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Graymatter STRATEGIES, LCC: Family Dynamics in Private Wealth Management

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Lisa Gray, a keynote speaker at the marcus evans Elite Summit 2011, discusses the role that family dynamics play in private wealth management.

Interview with: Lisa Gray, Founder & Managing Member, graymatter STRATEGIES, LLC.
Montreux, Switzerland, February 28, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The biggest risks to family wealth emanate from the family itself. Market risks pale in comparison to the role that family dynamics can play,” says Lisa Gray, Founder & Managing Member, graymatter STRATEGIES, LLC. A keynote speaker at the marcus evans Elite Summit 2011 in Montreux, Switzerland, 25 – 27 May, the author of “The New Family Office: Innovative Strategies for Consulting to the Affluent” and “Generational Wealth Management: A Guide for Fostering Global Family Wealth” talks about family dynamics, and generational and behavioural biases.

What is missing in private wealth management today?

Lisa Gray: Family dynamics have a direct impact on the conversations taking place between family members and their advisors. However, nobody seems to recognise this. For advisors to be truly effective today, they must broaden the scope of their thinking in defining excellence in client service.

What are the key concepts discussed in your books? What can the industry gain from your experience?

Lisa Gray: My first book chronicled the history of the family office industry and introduced the issues of family dynamics and the misunderstandings that different generational perspectives create among family members. In my second book, I explore these issues much more deeply and show how they fit into the wealth management continuum.

Generational perspectives influence all of our decisions. Family members’ perceptions are skewed by their individual generational biases. Families often overlook talents and abilities of family members who feel they do not have a voice in family decisions. As a result, intellectual, human, and social assets which could contribute significantly to the family wealth may never be discovered and thus, never materialised.

The real benefit of a consultant is in guiding the family toward solutions which truly fit their needs. Family offices often become overly focused on the investment component and may not realise that the reason they exist is to support families in developing communication and trust between members. That is where the real power of their work lies; their processes should support families’ goals and needs.

Even when they have been appropriately identified, family goals often get lost in the translation to the investment piece. Behavioural biases also skew the translation of the family’s goals. Behavioural finance can be a wonderful tool in aligning asset allocation more directly with the family’s needs.

What investment strategies would you recommend?

Lisa Gray: I would caution people to broaden their consideration of risks. There are three levels of risk: market risks, what all investors go through; the risk of increased regulation, which will change how they do things and increase their costs; and the biggest risk to family wealth, the family itself.

Families and advisors should recognise the deeper sources of risk to the wealth. Family issues often seem to come out of the blue, but in fact the signs were there all along.

Does the issue of family dynamics actually limit investment advisors?

Lisa Gray: I would say the opposite. It makes their work much easier. Awareness of what influences family decisions frees advisors to partner with the family in the decision-making process.

Any final thoughts?

Lisa Gray: Advisors often seem reticent to approach the psychological issues of wealth management but today, they truly have no choice. Not only are markets psychologically based but investors’ responses to markets are also psychological. Behavioural finance, which is becoming increasingly woven into the world of wealth management, is based on the psychological biases of investors. So it is not a stretch to say that an awareness of generational perspectives and family dynamics should be included as a component of the advisory client service spectrum.

Contact: Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits Division

About the Elite Summit 2011

This unique forum will take place at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, Switzerland, 25 – 27 May 2011. Offering much more than any conference, seminar or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed wealth management industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The summit addresses the most current wealth management trends, and provides attendees with fresh perspectives on adapting effectively to global changes and opportunities to sustain, grow and preserve family wealth.

For more information please send an email to or visit the event website at

marcus evans group – investment sector portal

Please note that the summit is a closed business event and the number of participants strictly limited.

