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BITEC raising lifestyle events to 45% of total portfolio

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

BITEC, a favourite industrial and B2B events venue, formally announces today it plans to increase the percentage share of lifestyle events to 45% of its total events portfolio by 2013, compared to 32% in 2010. The move will avail the upscale and middle class neighborhood near and around BITEC, which remained has untapped to date.

“A total of 40 exhibitions were held at BITEC in 2010.Twenty-seven or 68% were industrial events, while 13 or 32%were lifestyle events. We are targeting to improve the percentage share of lifestyle events to 45% by the year 2013,” said Ms. PanitthaBuri, Director of Marketing & Sales, Director of Marketing and Sales, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

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“Overall, the number of events held in BITEC had been growing on average of 12% a year and in 2011 we will have over 45 exhibitions at our center,” she said.

“Our expansion of lifestyle events does not mean we are repositioning BITEC nor implying we are reducing our focus on industrial and B2B exhibitions,” said MsPanittha.

“Exhibition and eventsheld at BITEC, whether industrial, B2B or lifestyle can bank on the venue’s renowned operations team and proximity to the International airport,” she added.

“Our center will become even more accessible to participants with the completion of the BTS sky train which according to the BMA is due to start running to BITEC on 12 August, 2011. We are building a covered walkway connecting directly from the Sukhumvit Road to BITEC,” she said.

Ms. Panittha said lifestyle shows were complementary to industrial and B2B shows in the sense lifestyle exhibition or events would approach business visitors of B2B events as consumers with high purchasing power.

BITEC’s lifestyle events included Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF), Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International HousewareFair (BIG & BIH), Jim Thompson Sale, Homeworks Expo, Photo Fair and several furniture fairs.

Ms. Panitha said BITEC’s neighborhood was home to millions of consumers which had remained untapped to the fullest.

She said middle to high income communities, housing estates, residential condominiums, upper class international schools and office-shopping-residential clusters freckled the whole BITEC neighborhood.

Ms. Panittha cited Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) and Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International HousewareFair (BIG & BIH) as the two most recent additions to BITEC’s lifestyle events portfolio.

TIFF was held at BITEC on 16-20 March and Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair (BIG & BIH) will be held at BITEC on 19-24 April and 18-23 October 2011.

Draft and Craft Law Firm : Legal Transcription Festival

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

The changing times has made law firms and corporations aware of the importance and need of legal transcription. Understanding this increasing demand of reliable legal transcription, Draft n Craft has constantly endeavored to provide the best.

From legal to business transcription, Draft n Craft has time and again proved its brilliance in the field.

After working with over 25 clients and the successful delivery of more than 15,000 files in the last 2 years, Draft n Craft is celebrating its 2nd anniversary for excellence in legal transcription services from 11th October – 15th October 2010.

Rakesh K Sharma, Draft n Craft’s Chief Executive, said: “Achieving this milestone only reflects the quality of service and the high level of customer satisfaction that we provide. I am overwhelmed with the response received by our clients.”

As Draft n Craft achieves this high point, their employees celebrate a week long festivity to mark its success in the field and their contribution in achieving it.

About Draft n Craft

Established in 2008, Draft n Craft is a cut to the chase Legal Process Outsourcing Company with strong and dedicated work force of professionals. Having established a brilliant track record, Draft n Craft has been partners of growth to many of the law firms and corporations in the UK and US. Draft n Craft’s supreme focus has always been on helping lawyers deliver the best value to their clients by working on process and technology optimization, and by devising ways to rationalize client’s operational spending.

For inquiries email at

4 conferences at the world’s largest survivability event of the year

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

No matter what your platform or area of expertise, the challenge remains the same – evade detection, avoid engagement and survive the hit. Attendees now have the opportunity to come together to discuss the latest challenges they face within the increasingly demanding operational environment at the Platform Survivability conference and expo in Germany from 12-14 October.

Mobile and intelligent enemies operating within the complex counter-insurgent environment are still providing a huge array of challenges to those individuals operating platforms in-theatre. The threat to combat vehicles, their crews and to the mounted soldier continues to diversify and current operations in Afghanistan are a recent and constant reminder of this. There is also the increased threat emerging against maritime and aerial platforms as well as the crews and service personnel who support them.

