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5th Global Chlor-vinyl Markets Conference, Meeting in Istanbul – Turkey, Will Spotlight Bright Spots in Global PVC Markets

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

With Asian led revival of global economy, the prospects for PVC look highly positive. Accounting for over 50% of PVC output, the housing sector has been the driving force behind the PVC market surge. Improving margins is yet to be complemented by steady demand due to regional volatilities. In this scenario, which region has the potential to drive PVC growth and what exactly are the roadblocks for the sector? What are the chances for market recovery in the west? What is driving the PVC market in emerging economies?

CMT’s 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets conference meets in Istanbul-Turkey on 10-11 June 2010 to provide high-level insights for resin producers/traders, plastic additives suppliers, compounders, end-users and technology providers alike to aid them in developing strategic decisions going forward.

The conference will commence with vital updates on the world economic situation and outlook for 2010/11. This will pave the way for key sessions on “Changing Vinyl Trade Patterns” by Nexant Chemsystems and “Challenges Facing the European PVC Industry, and PVC Production Cost Competitveness” shared by Arkema

The 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets will also focus on prospects of PVC markets and trends from leading PVC producers/traders including Formosa Plastics, Arkema, PETKIM Petrokimya, Egyptian Petrochemical, Vinmar International, Market Report Company and DCW Ltd. In addition, CTC Maroc will share the outlook in emerging markets in North & West Africa while Instituto do PVC will provide insights on the demand coming from Brazil’s infrastructure plan & opportunities for “green” PVC. Turkey’s Esen Plastik will address the challenges of PVC materials sourcing from a customer’s perspective. Other regional and domestic markets to be covered include Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Middle East, Asia, USA, and Brazil. The end-user session at the conference will also include the outlook for plastic pipes and profiles as well as medical applications.

With consumer demanding more environmentally friendly product, will PVC demand be substituted by other “green” products, and how big is the market for “green” PVC? Participants at the conference will receive updates on bio-based plasticizers from Danisco’s Sales Manager for plastic additives, as he discusses technology innovations, major applications and growth trends. ChemOrbis will introduce the e-commerce solutions dedicated for the plastics industry during the conference.

The 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets is attracting participation from leading executives from the chlor-vinyl industry, including traders, producers, shipping & storage companies, EPC companies, plasticizers, stabilizers, additives producers, pipes, profiles, film & sheets, windows, flooring converters/ manufacturers and more. Those keen to gain latest insights on global chlor-vinyl/PVC market outlook should attend the conference in Turkey at All sponsorship and media partnership enquiries can be sent to Ms. Tan Lee Lin at leelin(at)cmtsp(dot)com(dot)sg.

12th Small Fuel Cells – Portable & Micro Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications

Friday, February 12th, 2010

BOSTON, MA – The Knowledge Foundation has announced the complete Program for the 12th Small Fuel Cells conference which will be held in Cambridge, MA from April 12-13, 2010. In its 12th year, Small Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications is the primary source of information for end users, developers and manufacturers of portable fuel cell powered devices.

This year, Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, will deliver the opening presentation. SFC Smart Fuel Cell has shipped more than 15,000 commercial products in the past five years, and Dr. Podesser will provide insight into the growing number of commercial and defense applications for fuel cells, including new products and markets as well as other latest developments.

Topics to be addressed at the conference include:
Commercial success of small fuel cells: DMFC, PEM, SOFC, and direct borohydride
Advances in fuel development
Portable fuel cells for military & commercial applications
Micro fuel cells for mobile electronics
Hybrid portable power systems
System integration & balance of plant engineering
Materials challenges and use of materials-by-design approach
Role of nanotechnology & nanomaterials
End-user and OEM perspective on manufacturing & applications
Safety, durability & reliability

Distinguished Faculty
George C. Bandlamudi, PhD, University of Duisburg-Essen
Daniel A. Betts, PhD, EnerFuel
Hyuk Chang, PhD, Samsung Electronics
Horacio R. Corti, PhD, National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina
James C. Cross III, Nuvera Fuel Cells
Tsali Cross, PhD, Neah Power Systems, Inc.
Ravindra Datta, PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Emory S. De Castro, PhD, BASF Fuel Cell Inc.
Paolo Fracas, Genport Power Solutions
William Gleason, PhD, Montana Tech – The University of Montana
Robert Hahn, PhD, Fraunhofer IZM
Christopher Hebling, PhD, Fraunhofer ISE
Anders Lundblad, PhD, CTO, myFC AB
Audrey Martinent-Beaumont, PhD, CEA – French Atomic Energy Commission
Madeleine Odgaard, IRD Fuel Cells LLC
Peter Podesser, PhD, SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG
Jim Prueitt, MTI MicroFuel Cells, Inc.
Shriram Ramanathan, PhD, Harvard University
Mareike Schneider, PhD, Fraunhofer IKTS
Eugene S. Smotkin, PhD, NuVant Systems and Northeastern University
Andrew P. Wallace, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc.
Shijie Wu, PhD, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

About The Knowledge Foundation

The Knowledge Foundation integrates scientific ingenuity and real-world applications by fostering collaborative research at the rapidly changing intersection of science and business. Known for providing members of its Technology Commercialization Alliance with direct and unbiased state-of-the-art scientific information, the Knowledge Foundation is uniquely qualified to provide wider exposure for important developments in the emerging fields of alternative energy including fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, nanotechnology, and chemical/biological detection technologies.

