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Improve attrition rates in R&D Projects and utilise risk management efficiently!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Successful Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies recognize the essential role of innovation and the right disease targets for new molecules in this evolving & highly competitive market. Discovering the innovative approaches to managing R&D projects & portfolios as well as exploring the next R&D model and key steps for effective R&D reorganization is therefore vitally important.

Improving attrition rates in R&D projects and analysing risk management continues to be amongst the major themes at Fleming Europe’s which is once again bringing you three days of ground-breaking debate and pioneering case-studies from top industry, regulatory and association experts. We will be discussing key issues such as:

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- R&D transformation in a major Pharmaceutical company – its impact on global project and portfolio management with Ian E. Davidson, VP Project Director at Sanofi Aventis
- Key drivers for successful CNS R&D Portfolio development and execution with Kim Andersen, Vice President Research at Lundbeck
- Measuring performance of a company’s portfolio with Natalia Borniquel, Associate Director R&D Portfolio Management at UCB

This unique event offers participants the opportunity to meet and discuss these current issues as well as network with fellow professionals. With over 15 high profile speakers and panellists from across Europe, North America and Asia this conference is one not to be missed!
To join the debate contact me directly at or click here.

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Pricing and Reimbursement in The United Kingdom during Significant Healthcare Reform

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Demonstrating product value to NICE, NHS trusts & key opinion leaders

Conference Dates: 5-6th October, 2011
Venue: London, UK
The UK Coalition Government has recently initiated a significant healthcare reform which in reality, presents both major challenges and opportunities to payers, policy-makers and the pharmaceutical industry.

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The main components that will affect the pharmaceutical industry include a shift in the role of N.I.C.E. from the gatekeeper of market access to making strong, yet non-binding recommendations regarding cost-effectiveness of treatments. Decisions will be decentralized and delegated to the local-level as “GP Consortia”, who are closer to the patient will be empowered to reimburse based on local need. Furthermore, the existing Pharmaceutical Pricing & reimbursement Scheme (PPRS) will expire and the move will be made to an ambitious value-based pricing model from 2014. For the NHS too, value-based pricing can help to encourage that future applications for reimbursement and premium prices will only be met if the therapy will treat real public health concerns for a rapidly ageing population, improve quality of life and keep patients out of expensive hospital treatments and the burden on health budgets.

Current patient-access (risk-sharing) models may no longer fit under the new decentralised healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies in the UK are restructuring commercial operations to adjust access schemes to new models and decision-making processes.

This event will not only describe current and upcoming healthcare reforms but will also clarify how market-access and reimbursement decisions might proceed and with what effects.

Why Attend?
• Focus on the most influential European market, that is central to global pricing strategy and a traditional pioneer in health technology assessment.
• Evaluate how pricing and reimbursement will be affected under the on-going NHS reform.
• Hear policy makers’ and payers’ views, initiatives and incentives on how the system will work in practice.
• Learn how innovation will be measured and rewarded in the UK in the near future.
• Understand all stakeholders’ roles in the increasingly decentralised decision-making process in the new healthcare reform.
• Find out more about the value-based pricing initiatives and their affect on pricing, market access and competition.
• Network with key decision makers who are involved in designing and implementing this significant reform.

Who will benefit?
Pharmaceutical and Medical devices companies:
Vice-Presidents, Directors, Managers involved in:
Pricing & Reimbursement, Health Economics & Outcomes, Government & Stakeholder Relations, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Affairs, Marketing, Therapy Area Heads, Market Access, Country Managers
Solution providers & consultants:
CEOs, Business Development, Senior Consultants, Regional Heads
Independent Academics, Health Economists, Government Officials, Public & Private Healthcare Providers, Senior Doctors, &Patient Representatives.

Agenda request
To request the full agenda please follow the link:

For Booking Information contact:
Erika Vavrovicova

Tel: +421 232 660 382
Fax: +421 2 3301 0331
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-Specialist Training- Advanced PK/PD Modeling

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Non-Compartmental, Compartmental and Population Analysis using Phoenix Winnonlin and Phoenix

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Conference Dates: Sept 26 – 27, 2011
Venue: Radisson BLU Brussels, Belgium

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PK/PD Modeling is quickly becoming a timely and cost efficient means of assessing the activity of a compound on the target.

The benefits of an effective PK/PD modeling setup include more informed decision making at earlier stages which can lead to increased understanding of a compounds safety, particularly in special populations such as pediatric/geriatric and also populations who would normally be excluded from clinical studies. Recently several new PK/PD software platforms have been released and these will also improve the ability of PK/PD scientists to bring more accurate predictions and understanding of the work they perform. This training course is aimed at more junior PK/PD scientists and also those who wish to be able to assess the new software’s ability to perform as they desire.

