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Are You Well-Equipped To Fight Against Employee Fraud?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Singapore, April 17, 2009 In the wake of today’s financial meltdown, organisations are looking more closely at their operations, and it is very likely that more employee fraud cases will be exposed.

 As seen from the Satyam and Madoff scandals which shook the entire business world, the repercussions resulting from employee fraud extends beyond just financial damage. Organisations will suffer from substantial internal impact and unquantifiable damage to reputation.

 To equip organisations with the requisite knowledge and tools in the fight against fraud, Pacific Conferences is organising a 2-day Conference on Employee Fraud Prevention and Management from 9-10 July 2009 in Singapore. Speakers from Canon, Siemens, Deloitte Forensic, Ernst & Young, Allen & Gledhill, International Risk, ATMD Bird & Bird, World-Check, Control Risks Screening, and Watson, Farley & Williams, will be going through critical issues such as risk mitigation, fraud investigation, anti-money laundering, fraud response plans etc.

 We have witnessed many fraud-related scandals in Asia and around the globe recently. This calls for more effective responses, both proactive and reactive, to counter employee fraud,” said conference speaker Anthony Hsu, Vice President of International Risk.

 Anthony will be touching on the recent developments of employee fraud in Asia, areas that are most susceptible to employee fraud, and essential business controls that will aid in the fight against fraud.  

 Urging organisations to attend this conference, Kenny Mok, VP of Compliance Office from Siemens, said, This conference will provide some solid material relating to fraud prevention as well as practical enhancements to internal compliance and governance processes in order to prevent or mitigate fraud risks. It will also be an excellent forum for benchmarking practices and networking.

 Kenny will be sharing the compliance programmes undertaken by Siemens, and how it rolled out an anti-corruption-implementation kit which integrates anti-fraud controls into key business processes.

 A conference not to be missed, this rare gathering will congregate a panel of renowned lawyers, consultants and practitioners. Sign up now and find out how to develop a long term anti-fraud strategy and be updated with the latest fraud prevention tools!

 Title: Employee Fraud Prevention & Managementâ€? Conference

Dates: 9 – 10 July 2009

Venue: Sheraton Towers, Singapore

 For more information, please visit, or contact Ms. Lorraine Tiang at +65 6372 2201 or email

 About Pacific Conferences

Pacific Conferences specialises in organising business conferences aimed at providing interactive, insightful information and analysis about issues facing businesses in Asia-Pacific. Our conferences are developed through thorough research and a deep understanding of the critical concerns facing industry professionals. They are addressed by experts and leaders who have deep knowledge and practical experiences in their respective areas.

 For further information, please contact:

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Position: Conference Marketing Executive

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ORASI Congress: Building Better Families

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

ORASI is proud to announce the 1st ORASI CONGRESS, 16, and 17th May 2008, with the main theme Building Better Families. This theme is a very nowadays concern several international and well-known speakers, from several universities. The subthemes that will be discussed are the following:

1- Vulnerability of affects;
2- Impact of adverse childhood experiences in adulthood;
3- Attachment and development;
4- Drugs and family;
5- Maltreatment prevention and intervention;
6- Education, School and Family;
7- Parents, education and development;
8- Difficult children.

Distinguished as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the location of the event city of Oporto – is known by its typical hospitality, natural of its inhabitants, and by the extraordinary landscapes, namely the Douro’s River trajectory, where the elder wine production in the world is made.

The congress will be attended by exhibitors of health and education areas. Thus, the organization offers the enterprises the chance of becoming sponsors of the 1st ORASI’s Congress, giving them the chance of exposing and promoting their
services and/or products (e.g. editors, labs, universities, etc.), either as exhibitors, either in publicity in the Program and Abstracts Guide to be offered to participants.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us by e-mail ( Exhibitors space is limited.

Some of our invited speakers are: Robert Neimeyer, PhD, Thomas Sayger, PhD, Arthur Horne, PhD, Timothy Melchert, PhD, Ayse Cifitci, PhD., Joao Salgado, PhD, Rui Nunes, PhD, Ines Jongnelem, PhD, among others that you can check online.