About marcus evans Summits

marcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discuss strategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to individually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-to-one business meetings. For more information, please visit

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CEOs, Government together drive Malaysian talent, technology and creativity needed for Vision 2020

Monday, February 14th, 2011

CEOs, Government together drive Malaysian talent,  technology and creativity needed for Vision 2020

SINGAPORE (10 February 2011) – What will drive business success in 2011? is the most popular question that CEOs, HR Directors and CITOs in HR from Asian Wall Street Journal’s most admired company list—as the global economy slowly rebounds and emerging markets are seen to carry much of the recovery—will address at the HR Talk Show, held 9 March 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2011 marks a critical period of Transformation for Malaysia—a quantum leap from the current US$7,000 per capita annual income to US$15,000, and a spate of debates has sprung recently on how best to approach the very ambitious transformation of Malaysia into a developed nation that would require Malaysia to grow by 8% per year during this decade. Reports mention that this level of growth will require major private investment from both domestic and foreign sources, resulting from confidence in upgraded human skills and significant economic reform.

Several enthusiastic government initiatives already was set to propel this growth, such as the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP), the National Key Results Areas (NKRAs), the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs), the New Economic Model (NEM), the Government Transformation Programmes (GTP), and the Economic Transformation Programmes (ETP). The establishment of PEMANDU and the newly minted Talent Corp—driving these serious initiatives—is expected to drive serious growth trajectories in Malaysia.

Whilst PEMANDU has been resolutely driving growth with 19 more projects and worth RM67 billion in investments, RM36 billion in Gross National Income (GNI), whilst contributing to almost 35,000 new jobs, the challenge is on for Talent Corp, tasked to encourage overseas Malaysians to return home, after almost 500,000 Malaysians reportedly left the country between 2007 and 2009, more than doubling the number of Malaysian professionals who live overseas—exacerbating the country’s brain drain problem. It will have to bridge this massive talent gap.

Talent Corp’s Chief Executive, Johan Merican will be joining the most globally admired companies in Malaysia at the HR Talk Show to address current HR professional challenges three years ago, what those issues are today and what they will be three years from now to provide strategic clarity for Malaysian business leaders.

“Today, 80% of the workforce has education only up to SPM qualifications, Malaysia’s equivalent to the O-levels,” said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Over the next five years, the aim is to raise the number of highly skilled workers to 5 million— now standing at 3.1 million among the 12 million workers in the country.

But it is, however, easier said than done. The New Economic Model adhering to “market friendly, merit-based, transparent and needs-based” principles of promotion through its inclusive affirmative action policy has yet to generate buy-in from various stakeholders.

The private sector is being cautious in going about this major change, especially given that the new global economy’s “bigger, better, faster, cheaper” demands which put a downward pressure on companies’ profit and liquidity prospects. In IBM’s 2010 Global CEO Study, CEOs turn back to innovation driven by creative leaders who thrive in uncertainties and experimentation to stay relevant in a highly volatile market. Prime Minister Najib Razak declared last year as the Year of Innovation and Creativity for Malaysia, saying, “Innovation creates jobs and boosts national competitiveness. This is why we, too, must make a creative impact in a competitive global economy. We must not allow ourselves to be left behind.”

Technology is another challenge given the new trends that require further collaboration, clarity and transparency, visibility and ubiquity amidst drive to cut costs without cutting effectiveness. HR will constantly be asked of hard numbers before taking up expensive server-based technologies from which they turn towards enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products as cost effective alternatives to ERP software systems for human resource management. In fact in a global survey, about 40% of HR executives plan to implement SaaS for core needs between now and end of 2011, to simplify software management and reduce costs. However, there are challenges along the way, which include security/ privacy concerns, offline support availability and expensive initial implementation costs.

Contact: Rex Ian Sayson
Arc Media Global
(+65) 6844 2080
Arc Media Global Pte Ltd
Robinson Road P.O. Box 176, Singapore 900326 ? T +65 6844 2080 ? F +65 6844 2060

If the new economy is to regain its soul, we need to ask ourselves some tough questions,” award-winning author Jim Collin wrote. During this critical period of Transformation in Malaysia, do we ask ourselves tough questions to be the first trillion-dollar company?

Our role as leader in our organizations is to clarify your people and business management direction for 2011-2012 and determine how we can future proof our business and people strategy, against the global drivers that will affect our organization in the coming decade.

