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Turning Waste into Energy: the Win-Win-Win solution

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

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Biogas is probably the best kept secret in the renewable energy industry.

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Organic waste is one of the untapped sources of natural energy available today. “It’s a simple solution that can be deployed in as quickly as three days but people don’t know too much about it”, says Jonathan de Magalhães, Managing Director of Ubuntu Energy Solutions. While biogas is used all over the world –India for example has more than 4.5 million digesters–harnessing biogas energy in South Africa is practically unknown. Only a small number of digesters have been built successfully and commissioned to date – a loss to the renewable industry sector in the country since biogas fulfils all of the criteria relating to environmental sustainability, requires a relatively low technological input and is cost effective to implement.

Biogas typically refers to the gas which is produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter. Organic waste, such as dead plant matter, animal manure and kitchen waste, can easily be converted into biogas in a simple biogas digester. Biogas consists mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Biogas can be used as fuel for cooking, lighting, water heating as well as being able to run biogas generators to produce electricity.

Biogas provides a clean, easily controlled source of renewable energy from available organic waste for a small labour input, replacing firewood or fossil fuels, which are becoming more expensive as demand outweighs the supply.

Additionally, a biogas digester treats the organic waste and prevents it from taking up precious space in our landfills or over-burdened sewerage plants. In South Africa the waste disposed of in landfills produces unwanted landfill gas (Methane CH4) and leachate emissions. Furthermore, there is pressure on the country’s aging sewerage system. According to de Magalhães, generating biogas presents a Win-Win -Win solution because it offers:

Easy disposal and treatment of Organic Waste

-      Black Water Treatment: By feeding the black water (sewerage) into the biogas digester, additional organic waste as well as much needed water, will increase the yield of biogas from the digester daily. Additionally, in environments that would normally require a septic tank system, the cost saving of not needing the septic tank can be used to offset the costs of the biogas system.

-      Organic waste, such as grass cuttings, animal manure, kitchen waste and almost any other type of similar waste, can be used to generate a usable form of energy.

-      As the biogas digester is a closed system, there is no leakage of the organic waste into the surrounding environment. This can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the need for an Environmental Impact Study.

Reduction of associated Energy Costs

-      The biogas generated by the digester system can be used for water heating, space heating, cooking, lighting or running a biogas generator for electricity generation. Or any combination of these.

-      By using biogas instead of traditional resources, such as electricity or gas, to provide this functionality, energy costs can be significantly reduced, providing a quick Return on Investment (ROI) for biogas solutions.

Provides further Cost Savings or a Passive Income

-      As the process of biogas generation uses the bacteria in the organic waste, the organic slurry found at the end of the process can be easily managed, and all organic smells are contained within the closed digester system. This organic slurry can be used as a natural fertiliser for nearly all agricultural applications, reducing any costs associated with purchasing traditional fertilisers.

-      This 100% natural organic fertiliser can also be sold to agricultural farms and nurseries, either in its liquid form or pre-dried and pelletized, providing an additional form of income from the biogas digester.

Biogas digesters are used all over the world, and the technologies have made leaps and strides, especially over the past three years. The first biogas system was installed in India in 1859. South and south-west Brazil are characterised by intensive livestock farming. Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost Federal state in Brazil, has an abundance of pig farms. The manure produced in large quantities by pig farming is used for biogas production.

According to de Magalhães, generating biogas offers a better Return on Investment (ROI) than solar or wind systems. “It’s easy to install and deploy, and is very low in maintenance, probably only requiring some attention once every 5 to 7 years. For these reasons, biogas digesters would work well in rural villages, farming communities and game lodges,” says de Magalhães.

But even the average family in Johannesburg could use their organic household waste in a biogas system. “As long as you have enough feedstock to put into the biogas system, such as blackwater, grass cuttings, and a reasonable amount of kitchen waste, then you can generate your own biogas. Even with a small system with enough organic feedstock, combine this with some solar panels and an intelligent inverter system, and you could get about 80% off the grid, all things considered.” says deMagalhães.“There is no smell because it is a closed system, and the payback period could easily be under 10 years, which is much shorter than a solar-powered system.”