Says Platform Survivability conference director, Robert Kerby: “Platform Survivability 2010 takes a unique approach in offering four unique and leading platform specific conferences within one event. This will allow delegates to meet with individuals from across the field of survivability whilst being able to attend a conference specific to their area of expertise and operating environment”.

These specific conferences will include:

Vehicle Survivability – Defeating the threat and keeping one step ahead
Now in its third year, the Vehicle Survivability conference enables you to discuss the very latest threats to vehicles and their crews in current operational theatres and what latest technologies, equipment and doctrine is available to keep one step ahead of the threat.

Soldier Survivability – Developing effective equipment and training to fight and survive
Whether in the mounted or dismounted role, the protection of our service personnel when in combat theatres continues to be a primary objective. This conference focuses on the ability to provide the latest solutions to the warfighter that are lighter, more durable and above all, affordable.

Aircraft Survivability – Enhancing survivability in modern combat theatres
As the threat to fixed-wing, helicopters and unmanned systems continues to grow in current operational theatres this conference will analyse both the susceptibility and vulnerability of all aerial platforms. There will be specific analysis on helicopter survivability in the difficult terrain of Afghanistan and the continued development of unmanned vehicle protection systems.

Ship Survivability – Breaking the kill chain and maximising damage control
The rise in terrorist threats against maritime platforms and the greater emphasis on the littoral environment is causing specific survivability challenges. This conference will look at how to break the ‘kill chain’ early involving the effective design, development and signature management of current and future ships as well as efficient training of crews and upgrading of sensors to increase recoverability of on-board systems and the platform.

Whatever your platform or area of expertise

Whether it is the latest advancements in situational awareness or an analysis on the physical defeat of the threat then this is the world’s largest event to network and discuss the latest developments in the field of survivability with an emphasis on:

Keeping service personnel safe through innovative solutions
Real operational insights from current operations
Outstanding networking opportunities

Platform Survivability 2010 is the only event of the year where all major nations and organisations from across the globe involved with survivability will come together under one roof.

The event website:

For media enquiries and press passes contact:
Marketing Manager: Verity Gibbons
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7067 1840

Mobile money technology gurus gather in Nairobi in May

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Mobile money pioneers of global mobile giants such as Safaricom, Zain, MTN, Orange and Orascom will share their vision and success stories at the Mobile Money Transfer Africa conference and expo in Nairobi, Kenya from 4-7 May. The leading mobile money event on the continent will also offer delegates the unique opportunity to hear from payments experts at the central banks of Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique.

MMT Africa is an annual showcase for the most successful mobile money services from the region’s pioneering operators and financial institutions. Conference highlights include:

- Establishing partnerships to create a joined up and far reaching payments infrastructure
Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom
- How mobile money crosses borders
George Held, Group Marketing Director, Products and Innovation, Zain
- How mobile money experiences differ between East and West Africa
Bruno Akpaka, General Manager, Mobile Money, MTN Ghana
Richard Mwami, Head Public Access and Mobile Money, MTN Uganda
- The West African experience differences between launching mobile money in a competitive market compared with markets where you have first mover advantage
Nicolas Levi, Orange Money Director, Orange Money
- How customers really use mobile money in South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania
Brian Richardson, CEO, WIZZIT
- Developing the African regulatory environment for Mobile Money Technology an audience with the central banks
The panel includes the heads of payments systems at the central banks of Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and Mozambique.
- Banks as agents extending financial services to the unbanked
Kevin Kihara, Relationship Manager, Family Bank
Len Pienaar, CEO mCommerce, FNB
Paolo Zambonini, Group Head of Innovation and Special Projects, ABSA Bank

Says MMT Africa conference director Steve Clarke: “Kenya is undoubtedly the epi-centre of mobile money technology and practice at this stage. Not only has it changed the lives of millions of Kenyans, but global mobile money practitioners are coming here to learn. The success stories and case studies that will be shared at MMT Africa are testimony to this.”