The HR Talk Show series is a high-impact interactive platform that bridges the gap between the government and business initiatives to drive best practices and actionable insights into talent, technology and strategy. In a unique talk show format, Anne

Edwards of Bernama TV will facilitate thought-provoking questions to most admired companies to ensure that you:

• Drive improved talent productivity and leadership succession
• Cast off accident-prone legacy strategies for talent management
• Get a methodology to evaluate and implement HR technology and services
• Resume your role with a greater clarity of thought and vision

The Center for Business Strategy and Tactics (Center for Business) is an industry research centre (IRC) that works to bring top executives together in communities of learning and practice to act as a catalyst for generating high-value energy business insight and channel top expertise to where the world needs it most. Center for Business meetings are powered by Arc Media Global, a B2B/G2B integrated international marketing specialist headquartered in Singapore.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with the speakers at the HR Talk Show, please call Rex Ian Sayson at (+65) 6844 2080 or e-mail Rex at


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New Public Enterprises Minister to open Reliability week later this month

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Reliability Logo

The importance of planning for crucial maintenance

The newly-appointed Public Enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba will deliver the keynote address on 23 November at the Reliability & Maintenance Week conference and exhibition taking place in Johannesburg. A former ANC Youth League President, minister Gigaba replaced Barbara Hogan during the recent cabinet re-shuffle and before that was deputy minister of Home Affairs.

The importance of planning for crucial maintenance

Tracey-Lee Zurcher, Reliability & Maintenance Week project director, says the industry is looking forward to hearing minister Gigaba’s vision and message. She says: “Addressing Reliability & Maintenance Week will provide the ideal platform for the honorable minister to interact with leading service providers such as Eskom and industrial giants such as Bearing Man Group, Steinmüller, Eaton, Haefely and Pragma as well as the operational contingents from power utilities, municipalities, mines and the petrochemical sector and to hear how they want to tackle South Africa’s challenges in preserving, upgrading and ensuring continuous reliability of physical assets and human resources. Major service providers such as Eskom see the importance of planning for crucial maintenance to ensure reliability and the skills to perform these services.”

Lack of skills a foremost concern

According to Tracey-Lee Zurcher: “Huge business opportunities are in the offing as power utilities, municipalities, mines and the petrochemical sector will be looking to outsource much-needed maintenance contracts to ensure sustained reliability. However, there is also an urgent need for maintenance skills to be transferred, developed and retained in South Africa as the lack of skills is the foremost concern in the engineering sector in South Africa.”

A special seminar, dedicated to addressing the skills shortage in engineering in South Africa, will take place on 22 November.

More industry-leading speakers and experts at Reliability & Maintenance Week include

  • How will the current lack of maintenance affect the African economy in the next 5-10 years? The economist’s perspective.

Chris Hart, Chief Economist, Investment Solutions

  • International keynote for Bearing Man Group: Increase your profit: World class maintenance for world class manufacturing

Thomas Ã…lund, Senior Consultant, Idhammar AB, Sweden

  • Maximising your asset management systems to enhance your business processes

Logan Reddy, Asset Management, Eskom Generation

  • The simple way to understanding the PAS55 standard and incorporating it into your strategy planning

Alan Tait, President, Southern African Asset Management Association

  • The benefits of applying a defined maintenance management system

Sam Mabotja, Divisional Manager – Eskom Maintenance, Steinmuller Engineering Services

  • Managing and understanding risk within an asset management environment

Dean Griffin, Head of Consulting, Pragma

Event website:
Dates and location: 23-24 November 2010, 22 November is a pre-conference skills workshop. Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa

For interviews please contact:
Communications Manager: Annemarie Roodbol
Phone: +27 21 700 3500 EXT: 3558
Mobile: +27 82 562 7844 (International)
Fax: +27 21 700 3501 (International)

BMAM EXPO ASIA 2010 successfully concluded its 3rd annual edition in Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

(Bangkok, Thailand, October 7, 2010) BMAM EXPO ASIA 2010 “The 3rd international exhibition and conference on building maintenance and asset management” took place successfully at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre in Bangkok from 15th to 17th September 2010.

Held annually in Bangkok, Thailand since 2008, BMAM Expo Asia has grown to be a key regional industry exhibition and knowledge exchange platform serving the interdisciplinary facility and property management fields devoted to the maintenance and care of commercial and institutional buildings such as overseeing the safe, secure and environmentally sound operations and maintenance of these assets in a cost effective manner while at the same time, ensuring the long term preservation of the asset values.