However, amidst all these advantages, there have been no government initiatives in South Africa to assist those wishing to deploy biogas systems.

To learn more about biogas technology, be sure to attend the annual Africa Energy Indaba being held from February 21 to 23, 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.


16 January 2012

Prepared by:      Siyenza Management

Karabo Keepile

011 463 9184

On behalf of:     Africa Energy Indaba

Liz Hart

011 463 9184

About the Africa Energy Indaba

The Africa Energy Indaba, adopted by the World Energy Council (WEC) as the African regional event of the WEC, receives global recognition as the foremost event for energy professionals from across the globe and is rapidly gaining momentum as the energy business forum in Africa.
Presented by the South African National Energy Association (SANEA) in association with the World Energy Council, the forum has achieved the highest level of endorsement and support and as such is without doubt the leading energy event in Africa.

About Ubuntu Energy Solutions

Ubuntu Energy Solutions is a specialist South African energy company that integrates different renewable energy and power solutions for our customers, providing them with the right solution for their energy requirements. Contact Jonathan de Magalhães, or visit


Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Announcement from the Africa Energy Indaba

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The annual Africa Energy Indaba is pleased to announce that CNN International has once again signed on as its official International Broadcast Media Partner for 2012. The partnership, which was first forged in 2011, will once again place Africa’s energy agenda on the global stage.

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The association will see CNN International taking a significant presence at the Indaba, and a major awareness-building advertising campaign for the event on CNN across TV and online.

“We are pleased to have formalised this relationship, which will raise awareness of the Africa Energy Indaba in new markets across the globe. Our commercial campaign on CNN provides us with an effective and valuable way to reach fresh audiences, with the ultimate aim of working towards finding solutions to Africa’s energy challenges as well as providing a platform to conduct business in the energy sector.” says Liz Hart, Managing Director of the Africa Energy Indaba.

The Indaba aims to extend its reach through the partnership, highlighting the event as the leading forum for debate on Africa’s energy challenges and solutions. With the central theme of the event, “Unleashing Africa’s Energy Potential” in mind, the event programme aims to formulate actionable ideas and proposals that will benefit the continent’s billion people.

Rani R Raad, SVP & MD, Ad Sales and Business Development, CNN International, said: “How Africa and the world solve the energy challenges we face will impact on us all, and debate is a hugely important part of that process. For that reason we’re delighted to continue our support of the Africa Energy Indaba.”

25 August 2011

Issued by: Siyenza Management
Mabel Modipa
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On behalf of: Africa Energy Indaba
Liz Hart
011 463 9184

About the Africa Energy Indaba:

Africa Energy Indaba 2012 will be held from the 21 to 23 February 2012, at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference continues to grow and has become the foremost forum for debating Africa’s energy solutions and focuses on: African power suppliers; alternative and renewable energies; oil and gas; the legal and regulatory framework, and investment opportunities in African energy projects. The exhibition has become a significant market-place for African and international stakeholders doing business in Africa’s energy sector.

CNN International:

CNN International advertising sales deliver innovative and creative media solutions that go beyond the norms of standard advertising to deliver results. The team strives to build long-term strategic partnerships with all clients, addressing individual commercial needs and offering turn-key solutions to support client marketing strategies through extensive resources including the Tourism Advertising Solutions & Knowledge Group (TASK), CNN Ad Sales’ in-house creative unit Turner Commercial Productions (TCP) our dedicated PR and Marketing team.
For more information on advertising on CNN International, please e-mail Sales Director Reme Al-Saiegh at

Kind Regards


Thursday, January 13th, 2011


The mainstream media have confirmed what industry insiders have known for some time “ South Africa’s electricity supply is under pressure yet again, and business and consumers face another round of power cuts and further tariff hikes, necessitating the debate on the security of energy supply, a key topic to be addressed at the 2011 Energy Indaba.

An article on the front page of last week’s Business Times (SA dreads the lights going out yet again, Sunday Times, January 9 2011 at warns that mining will be one of the industries worst affected by possible power outages, while businesses that remain unprepared could face closure.

“This year’s Energy Indaba could not be more timeous,” says event MD Liz Hart. “Business urgently needs to explore solutions to the looming crisis as well as long-term solutions to bridging Africa’s energy gap.”

