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Zona Verde Expo 2009

Friday, February 20th, 2009

ZONA VERDE Expo is the new alternative in the market that is breaking scheme. This Event is dedicated to promote the exposition and exchange of eco-friendly products and services, as well as organic life style, revolutionizing the market in Puerto Rico.

For nearly every category of products & services  there are green alternatives that are not yet known in our culture. Our goal is to increase awareness for our environmental challenges becoming more environmentally  conscious on an interactive platform with over a 100 booth exhibitors, interactive seminars & speeches, product sampling, film presentations, eco-fashion shows, organic cuisine, decoration, gifts and much more. Reaching thousands of consumers & businesses will help forward the goal of a cleaner and healthier environment. 

ZONA VERDE Expo is  directed to the family and the general public intending on becoming more environmentally conscious consuming this products. Also, educating its attendees on the increasing number of eco-friendly choices available for daily living and business.

Therefore  we want to make a positive impact in our society  providing businesses the opportunity to showcase green sales & distribution for this products & services.  It is important to mention that in order to advertise  this event we will have an extensive media campaign that includes: radio, press and television locally, including a strong media tour for the last week.

ZONA VERDE Expo will take place In the new green building  Puerto Rico Convention Center on March 14-15, 2009. This event is for our Island, our neighbors and ultimately our planet.  We hope that you become a part of it!!!


Jillian Hopgood & Lorena Gil

ZONA VERDE Expo Producers

Show Dates:

ZONA VERDE Expo is a two day event.

  • Set up Date: Friday
  • Open to Public: Saturday and Sunday

How is Asia performing in the Evolving Bio-feedstock & Bioplastics World and what role will Asia play in this business?

Monday, March 17th, 2008

With high oil prices and increasing awareness of environmental footprint, the market for biopolymers is growing exponentially in Europe and USA. There are also growing awareness & interest in Asia, especially in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea & Thailand who are now leading the way. How is Asia performing in this respect and what role will Asia play in this business? These issues will be discussed at CMT’s 2nd Bioplastics Markets on 16-17 April 2008 in Shanghai, China.

According to PackagingKnowledge news in Nov 2007 – Bioplastics have a small but growing market. NatureWorks, which has expanded its production capacity 35 times since 1999, is on track to generate more than 150,000 tons of its polymers by the end of 2007, the bulk of which would be spread across some 45,000 retail shelves worldwide, from England to
South Korea. Brand owners like Sony is currently using polymers by NatureWorks for Walkman casings. In view of their new initiatives, CMT has invited Sony Corporation to share their experience and product development in bioplastics application in consumer electronics devices. Natureworks, on the other hand will speak on the development of PLA market worldwide.

Also, will China’s plan to ban the use of plastic bags from 1 June 2008, present more opportunities for the nascent bioplastics industry to flourish? This will be the focus of the presentation by Mr. Ma Xingfa, Section Chief for Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality who will look into the impact of this issue and opportunities for other materials including bioplastics.

Other key industry leaders invited to speak include The Office of Science and Technology Committee of the XXIX Olympaid and Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination who will present case studies on the progress developments and potential of biodegradable plastics applications in relation to the Beijing 2008 Olympics The Green Olympic concept and Shanghai World expo 2010.

The 2nd Bioplastics Markets, the most awaited conference is endorsed by Shanghai Society for Advanced Materials (SSAM) and supported by Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA), Japan BioPlastics Association (JBPA) and Korean Biodegradable Plastics Association (KBPA).

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