Over 174 exhibiting and co-exhibiting companies from 23 countries participated in this year’s event, taking up 5,000 sq. meters of exhibition floor space. This is about 36% increase as compared to last year’s event. The exhibition attracted over 3,688 trade visitors of which 632 were foreign visitors coming from 26 countries. 67% of these visitors had direct purchasing authority.

Running alongside the BMAM Expo Asia exhibition was the well attended BMAM conference which was sponsored by Jones Lang LaSalle. This year’s conference touched on wide ranging topics and subject matters such as the role of asset management in adding values to facilities, energy efficiency building retrofits, the future of facility management industry in Asia, the future of outsourcing in facility management, risk management and protections just to name a few.

This year’s event saw an increase in the numbers of industry seminars, workshops and courses conducted by government agencies and trade associations such as the Thailand’s Department of public works and town and country planning, ASHRAE Thailand Chapter, the Association of Siamese Architect, Property Management Association of Thailand, The Environmental Engineer Association of Thailand, the Building Safety Inspectors and Officers Association and the Lift Association of Thailand.

One such course was the sellout National Fire Protection Agency 101 Life Safety Certification course reinforcing the growing interest and emphasis amongst Thai facility and property professionals on adopting the latest known-how in enforcing effective fire and safety protections for buildings in Thailand.

Green building concept was also a top draw at the exhibition.”It is timely that the organizer has added green building and retrofit into this year’s event profile which allows us to successfully showcased our Thailand Green Building Institute during the exhibition and also conduct our green design and management and green facility management seminars for our members.” said Mr. Thaweejit Chandrasakha, the President of the Association of Siamese Architects.

With positive feedback received from exhibitors, the organizers concluded that BMAM Expo Asia 2010 has met the expectations of most exhibitors. The majority of the exhibitors also expressed their satisfaction with the quality of trade visitors and buyers attending the exhibition.

“For the third year in a row now, Sodexo has participated in BMAM Expo and we are pleased that this year’s event is yet another successful event for us. We were able to focus on our targeted clients and further advertise Sodexo as the leading provider of integrated facilities management services in Thailand. We have had interesting discussions with and enquiries from international banks, universities, hospitals, real estate property developers, oil and gas companies and even a real estate developer from overseas.” said Mr Col Lin Yeo, Business Development Director of Sodexo.

Mr. Sebastian Power, the Director, Account Management at Property Care Service (Thailand) Ltd. added that BMAM Expo Asia 2010 had provided his company with a cost effective marketing platform to introduce their total facility management concept together with its energy management and building maintenance partners, M&C Energy Group and Comin Thai Co., Ltd. and demonstrate to the market that the company is now capable of providing both professional hard and soft service solutions for all types of property.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to participate again in 2011.” said Mr. Rawee Ngamchokchaicharoen from TRANE who together with its partners, Hussmann, Thermo King, Ingersoll Rand and Cisa displayed their new HVAC solutions under the climate solution concept.

Jones Lang LaSalle took the opportunity to sponsor the BMAM conference and invited many of its overseas experts to attend. “BMAM Expo Asia 2010 offered excellent opportunities for professionals in the real estate field and related industries to learn and share experiences and expertise as well as new innovations. We are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this event” said Ms Suphin Mechuchep, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle.

IBB Launched New Date of Pan European Advanced Workshops Enterprise Risk Management : Going Beyond Implementation of Framework

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

15th October 2010, Brussels, Belgium- IBB International, international provider of business information, launched the agenda for their Pan European Advanced Workshops Enterprise Risk Management on 2nd &3rd of December (3 seats left) & 24th & 25th of March 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.

