Microhydro is able to provide “grid-quality” electricity to those communities and really make a difference in the living conditions!”

SA’s higher electricity prices

CSIR’s Wim Jonker Klunne says the potential for small hydro in South Africa is on the Mpumalanga escarpment, most of KZN and the Eastern Cape regions. “Also the many water conveyance systems, like the Lesotho Highlands Water System offer excellent opportunities for small hydro. Although some successful examples of small hydro do exist in South Africa, the traditionally low electricity prices did not encourage people to develop potential sites. The current shift in the country with more and more interest in renewable energy certainly has changed the situation.”

Getting one’s feet wet at hydropower site visits
This year’s Hydropower Africa will offer delegates a unique opportunity to view first hand some of Africa’s top hydropower projects during site visits from 21-23 September:

- Small hydro: Eastern Cape small and mini hydropower schemes (via helicopter)

- Large hydro: Kafue Gorge Power station, Kariba North Bank Power Station, Zambia

- Large hydro: Inga, DRC

More speaker highlights include:
§ Minister Dipuo Peters, Department of Energy, South Africa
§ Minister Malusi Gigaba, Department of Public Enterprises, South Africa
§ Wu Xianhong, Programme Officer – Project Development, International Network on Small Hydro Power (IN-SHP), China
§ Siseho Simasika, CEO, Electricity Control Board, Namibia
§ Jasper Odour, Executive Secretary, East African Power Pool, Ethiopia

Hydropower Africa event dates and location:
Conference: 19-20 September 2011, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.
Post-conference workshops: 21 September 2011, Sandton Convention Centre, Jhb
Site visits: 21-23 September 2011
Event website:

For more information:

Communications Manager: Annemarie Roodbol


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The 6th China International Water Business Summit

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

–The most influential and significant forum collectively held with Water Expo China in China water industry

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As the most significant and influential platform to learn national policy, gauge industrial development trend and explore potential business opportunities in China water industry,
the 6th China International Water Business Summit will be held in Beijing International Convention Center on October 13th-14th, 2011, which is officially hosted by Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, China Environment Service Industry Association, China Water Resources, China Decision Makers Consultancy and Messe Frankfurt. Meanwhile, Bureau of Comprehensive Development Ministry of Water Resources, Center for Rural Drinking Water Safety, Beijing Capital Co.,Ltd,Veolia Water in China, ITT Corporation and General Water of China Serve as co-organizers

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In accordance with ‘Central First Document’, the importance of hydraulic engineering construction has been greatly highlighted in terms of economic, ecological and national safety, with the first central document paying great attention to the reform and development of hydraulic engineering construction since the establishment of New China. Central First Document has formulated and introduced a series of new policies concerning accelerating the reform and development of hydraulic engineering especially in highlighting hydraulic investment, management and reform. The introduction of Central First Document has provided important strategic opportunities for the evolvement of hydraulic engineering, for example, the case of annual investment of 400 billion and 4 trillion in one decade will offer the most direct, effective and largest market space for international and local water corporations.

In this case, focusing on this keynote, 6th China International Water Business Summit will be officially held with the purpose of reviewing the past while looking into the opportunities arising from market insights, PPP project practice, financing & investment and technological innovation in waste water treatment, desalination, water reusing.
Summit Structure at a Glance:
Oct 13th
AM Visit to Water Expo China
PM Join main forum on policy guideline & market insights
Oct 14th
AM Join main forum on financing & investment practice
PM Attend case study & workshop on technological innovation in desalination, waste water treatment, membrane technology, water recycling and reuse


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

SINGAPORE, 18 April 2011 – There are a total of US$ 632.7 billion worth of  business opportunities in the Process Systems, HVACR, Water and Waste Industry with an overzealous demand in developing countries like Indonesia.

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According to the recent World Pumps Industry Report, the world fluid handling pump demand is forecast to rise 6.5 percent annually through 2014 to $69 billion. Three-fifths of all new fluid handling pump demand generated will be attributable to the Asia/Pacific region, especially country like Indonesia. Process manufacturers will gain from the fastest growing pump market by an improved outlook for most process manufacturing industries. World demand for HVAC equipment is also projected to rise 5.8% per year through 2012 to reach US$ 83.7 billion with the growth forecast in Asia to rise 6.9% annually.