The course will introduce participants to the more advanced concepts, methodologies and applications of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation and quickly progress through several case studies using real, but hidden datasets which will enable them to gain a perspective of the advantages that a well-run PK/PD program can deliver to the entire development process.

Agenda request
To request the full agenda please follow the link:

For Booking Information contact:
Erika Vavrovicova

Tel: +421 232 660 382
Fax: +421 2 3301 0331

Predictive Analytics for Government Announces Speaker Line Up

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Predictive Analytics World for Government, September 12-13 in Washington, DC (, is the first vendor-neutral predictive analytics conference for the government, designed to help agency managers understand how they can apply predictive analytics to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their mission.

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Predictive Analytics World for Government delivers predictive analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders, including keynote addresses from Predictive Analytics World for Government Conference Chair John Elder, Chief Scientist and CEO of Elder Research and award-winning analytics author, and Earl Devaney, Chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, plus a special featured session from David Williams, Inspector General of USPS.

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Case Studies: How the Leading Agencies Do It

Predictive Analytics World for Government focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics. The leading agencies have signed up to tell their stories, so you can hear from the horse’s mouth precisely how Federal, State, and Local analytics competitors and other top practitioners deploy predictive modeling, and what kind of business impact it delivers.

This conference’s inaugural program features case studies from Federal, State, and Local agencies so you can witness how predictive analytics is applied by:

Department of Justice, USDA Risk Management Agency, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General, Department of Treasury, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, New South Wales Department of Transportation, Mexico Tax Administration Service, NASA, and Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

HOT TOPICS AND ADVANCED METHODS: Predictive Analytics World for Government’s agenda covers fraud detection and prevention, text mining, law enforcement, food safety, grants management, hotspot detection, optimization of facilities, ensemble models, supervised/unsupervised predictive modeling, crowdsourcing, and other innovative applications that benefit organizations in new and creative ways.

WORKSHOPS: We’re also including a full-day post-conference workshop by Predictive Analytics World for Government Conference Chair Dr. John Elder that complements the core conference program. Dr. Elder’s workshop agenda is located on the conference website.

Join your peers and access the premier keynotes, sessions, workshop, exposition, expert panel, networking coffee breaks, reception, lunches, Federal, State, and Local government leaders, and industry experts in applying predictive analytics.


Predictive analytics reduces fraud, waste, and abuse, automates manual processes, maximizes productivity of agency personnel, and drives smarter decisions by extracting actionable insights from the vast quantities of data within government agencies.

Predictive Analytics World for Government is for government executives, program managers, financial and HR managers, CIOs and CTOs, law enforcement, and analytics professionals, covering today’s deployment of predictive analytics and data mining across government agencies and across software vendors. The conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources, empowering Federal, State, and Local government to achieve these objectives:

1. Drive Smarter Decisions from Data
2. Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
3. Automate Manual Processes
4. Prioritize Resources and Maximize Productivity
5. Detect Threats and Increase Security


Predictive Analytics World for Government was started by the producers of Predictive Analytics World, a business-focused conference for the Private Sector that has received rave reviews:

“I came to PAW because it provides case studies relevant to my industry. It has lived up to the expectation and I think it’s the best analytics conference I’ve ever attended!”

Shaohua Zhang, Senior Data Mining Analyst
Rogers Telecommunications

“Hands down, best applied, analytics conference I have ever attended. Great exposure to cutting-edge predictive techniques and I was able to turn around and apply some of those learnings to my work immediately. I’ve never been able to say that after any conference I’ve attended before!”

Jon Francis, Senior Statistician

Read more: articles and blog entries about PAW can be found at

VENDORS: Meet the vendors and learn about their solutions, software and service. Discover the best predictive analytics vendors available to serve your needs – learn what they do and see how they compare.

COLLEAGUES: Mingle, network and hang out with your best and brightest colleagues. Exchange experiences over lunch, coffee breaks and the conference reception connecting with those professionals who face the same challenges as you.

GET STARTED: If you’re new to predictive analytics, kicking off a new initiative, or exploring new ways to position it at your organization, there’s no better place to get your bearings than Predictive Analytics World for Government. See what other agencies are doing, witness vendor demos, participate in discussions with the experts, network with your colleagues and weigh your options!

