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5th Global Chlor-vinyl Markets Conference, Meeting in Istanbul – Turkey, Will Spotlight Bright Spots in Global PVC Markets

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

With Asian led revival of global economy, the prospects for PVC look highly positive. Accounting for over 50% of PVC output, the housing sector has been the driving force behind the PVC market surge. Improving margins is yet to be complemented by steady demand due to regional volatilities. In this scenario, which region has the potential to drive PVC growth and what exactly are the roadblocks for the sector? What are the chances for market recovery in the west? What is driving the PVC market in emerging economies?

CMT’s 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets conference meets in Istanbul-Turkey on 10-11 June 2010 to provide high-level insights for resin producers/traders, plastic additives suppliers, compounders, end-users and technology providers alike to aid them in developing strategic decisions going forward.

The conference will commence with vital updates on the world economic situation and outlook for 2010/11. This will pave the way for key sessions on “Changing Vinyl Trade Patterns” by Nexant Chemsystems and “Challenges Facing the European PVC Industry, and PVC Production Cost Competitveness” shared by Arkema

The 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets will also focus on prospects of PVC markets and trends from leading PVC producers/traders including Formosa Plastics, Arkema, PETKIM Petrokimya, Egyptian Petrochemical, Vinmar International, Market Report Company and DCW Ltd. In addition, CTC Maroc will share the outlook in emerging markets in North & West Africa while Instituto do PVC will provide insights on the demand coming from Brazil’s infrastructure plan & opportunities for “green” PVC. Turkey’s Esen Plastik will address the challenges of PVC materials sourcing from a customer’s perspective. Other regional and domestic markets to be covered include Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Middle East, Asia, USA, and Brazil. The end-user session at the conference will also include the outlook for plastic pipes and profiles as well as medical applications.

With consumer demanding more environmentally friendly product, will PVC demand be substituted by other “green” products, and how big is the market for “green” PVC? Participants at the conference will receive updates on bio-based plasticizers from Danisco’s Sales Manager for plastic additives, as he discusses technology innovations, major applications and growth trends. ChemOrbis will introduce the e-commerce solutions dedicated for the plastics industry during the conference.

The 5th Global Chlor-Vinyl Markets is attracting participation from leading executives from the chlor-vinyl industry, including traders, producers, shipping & storage companies, EPC companies, plasticizers, stabilizers, additives producers, pipes, profiles, film & sheets, windows, flooring converters/ manufacturers and more. Those keen to gain latest insights on global chlor-vinyl/PVC market outlook should attend the conference in Turkey at All sponsorship and media partnership enquiries can be sent to Ms. Tan Lee Lin at leelin(at)cmtsp(dot)com(dot)sg.


Sunday, February 8th, 2009


The World’s Newest Halal Industry Show HALALIST EXPO 2009 which will take a place between 13-16 August in Istanbul / TURKEY with national and international exhibitors. The Halalist Expo is the new gateway for the global halal product exporters.

HALALISTEXPO is going to bring key players of the World Halal Industry altogether such as Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Brazil, Australia, England, America, Belgium, France, Germany in Istanbul. The show provides opportunities to exhibitors to enter new potential markets (Turkey, Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Near East Asia)

Turkey is the 6th biggest economy in Europe and 16th in the world and natural bridge between Europe and Asia markets. The population of Turkey is 72 million and % 98 of the population is Muslim. Growing numbers figure that Turkey, Middle East Countries and European Muslim population have a big in share over $ 2,1 trillion world halal market and Turkey doesn’t have an official halal certificate organization therefore Turkish market is wide open to the international exporters.

HALALIST EXPO will bring thousands of national and international manufacturers, suppliers and buyers to meet with Halal Industry professionals.

* The show provides opportunities to enter new potential markets. (Turkey,Middle East,North Africa and Europe)
* An effective platform to introduce your products to the global market.
* Over 30,000 visitors from 20 countries.
* An Entry point to Middle East Market and European Muslim Population.

Halal Food & Beverage

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