Energy Indaba 2011 takes place from March 1 to 3 at Sandton Convention Centre, combining both a conference and exhibition that will bring together the foremost experts in the world, as well as energy providers in both the traditional and alternative markets.

Eskom cannot prevent load shedding on its own and needs the support of all stakeholders. The Energy Indaba embraces the opportunity to identify and showcase companies and their products from the local, African and international marketplace with potential solutions to these challenges. Coupled to this is the need to understand how to become more energy efficient in today’s modern society, which is very energy reliant. Companies from China will be displaying products and services at the Energy Indaba exhibition which provide some of these answers and can assist in the reduction of energy usage. Africa needs to make energy efficiency a reality on this continent, as the investment required for the development of the energy sector is significant and as such is a challenge for many parts of Africa. Should Africa adopt an approach of becoming more energy efficient, this will reduce the investment required to power rural communities as well as keeping the lights on in other developed regions.

The Energy Indaba provides a platform to further promote energy efficiency in Africa, by increasing public awareness programmes showcasing energy efficienct technologies, exploring innovative financing mechanisms for funding energy efficiency projects and to enhance the message whereby Africans should try and entrench the principle of energy efficiency in their day-to-day activities so that energy efficiency consciousness becomes a way life.

We encourage business to participate at this forum to prepare their own organisations for the uncertainty in South Africa’s energy sector over the next few years, while contributing towards Africa realising its potential to emerge as a global player,â€? says Hart.

To secure your exhibition stand at this prestigious event and/or register as a delegate, please contact Candice Scorer on +27 11 463 9184, fax +27 11 463 8432, visit or email

January 13, 2011
To arrange media interviews please contact:
Issued by: Siyenza Management- Celine de Canha
On behalf of: Energy Indaba
+27 11 463 9184

About Siyenza Management

Siyenza Management is a multi-faceted communications company, well established within the South African business community, and well placed to co-ordinate an event of this stature. We are immensely proud of both our South Africa roots and ability to provide services to global standards, in the fields of brand architecture, communication, event management, marketing and publishing. Siyenza, meaning “we do� in Nguni, provides a platform to facilitate the bringing together of people. Renowned as a world-class service provider, with strong networks across South Africa, Africa and the world, Siyenza is highly regarded in the business community and has sound track record of delivery, as one of the top 15 event management companies in Africa.

Kind regards

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The interest of South East Europe in Green Energy, Waste Management & Recycling is growing up

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

The South-East European Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Eco Forum for Waste Management & Recycling  Save the Planet are great opportunities for the leading players in the sectors to bring modern technologies, products and services to the Region, to find new partners and clients. The events organized by Via Expo will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the period 13-15 April 2011.

EE & Renewable Financing, Energy Efficiency and Decentralized Energy, RES Electricity, Smart Grid Platform, Waste management and Recycling are the topics to be discussed at the three-day forums. For the fist time there will be held “Solar Business Forum for Balkans”. It will show the opportunities for investment and production of photovoltaic devices and plants in the region of South-East Europe.

Special accent will be put on the Waste-to-Energy session with 15 speakers from 10 countries: Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Japan, Canada, USA, UK, Serbia and Switzerland.

The presentaton of Barbel Birnstengel, Prognos AG, Germany, will focus on the potential of the waste it has a high material or energy value and thus could contribute to resource, environment and climate protection. How to produce useful fuels and electricity from biomass and waste resources? These questions will answer Kunio Yoshikawa from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, which is developing and commercializing total technologies to convert unutilized resources such as solid wastes and biomass into high value added energy resources.

John P. Foden president of Canadian Energy-from-Waste Coalition will speak how to get approved of w2e projects, how to manage and communicate with local communities and interest groups.

The parallel exhibitions will display state-of the-art products, solutions and services in the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling.

About 4 months before the events 2/3 of the area is already booked for Spanish National Participation and group participation from Austria, China, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, and the USA.
Among the exhibitors are well known names: Enercon, Global Wind Power, Fronius, Hyundai, voestalpine Krems, Phono Technologies Switzerland, Franki Grundbau, Eurosol, Siemens, Solea, PowerWind and many others.

For more info:

Vesela Nikolova
Via Expo Ltd.