For more information:



1. Take 15% off the Early Bird or the Advance Two Day Pass registration fee with this posting’s promotional discount code: GTM15

2. Register by August 12th and save up to $200

3. Save an additional 25% for each additional attendee from the same company registered at the same time

Register Today!

What is predictive analytics? See the Predictive Analytics Guide:

If you’d like our informative event updates, sign up at:

To sign up for the Predictive Analytics World for Government group on LinkedIn, see:

For inquiries e-mail or call (717) 798-3495.

PAW for Government: Sept 12-13 in DC –
PAW New York City: Oct 16-21 –
Text Analytics World NYC: Oct 19-20 –
PAW London: Nov 1-Dec 30 –
PAW San Francisco: March 4-10, 2012 –
PAW Videos: Available on-demand –


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


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Innovation Driven and Development with Transformation-New Era for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Shanghai, China, 22 June 2011-The pharma’s industry resilience has always been based on innovation–in science and in business modes. The convergence of new trends such as health care reform and the adoption of health information technology promises to change the very business that drug companies are in, from selling drugs to delivering outcomes.

A recent IMS Health Report pegged the pharmaceutical’s market annual growth rate at 27% from 2006-2009 and projected that China will surpass France and Germany to become the third-largest drug market in the world by 2011 (behind only the US and Japan).

Beyond the market opportunity, China remains a highly attractive outsourcing destination in terms of cost efficiency and, increasingly, patient availability for clinical trials, expertise and infrastructure.

The InnoPharma China Congress 2011 organized by JFPS Group will gather more than 200 InnoPharma leaders and pioneers to bring the latest trends in the industry and will serve as a grand platform for face-to-face communication in tackling the drug discovery, clinical and regulatory issues in the industry.

The congress will be held on the 22nd until the 23rd of September, 2011 in Shanghai with plenary meetings and track sessions which include New Drug Research & Development, Preclinical & Clinical Development and Novel Therapeutics.

For more information on the event, log on to


Media Contacts:

Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah                                                      Grace Jin

Executive, PR & Digital Marketing                             Executive, Marketing Communications

Gen: +603 2600 6000                                                       Gen: + 86 21 5172 0000

DID : +603 2600 6190                                                       DID: + 86 21 5172 0154

Mobile: +6012 318 5807                                                 Mobile: +860 1356 4024 565

Email: E-mail:

About JFPS Group

JFPS Group is the leading business performance enhancement company with affiliated partners across the globe. As a world-class business intelligence provider, JFPS Group provides business executives with knowledge and skills through conferences, professional training, in-house training and consulting.

Demonstrating Drug Value Through Late-Phase Data Generation

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

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Conference Dates: 13-14th September, 2011

Venue: Washington DC, USA

Phase IV clinical trials and observational studies are two of the fastest growing areas of drug development. Such post-marketing studies are becoming increasingly important as regulatory agencies demand more long-term data, which proves efficacy, safety and quality. Furthermore, a key driver for these types of studies are the demands of health technology assessors and payers and their need for evidence-based economic data, again over the long-term.

As phase IV and observational studies tend to be more commercial in nature, successfully planning and implementing them can be a major challenge, especially in terms of motivating investigators and recruiting patients who may already have access to the latest medications. Observational data whilst demonstrating actual patient and prescriber behavior also presents the additional challenge of the issue of bias and regulatory acceptance.

This event will provide the latest and most value-adding, real-life experiences in post-marketing studies, their benefits and challenges. It will be an ideal opportunity for benchmarking and networking with the experts and will bring the post-marketing community together to discuss solutions to the challenges in this vital area of research.

Why Attend?

  • Gain access to the latest methodologies and real-life case studies in the field.
  • Learn how to balance the complex requirements of key stakeholders: Marketing, clinical, regulatory, safety, KOLs and investigators.
  • Understand more about comparative studies and their value for drug evaluation.
  • Understand how late-phase studies are utilized to support corporate goals.
  • Get updated with the latest regulatory / ethical priorities and initiatives.
  • Benchmark best-practices in phase 4 protocol design and trial implementation.
  • Discover which types of technologies are most effective in real-life.
  • Find out how real-life data is being utilized to demonstrate product value.