With this astounding demand for industrial systems and Indonesia’s rapid annual growth rate of 4-6%, it is clearly evident that PS (Process Systems), HVACR Indonesia 2011 and the newly launched Watertech and Wastetech Indonesia 2011, held 17 – 19 November 2011 at Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo), Jakarta, Indonesia serves as a timely platform and a fast track and effective entry for industrial equipment and technology supplier to tap into Indonesia’s vast business opportunities.

This year, the inaugural launch of two concurrent shows-Watertech Indonesia 2011 & Wastetech Indonesia 2011 signifies the expansion of its series of shows into Indonesia’s emerging water and waste markets. The  global water market is forecast to experience an above-average growth spurt, with an overall market size estimated at $480 billion in 2010, rising by a rate of 6.2% over the next five years. Indonesia, is similarly facing a fast growing demand for water supply. More companies in Indonesia are urged to install water treatment facilities given the city’s limited supply of clean water. (Source: The Jakarta Post, 3 March 2010). Companies that offer innovative products and solutions along the water value chain will profit from this trend and create long-term and attractive investment opportunities. (Source:, 9 August 2010) End users in Indonesia are becoming more technologically aware and capable of  weighing the long-term benefits of advanced water and waste treatment systems. The market is relatively young and therefore, first movers stand to gain considerably.(Source: Frost & Sullivan, Oct 2010)

Ms Theresa Gan, Group Exhibitions Director of IIR Exhibitions said, “With the uniqueness of having all Industrial Systems under one roof, PS (Process Systems), HVACR, Watertech and Wastetech Indonesia 2011 aims to continue its established track record of being the most ideal marketplace for international industrial manufacturers and suppliers to launch new products, reach out to buyers, appoint agents & distributors, build brand awareness and establish business networks in Indonesia’s booming economy.

For more information, please visit: | |

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About PS (Process Systems), HVACR, Watertech and Wastetech Indonesia 2011:

IIR Exhibitions is part of Informa Plc, one of the world’s leading international providers of specialist information  for the academic and scientific, professional and commercial business communities. Informa is ranked among  the FTSE-250 list with a global network of 150 offices in more than 45 countries employing over 9,500  staff  around the world. The group produces 12,000 events and training courses, 45,000 book titles, and over 2,000  subscription-based information services including academic journals, magazines, newsletters, real-time information and news services, unparalleled performance improvement solutions, and hundreds of exceptional brands in 80 countries. Informa serves many industry sectors including aviation, agriculture, energy, commodities, education, environment, electrical & electronics, entertainment & leisure, healthcare, industrial.

PS (Process Systems) Indonesia 2011, in its 3rd staging, comprises 4 specialized inter-related exhibitions: Pumps & Systems Indonesia 2011, Valves Indonesia 2011, Compressors & Systems Indonesia 2011 and Fluid Indonesia 2011. The synergistic combination of profiles offers the most dynamic one-stop procurement & sourcing platform for all targeted buyers and industrial end-users.

HVACR Indonesia 2011 is the 2nd international exhibition on Heating & Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Air-Filtration & Purification and Refrigeration Systems.

Watertech & Wastetech Indonesia 2011 is Indonesia’s international exhibition on Water, Wastewater and Waste Management Systems and Technology.

Energy minister Dipuo Peters opens Hydropower Africa next Tuesday

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

The South African Energy minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters will open the third annual Hydropower African conference and exhibition this coming Tuesday in Johannesburg. In her opening address, the minister will share her thoughts on “working together to unlock Africa’s hydropower potential to promote sustainable development, regional integration, water and energy security, and poverty eradication in Africa.”
Some of the world’s top hydropower experts will discuss the future of hydropower electricity generation in Africa, particularly funding and financing projects, as well as hear updates on some of the most exciting hydro developments on the continent, including DRC’s Inga and Ingula in KwaZulu-Natal.

Potential of hydropower

“There is an enormous demand for information on the finance and funding of hydropower projects in Africa”, says Nicolaas Loretz, Hydropower Africa project director,”especially given that the potential for hydro generation is great and that only 10% of the continent’s potential has been realised. This is the ideal platform to give impetus to project implementation for small and large hydro projects”.

Nicolaas Loretz continues: “We therefore have a special focus on investment opportunities with specialists from the World Bank and the African Development Bank and case studies from Zambia and Mozambique as part of our programme.”

Minister’s vision

“We are delighted that Minister Dipuo Peters will share her vision with us”, says Nicolaas Loretz, “particularly to hear her views regarding the promotion of sustainable development, regional integration, water and energy security, and poverty eradication in Africa.”