Energy Indaba 2011 is a clarion call to action on South Africa’s energy crisis

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

South Africa must act now, to bring an end to uncertainty and instability within the energy sector and ensure a secure, sustainable energy future for both our country and regional neighbors, who depend on South Africa for much of their power supply.

So says Greg Nott of Dewey & LeBoeuf, an international law firm with leading industry expertise in the mining and energy sectors. The firm is one of the major sponsors of next year’s Energy Indaba, which takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre from March 1 to 3 2011.

“Our energy sector is at a critical juncture, decisions we make today could determine our economic future for the next 20 years. Energy is the driver of the economy; Africa’s largest. It is vital to socio-economic development and for the well-being of other key sectors of the economy, such as mining.”

However, says Nott, pessimism is unwarranted.”There has been an enormous amount of effort and consultation by Government in developing sound and far-reaching energy policies. Our firm has engaged extensively with stakeholders in various consultative forums and committees and it has become apparent that stakeholders agree: policy is moving in the right direction.”

He adds: “The concern and, in some instances, frustration, remains that there is a glaring disconnect between policy development and implementation. What we urgently need now, is action to finalize policy and regulations so we can move forward.”

Nott is calling on all stakeholders in the energy sector to throw their weight behind Energy Indaba 2011. He says the conference comes at exactly the right time for South Africa, and must strive to achieve, at the end of all the deliberations and discussions, an action plan supported by all stakeholders.

“South Africa has shown time and time again that when it comes to the crunch we can pull out all the stops to get it right,” he says. “We did this as a country in the 1990s, planning our democratic future. We hosted a triumphant 1995 Rugby World Cup that became the symbol of the Rainbow Nation. And this year we followed up with a Soccer World Cup that was lauded the world over.”

“It’s time to roll up our sleeves and build a bridge to a secure energy future, with clarity of purpose and an appreciation of just how close we are to the solutions. This is well within the scope of our will and abilities.”

Mr Greg Nott
Managing Partner, Dewey & LeBoeuf Johannesburg

Mr. Nott is the Managing Partner of the Johannesburg office of Dewey & LeBoeuf. Prior to him joining the firm in 2000, he was a partner at a Johannesburg law firm where he began his legal career in 1986. Mr. Nott is ranked in Chambers Global 2008. He has led and managed legal teams in complex legal matters.

Mr. Nott has advised empowerment consortia in obtaining casino licences on behalf of an international hotel group. He has advised an empowerment company in an empowerment transaction regarding the management and development of the Ellis Park Sport Stadium, South Africa’s largest sport stadium.

Mr. Nott has been a legal advisor to international companies. He has also been an advisor to various national and provincial South African administrations, including the Gauteng Tourism Agency, Northern Province government, the national government Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs, and the Gauteng Department of Economic Affairs and Education. This work has focused on compliance issues, regulatory adherence, and state-owned enterprise restructuring.

To secure your participation at this prestigious event, please contact:
Liz Hart
Tel: +27 11 463 9184
Fax: +27 11 463 8432

Energy Indaba 2011: Small Scale Solutions offer Hope for Africa

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Africa needs to look for home-grown solutions to the challenges of energy poverty, rather than relying on conventional models that respond to conditions in developed countries. So says Brian Statham, the Chairman of the South African National Energy Association (SANEA) and Chairman of the Energy Access Partnership (EAP).

Millions of Africans are trapped in a situation of energy poverty, with only about 5% of rural Africans having access to some form of commercial energy. But while large-scale energy infrastructure development is often regarded as the ideal model, connecting millions of rural and urban poor consumers to the main electricity grids that power Africa’s major cities and industries is unrealistic in the short to medium term.

The EAP was launched at this year’s Africa World Economic Forum, to define a successful model for addressing chronic energy poverty in developing countries. Together with SANEA, the partnership is piloting various power supply models in rural communities in South Africa and Lesotho.

The rural population especially is sparsely distributed with large distances between villages. This requires long transmission lines or pipelines with relatively small energy markets at the end of the line, which is generally not a viable investment.