Agenda request

To request the full agenda please follow the link:

For Booking Information contact:

Erika Vavrovicova

Tel: +421 232 660 382

Fax: +421 2 3301 0331


Introduction to PK/PD Modeling

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

-Specialist training-

Non-Compartmental, Compartmental and Population Analysis using Phoenix Winnonlin and Phoenix NLME

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Conference Dates: July25-26th& September 26-27th, 2011

Venue: Brussels,Belgium

PK/PD Modeling is quickly becoming a timely and cost efficient means of assessing the activity of a compound on the target. The benefits of an effective PK/PD modeling setup include more informed decision making at earlier stages which can lead to increased understanding of a compounds safety, particularly in special populations such as pediatric/geriatric and also populations who would normally be excluded from clinical studies. The course will introduce participants to the basic notions of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation and quickly progress through several case studies using real, but hidden data sets which will enable them to gain a perspective of the advantages that a well-run PK/PD program can deliver to the entire development process.

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Please note that the course is a 1.5 day training, with the option of two sets of dates for your flexibility. It is not a series of 2 training sessions.

What Participants will Learn:

  • The basics of Non Compartmental Analysis and how practically perform a Non Compartmental Analysis using Phoenix Winnonlin.
  • How to translate biological processes into a mathematical framework (compartment analysis, turnover processes, etc.) and how to use built in libraries stored in Phoenix Winnonlin.
  • How to perform Population data analysis using response data from real clinical trials and how to perform a population analysis using Phoenix Non Linear mixed effect modeling engine.
  • How to optimally use the results of these analyses to guide optimal future clinical trial design. They will learn how to perform simulation using the Phoenix simulation engine.
  • They will possess new tools to both either increase the probability of success in having the drug approved or making earlier no go decision for drug that would appear to be not enough efficacious or not enough safe. Many case studies will be discussed where it will be shown how modeling and simulation tools helped during the entire drug development process to prove drug efficacy and prevent false positive conclusions (The drug is working when in fact it does not).

Target audience

PK/PD & Simulation scientists interested in getting basic knowledge of modeling and simulations, working in the field of clinical pharmacology or related fields who may be Junior or those who are looking to gain an increased understanding of PK/PD theory and practicalities, also for those looking to assess the suitability of new PK/PD software platforms.

Our Trainer: Serge Guzy

With 20 years of experience with modeling and simulation, Serge Guzy is currently President, CEO of POP-PHARM, a consulting and software Development Company

He established new methods for statistical population approaches in drug development, based on Monte Carlo simulation algorithms.

The resulting MC-PEM methodology and Population software development made him internationally recognized. These new tools have already been well utilized in drug development, from the early stage of drug discovery and lead selection programs as a useful tool to guide drug design goals and inform teams for better decision making, as well as in clinical development as a tool for guiding optimally new trial designs.

Agenda request

To request the full agenda please follow the link:

For Booking Information contact:

Erika Vavrovicova

Tel: +421 232 660 382

Fax: +421 2 3301 0331


Best Practises in Medical Affairs Management & Liason to Maximise Value Over the Product Lifecycle

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

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Generating quality late-phase evidence & educating key stakeholders on drug value

Conference Dates: June21-22nd, 2011

Venue: Vienna,Austria

The roles of medical affairs and liaison have never before been so crucial to the success of pharmaceutical strategic and operational commercial objectives. Medical departments play a vital role in generating quality clinical and real-world data that payers and prescribers need to improve decision making when uncertainty is high. Technologies such as EDC on the trial-sponsor side and e-healthcare on the payer/provider side also offer opportunities to understand and treat disease in diverse patient populations, across all therapeutic areas. The medical affairs department is increasingly becoming central to the coordination of internal stakeholders with the needs of external stakeholders and achieving more client-centric business models. Clearly, the pharmaceutical industry’s traditional sales and marketing models and processes are no longer effective and medical teams are now required to largely fill the void. New ways to engage with tomorrow’s stakeholders are now required.

As payers are increasingly the “gatekeeper” in deciding if a health technology should be reimbursed at all, evidence generation to demonstrate cost-effective health outcomes has never before become so vital. However, best practice approaches have not been defined well and there is still much confusion as to the best way of designing and implementing such studies that can provide relatively unbiased information. Medical teams not only need to develop strong data, but also need to help educate KOLs and payers on the value of that data, especially for complex diseases.

Developing and providing expert medical insight can also deliver strategic direction, increase drug and disease understanding. With particular focus on relationships with payers, KOLs and prescribers, pharmacies and patient advocacy groups, and by working across a range of internal departments on projects there is the real possibility of leveraging this information to create a win-win: increase innovation, patient access and achieve improved budget-effective health outcomes.

Why attend?

  • Understand how medical affairs are at the forefront of new pharmaceutical industry commercial models and what needs to be done to maximise success.
  • Discover what are the most intelligent ways to engage with KOLs and other prescribers, payers, patient groups, pharmacies and tomorrow’s stakeholders.
  • Benchmark with experts to find out what are best practices in late-phase research, especially observational studies, patient registries and investigator initiated studies.
  • Discover how medical liaisons, in support of commercial teams, are crucial to the communication of effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Who will benefit?