The Knowledge Foundation
18 Webster Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 232-7400

Media Contact:
David Mello
Director of Marketing
(617) 232-7400 ext. 203

2nd Annual Proteins Congress 2009 to be held in Berlin, Germany

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Oxford Global Conferences is proud to present the 2nd Annual Proteins Congress 2009, which is to be held on the 29th & 30th October in Berlin. The congress is the single most focused event in Europe dedicated to key technological and scientific trends in Proteins in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as well as academic institutions. It will also be co-located with our GPCR Congress

With the ever-expanding protein therapeutic market, there is a need for the bio/pharma industry to reassess the technology, discovery and delivery trends.  Protein expression & characterisation systems are rapidly evolving, and there is more pressure to harvest larger, purer quantities of product to support research pipelines. More efficient methods are also needed to identify and analyse proteins involved in disease populations with the aim to discover novel diagnostic tools and treatments. The conference also looks at effective strategies in protein assays and microarrays and data mining in discovery.

Over two days, the 2 events will attract over 150 senior-level decision makers working in Proteins development from the UK, Europe and US.  This prestigious event provides a forum for practitioners and prominent innovators to learn more about key solutions being provided to their industry, network with their peers, and address key industry concerns through a series of cutting edge conference presentations in a professional yet relaxed environment, during a 2 day conference programme.

Day One

Protein Expression, Purification and Characterization: Examines different expression systems including Bacman technology in mammalian cells through the use of Baculovirus, as well as purification and characterization processes, new cell line development, and how to overcome immunogencity problems

Vaccines, Novel Technologies & IP and Outsourcing Issues: Explores various techniques and technologies involved with Proteins and Vaccines and also a strategic overview of various IP & outsourcing issues.

Day Two

Biotherapeutics: Protein engineering technologies for next generation biotherapeutics including focus on increasing half life, alternative scaffolds and biosimilars

Protein Structure & Production: Analysis of protein structure from a structural biology angle as well as focus on Protein Production solutions and techniques


Who you will meet

Delegates are pre-qualified dependent on budget, responsibility and seniority.  Delegates are senior-level decision makers, from major pharmaceutical, biotech companies and research institutions based in Europe and typically include VPs, Directors, Managers and Heads of:


Proteins   Protein Engineering  Structural Chemistry  Crystallography  Molecular Research

Proteomics Protein Science  Structural Biology    Bioformulations  Biopharmaceutical Development

Discovery Protein Production  Bioinformatics Biomarkers  Biologics Research

Biotherapeutics  Medical Science Biochemistry  Expression Systems  Technology Development



Meet face-to-face with leading solution providers and senior-level industry peers through a series of formal and informal networking opportunities.  Using our online appointment system, you are able to view the full profiles of all solution provides before the event.  In addition you have the chance to pre-arrange one-to-one meetings with them, giving you the opportunity to discuss technologies, services and solutions that address your key business needs.  Categories of solution providers include:


Protein Analysis  Expression Vectors  Protein Engineering Solutions  Protein Chip & Microarrays

Lyopllization  Phage Display  Protein & Antibody Labelling High Throughput Applications / Platforms

Purification Sequencing Plasma Protein Profiles  Protein Expression Systems

Sequencing  Immunogenicity  Diagnostics   Protein Protein Interactions

Transcription Regulation Protein DetectionCell Signalling  Parallel Quantitative Biology



Oxford Global Conferences, produce cutting edge congresses and summits in the Life Sciences sector. Focusing on summits,

Conferences and unique congress formats, our success is unrivalled in the production of high calibre events that offer tailored

knowledge-sharing, industry solutions and networking opportunities. A list of upcoming events is below:-

2nd Annual Proteins Congress, October 29th-30th 2009, Berlin Germany

GPCR Congress, October 29th-30th 2009, Berlin Germany

QPCR Congress, 16-17 November 2009, London

5th Annual Biomarkers Congress, February , 2010, Midland Hotel, Manchester, UK

2nd Annual Drug Development Summit, April 2010,One America Square, London, UK

11th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, June 2010

8th Annual Pharma Technology and IT Summit, June 2010

Special discounts are available by quoting “PCDEL09�. For information on sponsorship and registration please email or call +44(0) 1865 304925


Conference Agenda Now Available: Advances in Synthetic Chemistry

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Following the success of the Advances in Synthetic Chemistry conference last year, Select Biosciences is pleased to announce this year’s meeting.

Alongside an exhibition of selected scientific posters and service providers, Select Biosciences is organising a two day event, gathering some of the most influential players in the field from Europe, America and across the globe.

The agenda includes world leading research from renowned speakers including:

Mark Bradley,Professor, University of Edinburgh
Oliver Kappe, Professor, Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Mark Bagley, Lecturer, University of Cardiff
Ferenc Darvas, President, Thales Nanotechnology
Jim Thomas, Professor, Manchester University
Michael Greaney, Professor, Edinburgh University
Bruno Linclau, Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton
Stephen Clark, Head of Organic Chemistry, Glasgow University
Villem Verboom, Associate Professor, University of Twente
Erik Van der Eycken, Professor, University of Leuven
Irena Stara, Project Leader, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Prague
Semen Zlotsky, Professor, Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Mehul Tathagar, Research Scientist, DSM

And many more…

To guarantee a high attendance at this exciting event, Select Biosciences will maintain their traditional low registration fees and group booking discounts.

Full conference passes include admission to all sessions and the exhibition, as well as conference documentation.
Lunch, coffee breaks and the drinks reception provide ample time for networking and to continue discussions from the question and answer sessions.

The conferences division of Select Biosciences Ltd is focused on organising specialist biomedical meetings each year. Experts from both academia and commerce are invited to present timely information from current research through to commercial implementation of new technologies. These events also provide a unique networking facility and the opportunity to reach a highly targeted scientific audience.

For further information contact Sara Sharpe