Ines van Bavel, Head of IBB International Europe, presented the topics of this workshops today. Regarding Van Bavel, Enterprise Risk Management in Europe are challenging many topics but the top 5 are:

  1. New Legislations and Rules in Practice
  2. Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery Planning within ERM Framework
  3. Implementing Reputational Risk Framework & Brand Reputation Management
  4. ERM & Change Management: A Pragmatic Top Down Approach Parallel to the Bottom Up; Both Working like a Tandem
  5. Implementing ERM Into (Scenario) Planning: Enterprise Strategy Planning as The essential basis for budgeting and other decision making processes Improving Integrated “enterprise-wide” ERM Strategies to Increase your Organization’s Values and Resilience

The 1.5 day will cover a complete in-depth & interactive update with the emphasis of the Implementation of the latest rules, legislations & tools.

We asked Ines van Bavel what the workshop will bring to the participants. Van Bavel replied: “By working on real-life case studies on the earlier mentioned topics, the participants will experience for themselves the impact and consequences of the actions. The trainers will present their knowledge and are open for discussions and questions. The advantage of this format, where they will be working in small groups, is that at the end of the day the participants not only learned more in-depth about the implementation, but that they as well have had the perfect chance to network and discuss with their peers and trainers”.

Dates: 2nd&3rd December 2010 (only 3 seats left) and
24th-25th of March 2011, Brussels, Belgium

Contact information: IBB International
International Institute for Benchmarking & Best Practices
phone + 31 20 222 3301

Bunker Fuel Management Strategies of the Future

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Two day conference examining the most successful bunker fuel strategies
On 1st & 2nd of February 2011 Fuel Purchasers, Bunker Traders & Managers, Managing Directors, General Managers, Fleet Managers, Vice Presidents and HSE Managers will convene in Dubai, UAE, to examine the most successful bunker fuel management strategies.

This 4th installation of a series of highly successful Bunker Fuel Management executive gatherings which over the years managed to provide a highly commercial platform for ship owners, fuel suppliers and other key stakeholders to share ideas and actively discuss the most prominent issues of the industry.
Day one will start with an address by Secretary General of the International Bunker Industry Association moving on to an in-depth review of the bunker fuel transactions from both buyer and seller perspective while also analysing the risks for the parties involved. Second half of the conference day is dedicated a to a highly anticipated keynote presentation by the Head of the Chemical and Air Pollution Prevention Section from IMO on recent developments in the IMO regulations affecting the bunker industry followed by the shipowners’ perspective.

Day two will explore the most cost-effective ways of addressing environmental challenges followed by a presentation addressing quality issues on marine fuels and the best ways of managing disputes. The days’ presentations will conclude with the outlook of the opportunities for use of the alternative fuels in the maritime industry.

Both days include roundtable discussions, which will enable all attendees to engage in a productive dialog covering the issues which are of the outmost interest to the shipping community.

The event will be chaired by Ian Adams, Secretary General of International Bunker Industry Association. Confirmed speakers also include EivingVagslid, Head of the Chemical and Air Pollution Prevention Section representing IMO and Henrik Romland, Manager Commercial Operations from Stena Bulk and many more.

These are some of the testimonials from the past Bunker Fuel Management events organised by ACI.

  • Very good group thought-provoking – Principal Surveyor, DNV;
  • Very interesting – Principal Sales Executive, The Oxford Princeton Programme;
  • Thank you for a well organised conference with relevant topics and good speakers – SVP Marine Operations, Star Reefers UK Ltd

For further information including registration at the early bird rate and discounts for Supporting Partners’ members and subscribers please contact:
Dimitri Pavlyk on +44 207 981 2503 or

Leading Family Office Professionals to Attend the Elite Summit 2010, hosted by marcus evans Summits

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

marcus evans is pleased to announce the Elite Summit taking place 26-28 June 2010 at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, Switzerland.

Preserving wealth even in the most turbulent of financial markets continues to top the priority list of family offices and their investment arms. Mastering the principal drivers of returns, fund selection and asset allocation, holds the key to ultimate portfolio performance. The exclusive Elite Summit brings together investment strategists from prominent family offices, trusts, foundations and endowments with leading asset managers and wealth management professionals to explore lucrative investment potential.

The Elite Summit 2010 offers attendees the perfect opportunity to network with the key decision makers from the most prominent family offices, trusts, foundations and endowments in Europe. A series of insightful keynote presentations and case studies will be delivered by the gate keepers of family wealth. The luxurious settings and conference facilities of the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in conjunction with an abundance of networking opportunities throughout this exclusive event will provide a unique forum to exchange knowledge and ideas and develop meaningful business relations.