VPs, directors, managers of Medical Affairs, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Education, Health Outcomes, & Economics, Medical Marketing, Lifecycle management, Product management, KOL & stakeholder engagement, Late Phase Clinical development, Field Sales, Medical Advisor

Agenda request

To request the full agenda please follow the link:

For Booking Information contact:

Erika Vavrovicova

Tel: +421 232 660 382

Fax: +421 2 3301 0331


Delivering a potent and high potent manufacturing strategy

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Delivering a potent and high potent manufacturing strategy

Minimise risk, ensure quality & accelerate manufacturing timelines to maximise product value of high potent and cytotoxic drugs

Conference Dates: 10th-11th May, 2011
Venue: Munich, Germany

This biannual event will be looking at the key elements and issues surrounding the implementation, production and up-scaling of high-potent APIs & highly active substances and the required infrastructure to maximise pipeline and commercial value. This event is not just another large-sized manufacturing conference or exhibition. Networking and building strong relationships in this niche area is also a key benefit that all who attend will achieve.

Why Attend?

Hear experiences from market leaders in the industry; understanding the challenges they are facing during the manufacturing of potent and high-potent APIs & drug products and hear their practical solutions to these issues.

Learn how to establish and demonstrate the presence of a safe working environment; develop tactics on how to reduce costs through more effective outsourcing models; operate efficient practices that increase productivity.

Benchmark your strategies in implementation, restructuring and up-scaling the manufacturing of potent and high-potent products.

Meet and discuss topics with other pharma, CMOs, expert consultants, hardware and software providers who can help you maximise your performance in safety, quality, and cost areas, in regards to potent & cytotoxic production

Attend an exclusive and complimentary networking dinner, between all stakeholders: experienced business development directors, senior scientists from Pharma, Biotechs, API manufacturers and CMOs. Stronger relationships will be built upon a better understanding of the challenges faced by each group.

Who will benefit?

Heads of Manufacturing, Heads of Development, Heads of Quality Management, Heads of Procurement, Heads of Outsourcing, Business Development Directors, Plant Directors and all professionals working in the field of Potent Compound Development and Containment as well as Occupational Health and Safety.

Post Event PR: Pharm Connect Congress

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

PHARM Connect Congress
CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal Budapest, Hungary
09-10 February 2011

The first edition of the PHARM Connect Congress, held in February 2011 in Budapest, proved to be an outstanding success for top-level executives and has already established itself as the must-attend event for pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector professionals operating in Central and Eastern Europe.

The quality of the congress was a direct result of its exclusivity. The Programme Advisory Committee ensured the conference programme, which was presented by the most prominent, leading European pharma industry professionals, was of the highest relevance and covered the most up-to-date market insights into R&D, production, engineering, supply chain and quality management-related topics.

Moreover, the CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal offered the perfect setting for local and international solution-providers to present their products and services directly to key decision-makers. Several weeks in advance the online TEG Meeting Scheduler system was made available to every solution-provider and the 300 delegates attending from 13 countries. Through the Meeting Scheduler over 800 pre-scheduled meetings were arranged to gather strategic intelligence and business contacts, aims which are critical to achieve to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

Furthermore, numerous leading local and regional media partners and associations promoted the event throughout Central and Eastern Europe, an exposure which ensured the regional focus of the congress. Tamás Szolyák, Chairman of the Hungarian Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) and General Manager of Novartis Hungary, opened the cocktail reception with a welcome speech which gathered together the majority of the delegates and solution providers to network and benchmark with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, the congress provided an exclusive opportunity for 110 delegates to take part in a specially organised plant excursion to the high-tech sanofi-aventis/ Chinoin plant in Budapest, one of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in the region.

Ariel Lasry, EMEA Vertical Leader, Life Sciences, Rockwell Automation, who attended as a vendor, was one of many to be extremely impressed with what he had experienced: “The event was very well-balanced between networking, lead generation and also very professional speeches. I think the staff are very experienced and bring the right people to the table. This concept is, I think, the only concept that works for the life science industry.”

Do not miss your opportunity to join the second edition of the PHARM Connect Congress to network, establish connections, exchange ideas and gain knowledge; every single square metre of space was sold out at the first edition!

Please visit our website to learn more about this prestigious congress taking place again in February 2012 at the CORINTHIA Grand Hotel Royal in the heart of Budapest, a venue which is truly a one of a kind:

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