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Intensive Barpassers Course

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Double your chances of passing or topping the bar. Add another layer of insurance by attending a specially-designed bar review course of 8 sessions (8-Sunday program) featuring the number 1 bar topnotchers, the valedictorians of the best law schools, top-caliber bar review lecturers, and seasoned bar examiners.

The Center for Global Best Practices (telephone 842-7148 or 59; website, in collaboration with the Lyceum of the Philippines Law School, is holding a pioneering program entitled, INTENSIVE BARPASSERS COURSE. This highly-integrated program is a fresh approach to an effective bar preparation that is unique in format and substance. The 8- session (8-Sunday program) has been developed to provide the bar examinees with all the essential laws and skills they need to know in a compressed but very focused approach.

The twin objectives of the program are for bar examinees to pass, if not top the bar, and to save them time in bar preparation. There are no long-winded lectures. Among others, what the bar topnotchers will teach you are effective test-taking techniques and how to answer the questions THE RIGHT WAY.

This is the first time that such a type of program is available in the country. So many bar review centers offer the same thing. Which one should you choose to maximize your preparation for the bar exam? Do not gamble with your future. When you want to be the best, be taught by the best. After all, it’s good to study hard, but it’s best practice to study smart.

This special event will be held every Sunday starting May 6 to June 24, 2007 at the Lyceum of the Philippines, Manila. Venue parking is free. Register early and avail of Early Bird discounts. Slots are limited with pre-registration required.