At the Elite Summit, attendees will follow a personalised agenda designed to maximize their limited time and to effectively meet their business needs and interests. The speakers include: Jeffrey R Lewis, President,Heinz Family Philanthropies; William Drake, Director & Co-Founder, Lord North Street;Daniel de Fernando, Founding & Managing Partner, MdF Achievers and Juan Jesus Gomez Cubillo, Family Office Director, Tressis.

For More Information Please Contact:

Kirsten Helders
+357 22 849 378

The Launched of BCM Professional’s Guide: Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2008/9

Friday, August 7th, 2009


Contact Person: Alice Tan
Company Name: Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd
Telephone Number: +65 6325 2080
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The Launched of BCM Professional’s Guide: Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2008/9

Singapore, 5th Aug 2009 The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2008/09; A Code of Practice for Business Continuity Management is now available in Chinese!

Since the launch of the BCI GPG in English seven years back, there has been demands from the Chinese community in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to have it translated into bilingual version. Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd (BCP Asia) has taken the lead to translate the entire guide and published the first version of bilingual copy.

This guide address the entire Business Continuity Management Life Cycle, from Programme Management, Understanding the Organizations to Embedding BCM in the organization’s culture. It provides the basis for the current BCM standards : British Standard BS25999-1:2006 and Singapore SS540:2008. Both BCM standards adopted the general framework and practices in the guide during their early stage of development.

Lyndon Bird, FBCI, International Technical Director of The Business Continuity Institute said The Good Practice Guidelines has always set itself the challenge of providing a world-view of the rapidly emerging business continuity discipline in one single publication. Business Continuity certainly is growing rapidly on a global basis and fast becoming a mainstream business discipline. It has its own standards, its own institutions, and its own influence on governments. It has a global reach and a message that is understood from Europe to America, from Asia to Africa. It’s principles work for multi-national corporations and small businesses, for public as well as private sector organizations and in all geographical and political climates. The BCI is always at the front of this development, in ideas and practical tools.

Henry Ee, FBCI, Regional Director of Business Continuity Institute Asia; Director of Business Continuity Planning Asia Pte Ltd (BCP Asia) adds “This version of BCI GPG offers you a handy and comprehensive publication on the generic framework, an effective study guide for the BCI Certification Examination, and its exclusive bilingual feature!

This handy guide is the must-read guide for candidates who wish to take the BCI certification exam and obtain the professional certification in Business Continuity. It is also intended for use by BCM practitioners, risk managers, auditors and regulators with a working knowledge of BCM principles. The principles in these guidelines are applicable to all organizations of any size, sector and location from those with a single site to those with a global presence.

More than 500 copies have been sold across Asia since the launch of the book in mid-May 2009. BCP Asia is looking for distributors to market the books to major bookstores in Asia, making the guide more readily available in the market and benefit all. Interested distributors or to place order you can contact BCP Asia directly at (65)63252080 or email :

About the Publisher

Business Continuity Planning Asia (BCP Asia) is founded in Y2000, with the aim to promote and increase awareness of Business Continuity to professionals in the Asian region. The company is specialised in consultancy, training and coaching services pertaining to Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management. With a team of experienced trainers and consultants, BCP Asia develops trainings and events that are relevant and practical which benefited thousands of professionals in Asia; many who returned for more training.

For more information about us, please visit or contact us at +65 6325 2080, fax number: +65 6223 5363.

HR 360 Malaysia, 3-5 August 2009, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


[Malaysia] June 16, 2009 – The deepening recession in 2009 has put Human Resource in a challenging position to revisit and refocusi its priority to bring business to a more sustainable level. Organizations are constantly reviewing their companies’ financial health and tightening their belt to tide through this storm.

Cost- cutting measures have constantly led organization to look into downsizing and restructuring.

Thus, HR plays a crucial role in strategizing for the company to tide through this recession. 