“We need to look seriously at distributed generation to solve this problem,” says Statham. “Wind and solar power options, perhaps with some LPG or micro-hydro back-up, could provide elegant solutions for rural applications. Power for telecommunication and television will immediately help with distance education and commercial communication, as well as basic health services.”

Statham says the equipment for such a distributed generation scheme must be easy to install, operate and maintain, so that the local community is able to take ownership, taking into account the skills, spare parts and other goods and services available in remote areas.

He acknowledges that it will be a challenge to change mind-sets, so that communities accept small-scale solutions and so that manufacturers and finance institutions see the value in providing them. “Bigger has always been better in the field of energy provision, so this will involve a paradigm shift towards downsizing the technology and funding, instead of upscaling them.”

This presents engineers and financial institutions with a unique creative challenge – to find energy solutions that are appropriate to remote rural applications, requiring downscaled technology, restructured financing and public-private partnerships to provide for subsidisation of the infrastructure component, while the users pay for services, usage and maintenance.

“This has the potential to literally give millions of people the “power” to change their lives, and could ensure opportunities for social, economic and environmental sustainability on an unprecedented scale,” says Statham.

He says that the model could also help address the need for regional rather than national solutions to energy poverty, incorporating South Africa’s SADC neighbors.

We have had tremendous support from the relevant Governments, which are willing to create enabling policy and regulatory environments, and expect to roll out the project pipeline to several other countries in time,” he says.


About the Energy Indaba: Energy Indaba 2011 will be held from the 1 to 3 March, at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.  The conference continues to grow and has become the foremost forum for debating Africa’s energy solutions and focuses on: African power suppliers; alternative and renewable energies; oil and gas; the legal and regulatory framework, and investment opportunities in African energy projects. The exhibition has become a significant market-place for African and international stakeholders doing business in Africa’s energy sector.


Press Release prepared by:

Siyenza Management(Pty) Ltd

Lunice Johnston

011 463 9184

KazStimOil 2010 Symposium and Exhibition

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

The Caspian Business Events is delighted to invite oil and gas industry peers to our prestigious event in Almaty, the KazStimOil 2010: The 6th Annual International Symposium and Exhibition on Oil and Gas Production Stimulation, to be held on 3 – 4 June, 2010 in Almaty at Rixos Almaty Hotel.

Today’s economy demands the highest level of knowledge. As the economy stumbles, you can still achieve your goals. Given the challenges of today and new environment experienced by the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the financial crunch, the 5th International Kazakhstan International Conference on New Techniques and Technologies for Oil and Gas Production Stimulation in Kazakhstan will be an important stride towards further development of the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan under the world financial crunch conditions.

Value of this event consists in possibility of direct dialogue of specialists about advantages and perspectives of offered technologies. In situation of financial crisis it is very important to discuss possibilities of risk minimization and maximum use of available possibilities, to develop exploration and production of oil and gas in the Kazakhstan.

I am sure that the KazStimOil Event on New Equipment and Technologies for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Republic of Kazakhstan will make a noteworthy contribution into further development of the oil sector; that it will demonstrate the innovative petroleum science and technology; that it will give opportunities for researchers and specialists to exchange their experiences and discuss issues of productivity enhancement and security of the fuel and energy sector, as well as the issues of this sector attractiveness for investors – Karim Massimov Prime-Minister Republic of Kazakhstan

KazStimOil 2010fully supported by:

  • Fund of National Welfare Samruk-Kazyna
  • Ministry of energy and mineral resources of RK
  • Committee of Geology and Resource Exploitation of MEMR RK
  • KAZENERGY Association
  • Kazakhstan Petroleum Association
  • Akimat of Almaty city
  • Akimat of Mangistau Region
  • Akimat of Westen-Kazakhstan Region
  • Akimat of Aktobe Region

Partners of the KazStimOil

  • KazMunayGas Exploration & Production
  • Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH
  • Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
  • Tengizchevroil, LLP
  • Kazgermunay GU
  • Kazakhturkmunay, LLP
  • LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd.
  • BG Kazakhstan
  • Buzachi Operating Limited
  • NOVOMET Group of the Companies
  • SPE Burintech
  • PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources

This year 82% of Kazakhstan oil community include the KazStimOil 2010 in their networking strategy and industry suppliers and players can promote solution and brand profile in the presence of the oil and gas industry’s premier decision-makers and influencers. The KazStimOil 2010 provides with the opportunity for increased market exposure by affiliating with one of the world’s foremost oil and gas events. Take a leadership position within the global oil and gas industry. The KazStimOil 2010 delivers cost-effective marketing exposure and branding of your company to your target audience.