During a visit to Korea recently, the minister said South Africa can produce more than 43,000 megawatts of electricity but wants to increase this by using renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydropower.

Programme highlights include:

Opening session:

  • Keynote address by South African Energy minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters
    Working together to unlock Africa’s hydropower potential to promote sustainable development, regional integration, water and energy security, and poverty eradication in Africa
  • Evaluating regulatory reforms to boost private investment for hydropower development in Africa Babu Ram, Chief Power Engineer, African Development Bank, South Africa
  • Highlighting investment opportunities, incentives and perspectives of the African hydropower generation landscape Vahid Alavian, Water and Hydropower Advisor, Africa Region, The World Bank, Uganda

Hydropower Project Finance:
Innovative funding solutions and partnerships for Kafue Gorge Lower project – case study Israel Phiri, Manager, Office for Promoting Private Power Investment, Ministry of Energy and Water Development, Zambia

Rural electrification and village hydro:
Small hydropower in Uganda – current projects and future prospects Jimmy Omona, Hydro Mechanical Specialist, UEGCL, Uganda

Engineering, process design and operation:
Case study: Project Management of a large hydropower scheme and the interface between dam engineering and power engineering – Ingula case study Colin Logan, Director, GIBB, South Africa

Environmental and social impact:
Africa’s major water basins living side by side but not in “peace” and “security” Leonard Kassana, International Hydropower Consultant, Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF), Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda

The World Commission on Dams – more important than ever Liane Greeff, Chair, EcoDoc Africa / African Rivers Network, South Africa

Maintenance and refurbishment:
Inga 2 hydropower plant – refurbishment update of unit 23 Etienne Tshibangu, Project Director, SNEL, DRC

Regional cooperation:
Regional cooperation and cross-border trading for optimum output and sustainable performance Lawrence Musaba, Co-ordination Centre Manager, The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), Zimbabwe

Closing session:
The changing future of the African energy mix and the growing need for hydropower

Hydro expertise
Technology companies involved in large and small hydropower projects all over Africa that will share their expertise at Hydropower Africa 2010 include: MarelliMotori, Arcus Gibb, CMC di Ravenna, Hydro Engineering, Knight Piesold, SSI Engineering, Vibro Systems, SMEC, BKS and MWH. Eskom is the host utility and delegates will also go on site visits to the Ingula and Drakensberg pumped storage schemes in KwaZulu Natal; small hydro power plants in Mpumalanga (Friedenheim and Lydenburg) and Inga in the DRC.

Event dates and location: 17-20 August 2010, Pre-conference workshops on 16 August, at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

Event website:

For more information, media accreditation or speaker interviews please contact:

Communications manager: Annemarie Roodbol


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Fax : +27 (0) 21 700 3501

Mobile : +27 (0) 82 562 7844


Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Gulf Water Week 2010 looks for affordable and sustainable measures

Kuala Lumpur, 4 February 2010 – Water scarcity underscores the need for better water resources and management.

While there has been short supply, demand for water is growing throughout the planet with GCC countries named as the most affected region. It is undeniably the result of population increase and other social factors such as rapid urbanization and wasteful consumption patterns.

Led by the thirst and desperation, policy makers and experts are always on the lookout for solutions and alternatives. Debates and discussions continue. As part of corporate commitment to the world’s society, JFPS Group Malaysia will bring together industry experts from all over to Dubai for Gulf Water Week 2010.

The 3-days event taking place from 24-26 May 2010 is designed in such a way to give attending delegates the benefits of a comprehensive discussion on issues of water conservation and integrated water resource management, wastewater treatment and reuse, as well as water distribution and loss management. All these will be delivered through practical case studies and interactive forums.

Expect more than 100 C-level delegates from water-related industries; i.e.; water utilities and water supply companies, water ministries and authorities, environmental ministries and agencies, as well as municipalities.

Key speakers for the event include Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Head of Geology of UAE University; Tim Waldron, Chief Executive Officer of Wide Bay Water Corporation, Australia; Abdul Ghani Khalaf, Director of Water Distribution, Electricity & Water Authority, Bahrain; Colin Hannan, Director of Water Services, Regulations & Supervision Bureau of Abu Dhabi, UAE; Dr. Mohamed Raouf, Program Manager – Environment, Gulf Research Centre, UAE; Dr. Nurul Akhand, Irrigation Specialist of International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), UAE; and Kevin Samson, Manager-Wastewater of City of Cape Town, South Africa.