The event website:

For media enquiries, accreditation and speaker interviews contact:
Communications Manager: Annemarie Roodbol
Phone: +27 (0) 21 700-3500 EXT: 3558
Mobile: +27 (0) 82 562 7844

Event location: Safari Park Hotel –

“Heat Treatment 2010″ exhibition in Moscow

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The 4th International Specialized Exhibition “Heat Treatment-2010″

The exhibition company “Mir-Expo”carries out the 4th International Specialized Exhibition “Heat Treatment” on September, 28 – 30, 2010. It will be held in the Pavilion No 5, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.
The main purpose is to carry out the event that will help the exponents to set going new business contacts and partner relationships, to develop heat treatment and widespread application of innovation technologies of thermal treatment.

Induction heating equipment; gas equipment for industrial furnaces; heat-treatment equipment and vacuum furnaces for hardening and annealing; control of heat treatment quality; heat engineering measurements in thermal industries; equipment for ion-plasmous surface treatment; modern technologies and equipment of thermomechanical thermochemical, dimensional and surface treatment of different materials; laser surface treatment will be present at the exhibition.

In the framework of the exhibition the 4th International Scientific-Research Conference Innovation Technologies of Heat Treatmentwill be held, which gives the companies an opportunity to present their newest workings out for the development of thermal technologies in industry.

Judging by the experience of the previous year exhibition, it favours the growth of production and leads to a higher technological level.

phone: +7 499 618-0565, +7 499 618-3683, +7 499 618-3688

12th Small Fuel Cells – Portable & Micro Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications

Friday, February 12th, 2010

BOSTON, MA – The Knowledge Foundation has announced the complete Program for the 12th Small Fuel Cells conference which will be held in Cambridge, MA from April 12-13, 2010. In its 12th year, Small Fuel Cells & Hybrid Devices for Commercial & Military Applications is the primary source of information for end users, developers and manufacturers of portable fuel cell powered devices.

This year, Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG, will deliver the opening presentation. SFC Smart Fuel Cell has shipped more than 15,000 commercial products in the past five years, and Dr. Podesser will provide insight into the growing number of commercial and defense applications for fuel cells, including new products and markets as well as other latest developments.

Topics to be addressed at the conference include:
Commercial success of small fuel cells: DMFC, PEM, SOFC, and direct borohydride
Advances in fuel development
Portable fuel cells for military & commercial applications
Micro fuel cells for mobile electronics
Hybrid portable power systems
System integration & balance of plant engineering
Materials challenges and use of materials-by-design approach
Role of nanotechnology & nanomaterials
End-user and OEM perspective on manufacturing & applications
Safety, durability & reliability

Distinguished Faculty
George C. Bandlamudi, PhD, University of Duisburg-Essen
Daniel A. Betts, PhD, EnerFuel
Hyuk Chang, PhD, Samsung Electronics
Horacio R. Corti, PhD, National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina
James C. Cross III, Nuvera Fuel Cells
Tsali Cross, PhD, Neah Power Systems, Inc.
Ravindra Datta, PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Emory S. De Castro, PhD, BASF Fuel Cell Inc.
Paolo Fracas, Genport Power Solutions
William Gleason, PhD, Montana Tech – The University of Montana
Robert Hahn, PhD, Fraunhofer IZM
Christopher Hebling, PhD, Fraunhofer ISE
Anders Lundblad, PhD, CTO, myFC AB
Audrey Martinent-Beaumont, PhD, CEA – French Atomic Energy Commission
Madeleine Odgaard, IRD Fuel Cells LLC
Peter Podesser, PhD, SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG
Jim Prueitt, MTI MicroFuel Cells, Inc.
Shriram Ramanathan, PhD, Harvard University
Mareike Schneider, PhD, Fraunhofer IKTS
Eugene S. Smotkin, PhD, NuVant Systems and Northeastern University
Andrew P. Wallace, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc.
Shijie Wu, PhD, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

About The Knowledge Foundation

The Knowledge Foundation integrates scientific ingenuity and real-world applications by fostering collaborative research at the rapidly changing intersection of science and business. Known for providing members of its Technology Commercialization Alliance with direct and unbiased state-of-the-art scientific information, the Knowledge Foundation is uniquely qualified to provide wider exposure for important developments in the emerging fields of alternative energy including fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, nanotechnology, and chemical/biological detection technologies.