KazStimOil aren’t specific to oil and gas industry. With a wide range of industry sectors represented at the symposium and exhibition this year in Almaty, we believe this opens many doors and provides the ultimate in networking opportunities for professionals and industry peers to success and continually strive to provide the perfect setting for delegates, sponsors and partners to come together in a productive and informative setting.

We look forward to welcome you to KazStimOil 2010, in addition to fantastic networking opportunities you can keep up-to-date with the latest developments. If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the KazStimOil 2010, please contact by email or call by Phone:+4207 617 7532.

View details of the event here.


Sunday, February 21st, 2010

In bringing concerns relating to energy in Africa to the forefront this February, the ENERGY INDABA 2010 has secured leading international and local experts to share their broad range of expertise and solid background in energy projects. With noteworthy achievements behind their name, these leaders will help to position this event as a platform where issues around the current situation of energy on the continent are debated – and inspire sustainable energy solutions on the continent.

The speakers at this year’s ENERGY INDABA conference have contributed greatly to areas of climate change, energy efficiency, technology, finance, infrastructure, legal requirements and sustainable development, explains Liz Hart, MD of Siyenza Management, the organiser of the ENERGY INDABA. Our line-up, in addition to endorsements by the World Energy Council and the SA Department of Energy, places the ENERGY INDABA as a leading event of its kind on the African continent.

Held at the Sandton Conventon Centre, Johannesburg, the second annual energy event features a conference on February 24-25, 2010, and an exhibition and a business matchmaking programme from February 24-26, 2010. The exhibition is open to the public.

Some of the keynote speakers at the ENERGY INDABA 2010 will cover topics on:

  • Minister Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, SA Minister of Energy on African Energy Outlook 2010
  • Jerry Vilakazi, CEO, Business Unity South Africa on Doing business for ourselves “making Africa an accessible investment destination and Africans powering Africa
  • Dr Latsoucab © Fall, Regional Manager “Africa at the World Energy Council on ‘Access to Energy” Empowering Africa’s Development
  • Kannan Lakmeeharan, Managing Director of Eskom’s Systems Operations and Planning Division on Eskom’s projections for electricity supply and demand
  • Thulani Gcabashe, Executive Chairman of BuiltAfrica Holdings on Energising Africa “The road ahead to achieve sustainable energy systems in Africa!
  • ’

    There will also be sessions with discussions on infrastructure development, human capital development, and nuclear power, technology in energy, energy efficiency and climate change, amongst others. The facilitators for these include Paul Runge of Africa Access Project, Barry Bredenkamp of the National Energy Efficiency Agency, Dr Laurraine Lotter of The Chemical and Allied Industries Association, Greg Nott of Dewey & LeBoeuf Johannesburg and Dr Robert Schock of the World Energy Council .
    For further information on the ENERGY INDABA 2010, please visit or contact Siyenza Management on +27 (11) 463 9184
    17 February 2010
    Prepared by: Leigh-Anne Sa Joe
    Siyenza Management
    (011) 463 9184

    On behalf of: ENERGY INDABA

    Contact: Liz Hart


    Thursday, February 4th, 2010

    Gulf Water Week 2010 looks for affordable and sustainable measures

    Kuala Lumpur, 4 February 2010 – Water scarcity underscores the need for better water resources and management.

    While there has been short supply, demand for water is growing throughout the planet with GCC countries named as the most affected region. It is undeniably the result of population increase and other social factors such as rapid urbanization and wasteful consumption patterns.

    Led by the thirst and desperation, policy makers and experts are always on the lookout for solutions and alternatives. Debates and discussions continue. As part of corporate commitment to the world’s society, JFPS Group Malaysia will bring together industry experts from all over to Dubai for Gulf Water Week 2010.

