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Exhibitors Register for YASN’s 10th China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo Enthusiastically

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The 10th China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo held by YASN International Exhibition Company Limited has received so enthusiastic response from relevant companies that the supply of exhibition booths falls short of demand to certain extent. To meet the demand of the exhibitors, actively rearranging the layout of this expo, the organizing committee is trying to increase the number of the exhibition booths and enlarge the exhibition space.

“Mr. Xie, I have always been a loyal customer of YASN; this time you have to get me a 72m2-large booth, please.� “Mr. Xie, YASN should really establish some preferential rules for the loyal customers. When it comes to the exhibition booth, the loyal customers should have the priority to choose. Now we old customers don’t even have a booth in this expo.� “Mr. Xie, I really haven’t expected that this year’s fight for the exhibition booths would be so intense. The year after next, you have to let me choose my booth in a dvance.� Every day, Xie Yu, the general manager of YASN International Exhibition Company Limited, receives many calls like these—many managers of relevant companies have called to complain for the shortage of exhibition booths and ask for his help.

At the end of June, 2009, YASN’s project working team, which has gone to Zhengzhou for the promotion and register-canvassing of this expo, has achieved a great success—the enthusiasm of the exhibitors registering for this expo has soared to unprecedented heights. To ensure a booth in the 10th China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo, hundreds of relevant companies all around China have been signing exhibition contracts enthusiastically. Since the number of applicants for expo booths has greatly exceeds the booth supply, to meet the demand of the exhibitors, the organizing committee has been trying to make more space for e xhibition while beginning to rearrange the expo layout and enlarge the exhibition space. During the three days of exhibitor-canvassing in Zhengzhou, contracts of 316 booths have been closed, which has exceeded our expectation for the first stage. According to the staff of YASN, “actually, exhibitor-canvassing is easy for us; when the enterprises hear that we are from YASN International, they directly ask us for the layout of the expo and sign contracts with us for the exhibition booths they like; this happens naturally for a mature expo with a well-known brand.� Since CIAACE 2010 started exhibitor-canvassing in April, the working team has gone to Tianjin, Hebei, Zhejiang and other bases of auto accessories manufacturers for the promotion of this expo, and the relevant companies’ enthusiasm for exhibition booths has always been tremendous. At press time, 1400 exhibition booths have been booked. From this, we can see that, although the international auto industry is at a low tide, China’s auto accessory market stays strong; it also reflected the superior status of YASN Auto Accessories Expo in this market. With foresight, the 10th Auto Accessories Expo is leading China’s auto accessory market to the highway of specialization, industrialization and internationalization.

The most significant reason for the favors and trust received by the 10th China International Auto Accessories Commercial Expo is the “expo effects� which has always been emphasized by YASN. According to statistics, the last expo has set the record volume of business transaction of 6.2342 billion yuan, which has gained this expo the first place in this industry. Now, the gathering of exhibitors and audience at CIAACE has become a professional need. CIAAC2010 will be held at National Agricultural Exhibition Center during 12 and 14, March, 2010. On the occasion, the whole industry will be presented .