The Knowledge Foundation
18 Webster Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: (617) 232-7400

Media Contact:
David Mello
Director of Marketing
(617) 232-7400 ext. 203

Energy Harvesting Without Batteries By Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Energy harvesting is the conversion of ambient energy into electricity to power small electric and electronic devices, making them self-sufficient, often for decades. It is popularly believed that energy harvesting always calls for a battery, albeit a smaller, longer lasting rechargeable one. That is what gives you the electronic wristwatch powered by solar cells. Such a battery will last up to ten years. In some cases, 20 year primary batteries such as lithium thionyl chloride versions can be used but they have their own challenges.

Usually, dispensing with any form of battery can give even longer life, lower cost, smaller size, greater reliability, convenience, labour saving and reduced environmental problems. Little wonder that NASA has made many advances in this direction. Life of hundreds of years can even be contemplated and over twenty years is immediately achievable. That is what your bicycle dynamo does, with or without a capacitor to give you some light in the moments after you stop pedaling. That is what the clockwork lanterns for Africa do – the energy is stored in a spring and presented at constant torque to a generator when required. Indeed, it is possible that the microbial fuel cells burning dirt that are planned by Harvard University as an alternative approach to lighting in Africa will operate without batteries.

EnOcean Alliance

Similarly successful are the piezoelectric light switches from the EnOcean Alliance of over 70 members offering interchangeable battery-free, wireless products. Indeed, the Lighting Switch TM in the USA is a similar device, in this case based on piezoelectric advances at NASA. Over 500,000 wireless, battery-free electronic building controls and similar products have been sold to date.  That includes sensors and actuators for blinds and vents, mainly reliant on piezoelectrics and photovoltaics. The EnOcean Dolphin TM range even has two way signalling and next comes complete Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

Wireless Sensor Networks
Figure: Basic wireless sensor network
Source IDTechEx report “Wireless Sensor Networks 2009-2019″

WSN are self organising, self healing mesh networks that may one day monitor whole forests, utility networks and buildings with billions of sensors that are inaccessible or impractical to visit for battery replacement, even replacement of a rechargeable battery every ten years. They use a lot of energy – sometimes over 100mW and approaching the load of a PDA or mobile phone. Consequently, the primary batteries currently used in WSN sometimes last only a few weeks. Accordingly, the race is on for battery-free WSN.

This may not be as tough as it seems, because WSN turn the whole world of electronics on its head. They pass very small packets of data down the line and they are set up to do this only when convenient, such as when a node comes in range.  None of your real time megabits here. They are not needed. An extension of this principle might be to transmit only when the energy harvester is working. That limitation may be ameliorated by using more than one energy harvester. For example, the WSN node could harvest vibration when there is no sunshine.

Energy harvesting tolerant electronics

All this opens up the market for energy harvesting tolerant electronics – now a topic of research in many parts of the world.  This covers electronics that is two things: much lower power so as to put less demand on the harvesting and tolerant of highly variable, intermittent voltages and currents that are unpredictable. For example, the University of Bologna and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are working on the mathematics of so called “Lazy Scheduling for Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes”.

Battery free energy harvesting radio transmitter

On the hardware side, Kansas State University engineers are supporting Peregrine Semiconductor with its idea of an energy-harvesting radio. It will transmit important data without ever needing a change of batteries. Bill Kuhn, K-State professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Xiaohu Zhang, master’s student in electrical engineering, are developing this device.

“This type of radio technology may exist in your house, for instance if you have a temperature sensor outside that radios data to a display inside,” Kuhn said. “But those devices need to have their batteries changed. This radio doesn’t.”

Peregrine Semiconductor is looking at possible applications for the technology. This could include monitoring stress, temperature and pressure on bridges and other structures. Ron Reedy, Peregrine’s chief technical officer, said that fulfilling this vision of autonomous sensors requires highly integrated, low power radio chips. These are the kind that K-State and Peregrine have demonstrated to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Peregrine’s trademarked UltraCMOS silicon-on-sapphire technology.

K-State engineers are addressing the design challenges and creating a demonstration to test how far the signals can travel from the sensors. Firstly, Zhang constructed a demonstration board using solar cells from inexpensive calculators to power the radio. The board had capacitors that capture and store the light energy to power the radio without a battery. Electrochemical, mechanical or thermal energy are also in the frame. The demonstration board included a microprocessor to store data before transmission via radio. The radio used is the “Mars chip” that Professor Kuhn helped develop in a successful project that K-State, Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Peregrine Semiconductor did for NASA. They designed a micro transceiver to use on Mars rovers and scouts.

