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Market Access Strategies for Personalised Medicines and Companion Diagnostics

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Exploring the commercial viability of therapies for genetically-defined markets

(Brussels, Belgium, 21st-22nd April, 2009) 

How important is it for you to develop a deeper understanding of how to build a profitable business model in personalised medicine?

NextLevel Pharma is organising the only meeting looking at how to realise the full commercial potential of personalised healthcare  and how to achieve pricing and reimbursement for such drugs and diagnostics. This is not another scientific event.

Find your reasons to Attend:

  • Gain a complete understanding and overview of the economic and business realities and potential of personalised healthcare today and in the future.
  • Find out if blockbuster strategy is alive or dead in the eyes of market, payers and health technology assessors.
  • Determine the real market value of personalised medicines and companion diagnostics in terms of how much payers are willing to invest in such innovation.
  • Understand the pricing and reimbursement strategies of pharma and diagnostics companies to gain market access to their innovative products in this field.
  • Understand how to design a commercially-viable business model for both drugs and companion diagnostics.

Speakers include:

Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, USA- Associate Director

University of California at Berkley, USA- Chief Correspondent for National Public Radio Talk’s “Biotech Nation” Director, The Center for Life Science Policy

Personalized Medicine Coalition, USA- Executive Director

Bayer- AG- Governmental Affairs Manager

Astrazeneca, USA – Global Director, Business Development, Personalized Medicine (invited)

DNA-Guide, Sweden- CEO

NHS Innovations London- Head of Health Outcomes Unit

Diaceutics, UK- CEO

Hogan & Hartson LLP, Belgium- Partner

Vision Healthcare Consultancy Ltd, UK- CEO

RTI Health Solutions- Vice President Global Pricing & Reimbursement Practice

..and many more!!! 

Together, they will deliver knowledge, expertise, insights, opinions, facts and data that can add strategic intelligence and real-value to your business.

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Achieving preferential market-access through innovative agreements with payers

(Brussels, 23rd-24th April, 2009)


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