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BITEC raising lifestyle events to 45% of total portfolio

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

BITEC, a favourite industrial and B2B events venue, formally announces today it plans to increase the percentage share of lifestyle events to 45% of its total events portfolio by 2013, compared to 32% in 2010. The move will avail the upscale and middle class neighborhood near and around BITEC, which remained has untapped to date.

“A total of 40 exhibitions were held at BITEC in 2010.Twenty-seven or 68% were industrial events, while 13 or 32%were lifestyle events. We are targeting to improve the percentage share of lifestyle events to 45% by the year 2013,” said Ms. PanitthaBuri, Director of Marketing & Sales, Director of Marketing and Sales, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

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“Overall, the number of events held in BITEC had been growing on average of 12% a year and in 2011 we will have over 45 exhibitions at our center,” she said.

“Our expansion of lifestyle events does not mean we are repositioning BITEC nor implying we are reducing our focus on industrial and B2B exhibitions,” said MsPanittha.

“Exhibition and eventsheld at BITEC, whether industrial, B2B or lifestyle can bank on the venue’s renowned operations team and proximity to the International airport,” she added.

“Our center will become even more accessible to participants with the completion of the BTS sky train which according to the BMA is due to start running to BITEC on 12 August, 2011. We are building a covered walkway connecting directly from the Sukhumvit Road to BITEC,” she said.

Ms. Panittha said lifestyle shows were complementary to industrial and B2B shows in the sense lifestyle exhibition or events would approach business visitors of B2B events as consumers with high purchasing power.

BITEC’s lifestyle events included Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF), Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International HousewareFair (BIG & BIH), Jim Thompson Sale, Homeworks Expo, Photo Fair and several furniture fairs.

Ms. Panitha said BITEC’s neighborhood was home to millions of consumers which had remained untapped to the fullest.

She said middle to high income communities, housing estates, residential condominiums, upper class international schools and office-shopping-residential clusters freckled the whole BITEC neighborhood.

Ms. Panittha cited Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) and Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International HousewareFair (BIG & BIH) as the two most recent additions to BITEC’s lifestyle events portfolio.

TIFF was held at BITEC on 16-20 March and Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG & BIH) will be held at BITEC on 19-24 April and 18-23 October 2011.