HR 360 Malaysia will once again deliver an impactful programme by providing practical, hands-on case-studies which you can adopt and implement especially at this crucial time. This timely conference will focus and stress on leadership development and employee engagement – critical elements in the HR sphere – which cannot being overlooked, especially during the downturn.

In this conference, you will find practical steps that you can adopt and most importantly, implement, to help your organization HR to emerge even stronger from this crisis and remain sustainable.

HR 360 Malaysia is one of the largest international conferences to address the concerns voiced by the industry.

Meet HR leaders in one room, one location including:

Bursa Malaysia, Procter & Gamble, Allianz Malaysia, Scomi Group, Flextronics International, Certis Cisco Security, DIGI Telecommunication, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), Kulim (Malaysia), Taylor Nelson Sofres Malaysia, NEC Semiconductors (Malaysia), Petronas, ABM Consult, SilTerra Malaysia, Packet One Networks (Malaysia), Kontron Design Manufacturing Service Malaysia, CSE Automotive Technologies, Elken,

About HR Connection, All Events Group (AEG):

HR Connection is the subsidiary of All Events Group (AEG) for HR specific endeavors.
AEG is a leading business-to-business media company based in Singapore, empowering businesses to build competitive edge by facilitating skills development, networks with experts, and industry intelligence. By providing innovative solutions for Asia Pacific and the Middle East, AEG enables organizations to achieve marketing and business development objectives.

AEG caters to a diverse range of industries including energy, mining, finance and human resources. Its solutions range from conferences, congresses, tradeshows, road shows, trainings, publications, and platforms for networks and communities.
For more information, please contact:

Corporate Restructuring & Turnaround, July 23 – 24, Singapore

Thursday, May 28th, 2009




With the impact of the global financial crisis hitting companies and businesses, there is a compelling need for them  to seek ways to streamline their operations and address corporate balance sheet concerns. Increasingly, corporate restructuring activities are not only carried out by distressed companies but also by healthy ones with under-performing business units. With the right restructuring techniques, companies would be able to minimise risk of insolvency and stay profitable in this volatile business environment.


Are you aware of potential causes for distress in your business?

How can you implement corporate restructuring within your business before it is too late?

Are you informed of the latest legal and financial developments that have an impact on restructuring activities?

Improve Business Performance & Maintain Financial Stability with Insightful Presentations & Case Studies By:

In-depth Analysis & Comprehensive Framework to Address Compelling Issues in Corporate Restructuring:

Restructuring in Financial Downturn : Learn from the Asian Financial Crisis & adopt sophisticated bankruptcy techniques from US to Asia
Turnaround Management

: Outlast competition with pro-active turnaround measures to drive sustainable growth & build resilience for your business

Restructuring Proposal : Identify early warning signs of distress & negotiate for creditor buy-in in a crisis
Restructuring & Recovery : Study the formal rehabilitation procedures & key success factors of a recovery plan
Financial Restructuring

: Hear how Cerebos identified challenges clearly upfront & managed them during the restructuring process

Laws & Legislations

: Address the appropriateness of present legislative framework in this current economic climate

Operational Restructuring : Conduct risk factors analysis & re-examine key cost drivers to enhance business functions
Merger & Acquisitions : Establish clear M&A objectives & assess potential development in the region

Detailed Programme, Please visit
Workshop Fee : S$1,395 (Register and pay before 26 June 2009 – Save $300)

To Register, please visit   

dditional 10% discount for groups of 3 or more !

For conference enquiries , please contact: Ms. Lorraine Tiang

Tel: (65) 6372 2201 or Fax: (65) 6227 1601


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Secure and grow your organisation’s market leadership positioning by becoming one of our prestigious corporate sponsors. Our workshop presents your organisation the unique opportunity to showcase your company’s capabilities, innovations, technology solutions platforms, products and services. Capture the interests and influence the decisions of key industry players through various sponsorship options:

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  3. Employee Fraud Prevention & Management Conference , 9 – 10 Jul 2009, Singapore
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing Conference , 9 – 10 Jul 2009, Singapore
  5. Investor Relations : Strategy & Communications Workshop , 13 – 14 Jul 2009, Singapore & 16 – 17 Jul 2009, Hong Kong
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