    The 3-days event taking place from 24-26 May 2010 is designed in such a way to give attending delegates the benefits of a comprehensive discussion on issues of water conservation and integrated water resource management, wastewater treatment and reuse, as well as water distribution and loss management. All these will be delivered through practical case studies and interactive forums.

    Expect more than 100 C-level delegates from water-related industries; i.e.; water utilities and water supply companies, water ministries and authorities, environmental ministries and agencies, as well as municipalities.

    Key speakers for the event include Dr. Ahmed Ali Murad, Head of Geology of UAE University; Tim Waldron, Chief Executive Officer of Wide Bay Water Corporation, Australia; Abdul Ghani Khalaf, Director of Water Distribution, Electricity & Water Authority, Bahrain; Colin Hannan, Director of Water Services, Regulations & Supervision Bureau of Abu Dhabi, UAE; Dr. Mohamed Raouf, Program Manager – Environment, Gulf Research Centre, UAE; Dr. Nurul Akhand, Irrigation Specialist of International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), UAE; and Kevin Samson, Manager-Wastewater of City of Cape Town, South Africa.

    Sponsorship and delegate registration is now open at To learn more about Gulf Water Week 2010, please contact +603 2600 6000 or alternatively email your enquiries to

    ~ Ends ~
    Media Contact:
    Mandy Lee Abdullah
    Marketing Manager
    Gen: +603 2600 6000
    DID: +603 2600 6105
    H/P: +6012 270 2076

    About JFPS Group

    JFPS Group is the leading business performance enhancement company with affiliated partners across the globe. As a world-class business intelligence provider, JFPS Group provides business executives with knowledge and skills through conferences, professional training, in-house training and consulting. Every year JFPS Group organizes more than 70 events and works with more than 10,000 senior executives from leading companies to improve their strategic decision-making process.

    Malaysian Prime Minister cites Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit as a global driver of renewable energy development

    Thursday, January 7th, 2010
  • H.E. Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak, Prime Minister, Malaysia is confirmed as a keynote speaker at the World Future Energy Summit

  • Abu Dhabi, December 28, 2009 H.E. Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia has highlighted the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi as one of the global drivers of renewable energy development around the globe in pursuit of environmental sustainability.

    The Malaysian Prime Minister has said that the World Future Energy Summit will play a significant role, alongside Copenhagen, in accelerating the uptake of renewable, the future of the energy sector. He will be one of the speakers the Plenary Welcome Session, that will open the World Future Energy Summit for the third year from 18-21 January 2010. Other speakers in the session will include HE President Karolos Papoulias, President, Greece; HE Mohamed Nasheed, President, Maldives; HRH The Crown Prince Felipe de Borby Grecia, Spain and HRH The Crown Prince Frederik Andr© Henrik Christian, Denmark.

    Mohd Najib, Prime Minister of Malaysia commented on the challenges surrounding the adoption of renewable energy sources, Each and every one of us has a role to play in driving the swift adoption of renewable energy. For a developing country like Malaysia, the cost of renewable energy generation is still high and is not economically viable because generating a return of investment takes a long time. It is therefore not easy to convince businesses to consider power generation from renewable resources as an attractive business opportunity.

    Hence why, to jumpstart the development of renewable energy, introducing the right policy support and providing an environment that is conducive is a vital issue that governments must address and Malaysia is working actively towards that. However, it must also be said that this responsibility must be complemented by other stakeholders such as the private sector, industry, banking communities including the general public, he continued.

    The Malaysian government has played an instrumental role in promoting the use of renewable energy having included fiscal incentives in the annual budgets since 2001. The strategy adopted for the growth of renewables in the country is focused towards market forces delivering the intended outcomes. Malaysia has successfully attracted more than US$3 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in the solar PV manufacturing industry and is poised to become a solar PV manufacturing hub.

    Mohd Najib, went on to comment on the World Future Energy Summit, “I feel that it is important for me to attend the World Future Energy Summit and partake personally in the development of renewable energy in the global scene. I do believe that the World Future Energy Summit will play a significant role alongside Copenhagen, as renewable energy is the future. The World Future Energy Summit will continue to be one of the global drivers that will accelerate the uptake of renewable energy development in our pursuit of environmental sustainability for the sake of the future generation.

    Hayet Zenati
    Senior Account Executive