When the stored data are ready to be transmitted in the model, the radio sends out a data-burst every five seconds.  Frequencies, timing and wake-up commands are now being optimised for the anticipated environment.

Rechargeable batteries still needed

Although these elegant, battery-free energy harvesting solutions will rapidly gain market share, there will still be huge markets for energy harvesting involving rechargeable batteries. For at least ten more years, they will be needed where considerable power storage and/or high security of supply is required for example.  Here the new laminar lithium batteries are an exciting innovation. Some are only 0.1 millimeters thick: others come with the interfacing electronics and/or capacitors for smoothing all in one unit. There is no danger of fire or explosion with the tiny amounts of lithium employed and the format means that recharging time is unusually short. True, some only guarantee 1000 recharges but others can achieve one million recharges as long as they are not deep ones. Transparent, flexible printed batteries are being developed by NEC working with Waseda University in Japan. They charge in only one minute, which opens up interesting possibilities given the advent of transparent photovoltaics as shown below and even transparent printed logic from Hewlett Packard and others.

Figure: Transparent rechargeable battery from NEC and Waseda University on left and transparent photovoltaics from AIST Japan on right
Source Waseda University and AIST Tsukuba

The new energy harvesting industry is now ready to sell products in volume, leading to a multi-billion dollar business in ten years as detailed in the new IDTechEx report “Energy Harvesting 2009-2019″. IDTechEx is therefore staging a conference with the emphasis on potential customers saying what they want, the market potential and the technological roadmap. This will serve users, investors, designers, new entrants and all others in the energy harvesting value chain. The conference is called Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2009 and it takes place in Cambridge University UK on June 3-4. There are optional Masterclasses before and after, an exhibition and visits to local centres of excellence. See

For more information on the topic please contact the author Dr. Peter Harrop at  or to find out more about the Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2009 conference please contact the Event Manager Mrs. Corinne Jennings at

IDTechEx Dates:
Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon Europe 2009| April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany
Printed Electronics Europe 2009 | April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany
Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe | June 3-4 | Cambridge, UK
RFID Europe 2009 | Sep 29-30 | Cambridge, UK
Printed Electronics Asia 2009 | Sep 30-Oct 1 | Tokyo, Japan
Energy Harvesting & Storage USA | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA
RTLS & Wireless Sensor Networks Summit | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA
Printed Electronics USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA
Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

Record Attendance at IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

In the current recession, there are few sectors which are growing rapidly, but one of those is printed electronics. Pre-registered attendance at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference, which will be held in Dresden, Germany, on April 7-8, is 20% higher than at the same time before the event last year. Over 700 attendees from 32 countries have registered so far, with a record 66 exhibitors.

Many world first exclusives will be announced, including a breakthrough in thin film memory printing from Thin Film Electronics and Inktec, new low cost copper inks and room temperature sintering from NovaCentrix, and the launch of inkjet printers and materials from Samsung Electromechanics, among others. Dirk Hilbert, the mayor of Dresden, will be opening the prestigious IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards ceremony, held in a beautiful ballroom in Dresden.

Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, says “We are delighted to bring together world leading end users from many different sectors, including consumer packaged goods, healthcare, automotive and transit, aerospace, advertising and games companies. These companies seek new products and new electronics solutions, and our exhibitors and attendees from industry will have the opportunity to learn of their needs and meet them.” To see examples of end user attendees, go to

Printed Electronics Europe is the only event in Europe to give you the big picture – covering organics to printed inorganics and their application, from toys to energy harvesters. Don’t miss the world’s largest event on the topic – see for full details.

About IDTechEx, host of Printed Electronics Europe

IDTechEx is a knowledge-based consulting company providing research and analysis on Printed and Thin Film Electronics, RFID, and Energy Harvesting.  Since 1999, IDTechEx has given independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects in three forms – consulting, research and events.  In 2006, IDTechEx was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, after serving customers in more than 50 countries.  With locations in three countries, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany, IDTechEx provides truly global coverage of developments in all of their subject areas.  For more information, visit The IDTechEx Printed Electronics series of events are held in Europe, USA and Asia annually.