Sponsorship and delegate registration is now open at To learn more about Gulf Water Week 2010, please contact +603 2600 6000 or alternatively email your enquiries to

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Media Contact:
Mandy Lee Abdullah
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About JFPS Group

JFPS Group is the leading business performance enhancement company with affiliated partners across the globe. As a world-class business intelligence provider, JFPS Group provides business executives with knowledge and skills through conferences, professional training, in-house training and consulting. Every year JFPS Group organizes more than 70 events and works with more than 10,000 senior executives from leading companies to improve their strategic decision-making process.

WEF International Pavilions Program at WSDWTF 2008 Water Environment Federation Offers New International Program to Members

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Alexandria, Va. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) announces WEF International Pavilions, a new program designed to make it easier for WEF members to exhibit at major water quality shows around the world. As part of the Federation’s continued effort to increase member benefits as well as its global presence, the program offers pre- and onsite management and marketing services as well as a lower risk approach to purchasing booth space in international forums.

The Water Environment Federation is excited and pleased to provide our members with this unique opportunity to develop an increased presence in the international water market, said WEF Executive Director Bill Bertera.WEF is first and foremost a membership organization and this program is just the latest example of how we continue to seek new and innovative ways to better serve our members and provide added value for their commitment.

Under the program, WEF will purchase exhibit space with all of the major international water quality shows and construct a 2,500 square foot pavilion with booth space set below the minimum required by the international shows. Members will have the opportunity to either purchase exhibit space or send product brochures for distribution at a WEF-managed display. In addition, WEF will also provide a fully-built booth (3×3 meter minimum) in a prime location, translation and catering services, meeting rooms, lounge areas and pre-show marketing to increase booth traffic.

From a business standpoint, we see enormous membership value to the international pavilion concept,â€? said Jack Benson, WEF’s Chief Commercial Officer. “In addition to this being a low financial risk, WEF members will be able to exhibit under the WEF banner in a larger, more visible area as well as benefit from WEF’s onsite management and pre-show promotions through our international publication, World Water and Environmental Engineering.”

The WEF International Pavilion is currently scheduled for the following show in 2008: The 9th China International Water Supply & Drainage and Water Treatment Exhibition (WSDWTF 2008 ), April 27-29, 2008 in Shanghai, China.

For more information about the program, please contact Laila Sukkariyyah, WEF Director of Association Development at or Jack Benson at

About Water Environment Federation(WEF)

Formed in 1928, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with 32,000 individual members and 80 affiliated Member Associations representing an additional 50,000 water quality professionals throughout the world. WEF and its member associations proudly work to achieve our mission of preserving and enhancing the global water environment

Contact the WSDWTF 2008 Organizer:
Contact Person: Ms.Helen Zhu Add:A/10 Huading Tower, Zhongshan Road West 2368,Shanghai 200235,China ,Tel:+86 21 5459 2323 ext 329 Fax:+86 21 5425 3480 Email: or Skype: Helen_zhongmao Official Show Website:

WSDWTF pavilion will participate the 80th WEFTEC in October 2007

Monday, September 10th, 2007

WEFTEC 2007,which is annually organized by the Water Environment Federation(WEF),will be held in San Diego in the US this October.In order to bring the WSDWTF 2008 to the American Clients and promote the exchange between China and USA Water industry players, WSDWTF organizer, Shanghai ZM International will launch a pavilion at WEFTEC 2007 , which would be made of more than 10 delegates from China. The booth Number is 7147 (Hall A) (

Committee of WSDWTF 2008:
Contact: Ms.Helen Zhu
Tel: +86 21 54592323 ext329. 54592318ext329
Fax: +86 21 54253480

Water Environment Federation WEF has scheduled to make a pavilion at WSDWTF 2008

Monday, September 10th, 2007

WEF— the Water Environment Federation, is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with 32,000 individual members and 80 affiliated Member Associations representing an additional 50,000 water quality professionals throughout the world.Through its investigation on WSDWTF 2007 ,this April, WEF is currently scheduled to make a pavilion with more than 250 sqm in WSDWTF 2008—-The 9th China International Water Supply & Drainage and Water Treatment Exhibition on April 27-29, 2008 in Shanghai, China

Committee of WSDWTF 2008:
Contact: Ms.Helen Zhu
Tel: +86 21 54592323 ext329. 54592318ext329
Fax: +86 21 54253480