For more information on Printed Electronics Europe 2009 please contact the Event Manager Mrs. Chris Clare at

IDTechEx Dates:

Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon Europe 2009| April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany

Printed Electronics Europe 2009 | April 7-8 | Dresden, Germany

Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe | June 3-4 | Cambridge, UK

RFID Europe 2009 | Sep 29-30 | Cambridge, UK

Printed Electronics Asia 2009 | Sep 30-Oct 1 | Tokyo, Japan

Energy Harvesting & Storage USA | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

RTLS & Wireless Sensor Networks Summit | Nov 3-4 | Denver, USA

Printed Electronics USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon USA 2009 | Dec 2-3 | San Jose, USA

Exhibitor take-up rate increases at Building Maintenance and Asset Management Expo Asia 2009 despite the economic downturn

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Bangkok– Despite the global economic crisis worsening by the day, exhibitor take-up rates to participate at Building Maintenance and Asset Management Expo Asia 2009 (BMAM EXPO ASIA 2009) has been better than expected. This positive response from the industry clearly reflects the strong market demand for Your browser may not support display of this image.effective cost saving solutions amid the current economic climate.

Facility owners and managers in Thailand and the surrounding South East Asian region are facing a variety of constraints and challenges, such as shrinking maintenance budgets and resources constraints. There is a greater understanding that conserving resources and cost savings go hand-in hand. This has in turn created strong interests and needs for building systems and high performance solutions to combat rising costs.

Mr Loy Joon How, the organizer of BMAM EXPO ASIA 2009 said that cost savings in energy has never been more emphasized until now, especially in old buildings and facilities that are in need of upgrades. Mr Loy added that even in newer facilities, there are commitments to seek solutions that help to optimize energy conservation, especially in HVAC systems, computerized energy management systems, effective maintenance programme, insulations, and other electric-components upgrades.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

High on the “do to� agenda list for facility owners and managers are controlling and reducing maintenance cost. Facility systems such CAFM and CMMS are attracting strong interests from facility owners and managers as they look for effective solutions that can assure their building assets are fully utilized at the lowest possible costs, while maximizing the benefits to their building’s lifecycle. Preventive maintenance and condition monitoring solutions are also gaining prominence, replacing the traditional “use and replace� policies.

This newfound urgency to maximize efficiency and value of building assets is pushing up demands for integrated facilities management and Your browser may not support display of this image.outsourcing solutions to achieve sound energy management, cost control and containment and quality assurance. Responding to these market needs, Sodexo, one of BMAM EXPO ASIA 2008 and 2009 key exhibitors, recently created a series of tailored integrated facilities management solutions ranging from technical facilities management, grounds and landscaping management, laundry, catering, cleaning, pest control, reception to even accommodation services.

Asia’s facility maintenance and asset management market is expected to enjoy unprecedented growth in the coming years. It is against this market backdrop that BMAM EXPO ASIA 2009 is being staged in response to the market demands and interests across Asia.

Taking place in Bangkok from 3 to 5 September 2009, this international exhibition and conference will bring together all key players in the business and market under one roof and serves as the dedicated market place for the showcasing of technologies, equipment, tools, methods and solutions to key engineering decision makers, maintenance professionals, facility owners and managers from across Asia.

For more information on BMAM EXPO ASIA 2009, please visit or contact us below

Mr. Wasu Rattanaporn

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

99 Popular Road, Banmai Subdistrict, Pakkred District,

Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand.

Tel: +66 (0) 2833-5111

Fax: +66 (0) 2833-5127-9

E-mail: or

CIPEE, CIOGC 2009 Press Conference Will be held in May on OTC 2009

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

On the basis of the successful, CIPEE2009 will be held more successfully. As the schedule of our overseas promotion, CIPEE organizing committee will hold a special promotion conference at the world’s largest oil and gas exhibition—OTC09, and invite relevant American government agencies, business associations, representatives of large enterprises, in which greatly enhance the recognition in the international oil field. The schemes are as follows:

1.1 Background

Dongying city is the location of the second largest oilfield-Shengli Oilfield. According to preliminary statics of Shengli Oilfield, all the oil reserves reached 4.6 billion ton, gas reserves reached 221.3 billions stere. Dongying City strives to encourage and develop petroleum manufacturing industry and takes an initial shape in the complete industry system combining development, manufacture, services and domestic & foreign trade, of which the product covers such fields as geophysical prospecting, drilling, logging, oil and gas development, downhole operation, ground engineering, pipe transportation and refinery, petroleum auxiliary, petrochemical engineering, petroleum equipment accessories, etc. Dongying City has become China’s important petroleum equipment manufacturing base. By 2006, more than 150 petroleum equipment companies have established in Dongying. Now, products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions as in America, Canada, Russia and Argentina.

Houston is the fourth biggest cities in United States as well as the headquarters of the 22 corporations among the world top 500. Most of them are Petro-Chemical Enterprises. Houston as the capital of the world energy is the center of oil and petrochemical industries, which have 17 the largest gas corporations, are located here; besides, more than 5000 corporations are engaged in petroleum and petrochemical business. At present, Houston produces crude oil 3,347 million barrels a day accounting for 85.1% and 21.7% respectively in Texas and United States. From 1969, Off-shore Technology Conference (OTC) is held annually in Houston, which is the world’s largest oil conference on exploration, drilling, production and environmental protection. In OTC2008, more than 50,000 participants came from 110 countries and regions.

In order to promote the development of petroleum industry in Dongying and make more American oil companies know about Dongying, the exhibition committee will hold CIPEE2009 promotion meeting to the exhibitors from government agencies, professional associations, and mass media. The exhibition builds a bridge to the Sino-US petroleum companies’ co-operation so as to promote Sino-US economic and trade activities.

1.2 Date & Venue
Date: 14:00-16:30 May 5, 2009
Venue: Meeting room of OTC’s Main Venue
Size: 100 attendees
2:00-2:10 Official Opening Ceremony and Introduction of attendees
2:10-2:20 Guests address: the delegates form US Department of Commerce, SPE global marketing manager, UCIBN , Chinese Consulate General, Texas, and Houston
2:20-2:50 Key speech from Dongying Delegation
2:50-3:00 Speech from representative of companies who attend OTC
3:00-3:10 Speech from representative who attend CIPEE2008
3:10-3:30 Introduction of petroleum equipment manufactures in Dongying
3:30-4:00 One to one business talk
1.3 Organizer:
US Department of Commerce
Dongying Municipal Government
1.4 Co- Organizer:
Shandong Chamber of Commerce for the Petroleum Equipment of CICC
Beijing CEW International Fair CO., Ltd.
1.5 Attendees
US Department of Commerce
Houston Government
Houston International affair Ministry
Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Houston
Houston Global Affair Committee
Baker Hughs
National Oilwell Varco
Frontier Oil
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA)
Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA)
American Society of Civil Engineers
Society for Underwater Technology
International Association of Drilling Contractor
World Energy Cities Partnership
American Gas Association
National Petroleum Council
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
Energy Information Administration
American Association of Drilling Engineers
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
American Association of Professional Landmen
Association of Energy Service Companies
Association of Well Head Equipment Manufactures
Drilling Engineering Association
American Exploration and Production Association
Energy Advocates
Society of Petrophysicists & Well Log Analysts
Local Media
Houston Chronical
Houston Business Journal
Houston Networking News
Strong support from three major professional media group:
Oil and Gas Journal
Offshore ŒOil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment
Oil and Gas Financial
Hart Energy Publishing
Oil and Gas Investor
Fuel,E&P和Pipeline and Gas
Gulf Publishing Company
World Oil
Hydrocarbon Processing
World Petroleum Industry Magazine
Oil & Gas Technology Magazine
Other Media and Website:
Tradequip International
World Oil
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
Oil on Line
NPN Petroleum & Convenience
Network International

Angie Tang

Oversea Project Manager of CIPEE2009 Organizing Committee
Beijing CEW International Fair Co., Ltd.
Tel: 8610-51654222 ext 823
Fax: 8610-51654222 ext 820


China (Dongying) International Petroleum Equipment and Technology Exhibition 2009 (CIPEE 2009)
Date: 18 – 20 October, 2009
Venue: Dongying Huanghe International Exhibition & Conference Center, Dongying City, Shandong, China

China International Oil & Gas Conference 2009 (CIOGC 2009)
Date: 18 – 19 October, 2009
Venue: Dongying Hotel, Dongying City, Shandong, China