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Fleming Gulf’s “Middle East Desalination Summit”

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Fleming Gulf’s Middle East Desalination Summit
7 – 9 June 2010, Abu Dhabi-UAE

The Middle East region is considered to be the most water scarce region in the world, with the highest levels of water deficit. The market for water desalination has witnessed a significant upturn during the last years. Driven by the increasing population and the diminishing freshwater sources, a result of global warming and environment destruction, many countries in the region have constructed or are constructing water desalination plants for water supply. Technological innovations have been largely raising the energy efficiency of the desalination process and reducing the running costs, which are always the key concern for the large-scale water desalination.

Hence,Fleming Gulf’s Middle East Desalination Summit scheduled for 7-9 June 2010 to be held in Abu Dhabi-UAE, provides the perfect platform for discussions on the latest developments in desalination technology and provide new strategies for further research and development.

Extensively researched with Industry professional around the region like Dr. Corrado Sommariva- International Desalination Association, UAE, Director; Isao Takekoh, Sumitomo Corporation, Japan, Advisor – Power & Water Investment Department, Ir. H.M.T. Governeur, AQUALECTRA, Netherlands Antilles, Managing Director – Production; Jerzy Roszkowski, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company, UAE, Expansion Planning Engineer, the event will convene more than 100 senior professionals from Government Ministries, Municipalities, Desalination Plants, NGOs, Chemical Companies, Water Companies, Environmental Agencies and Law Firms.

Shefiu Ismael, Conference Producer at Fleming Gulf and responsible for this event quotes “The innovations in energy utilization, such as solar energy, the advances of nanotechnology and molecular technologies have been elevating the outcome efficiency so largely that the desalination is really becoming a realistic solution for the water shortage in many parts of the region. As the region’s economy and future depends on the ability to address water scarcity issues this summit will focus on desalination technology as a viable solution to water shortage and a reliable source of water and a strategic option for satisfying current and future domestic water supply requirements. Moreover the event will act as a platform and will provide an opportunity to learn how to cut operating costs, improve safety, optimize yield and increase production rates.

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About Fleming Gulf

With a rich 5-year history of producing high quality, industry-specific business events around the world and in the Middle East, Fleming Gulf Conferences is one of the leading names in business intelligence. Our B2B conferences are highly interactive events with a limited number of delegates from specialized industry sectors including Finance, Energy, Transportation & Infrastructure, Shipping, Logistics, Utilities, Real Estate, Construction and more. If you are looking for a solution to your business future, you’re on the right page!

Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs confirms World Future Energy Summit attendance

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Mauri Pekkarinen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Finland will play a role in the Ministers discussion

Mauri Pekkarinen, Minister of Economic Affairs from Finland has confirmed his participation in the upcoming World Future Energy Summit 2010 in Abu Dhabi. The Finnish Minister will be a keynote speaker in the Energy Ministers panel session on the first day of the Summit next month on January 18th 2010.

Mr. Marco Steinberg, Director of Strategic Design at the Finnish Innovation Fund, will also be participating in Summit as well as Finnish energy company, METSO.

The Finnish government announced this year that it will support efforts to limit global warming by cutting greenhouse gas emissions at least by 80% percent of 1990 levels by 2050 in a report outlining its long-term climate and energy policy.

Renewable energy sources have an essential role in decreasing greenhouse gases and fighting climate change. Biomass, commonly plant matter grown to generate electricity or produce heat, is the most important renewable energy source in Finland, with its use accounting for about 20% of primary energy consumption. Solid biomass and large-scale hydropower dominate the market. Additional support in the form of feed-in tariffs is being considered for wind power. Finnish cleantech companies are not only global leaders in bio-energy, but also cutting edge solutions can be found in areas such as energy-efficiency, clean industrial processes and components for wind power.

WFES Energy Minister panel will be attended by Ministers coming from developing and developed countries, to discuss the need to secure energy, sustain an economic development and meet environmental realities. In addition to Mauri Pekkarinen, Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs, speakers taking part in the panel include, Pelosse, Interim Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA); The Honourable Ed Stelmach, Premier of Alberta, Canada; H.E. Moritz Leuenberger, Swiss Federal Counselor, Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, Switzerland; H.E. Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Economic Affairs, The Kingdom of the Netherlands; Ola Alter, Secretary of State for Energy, Sweden; H.E. Tadahiro Matsushita, Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan; H.E. Mohamed Bin Dhaen Al Hamli, UAE Minister of Energy; Kim, Young Hak, Vice Minister for Trade and Energy, South Korea; Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister of New and Renewable Energy, India; H.E. Jesca Eriyo, Minister of State for the Environment, Uganda; H.E.The Minister of Environment, Science and Technology of Ghana, Mrs. Sherry Ayittey

Best Regards,
Hayet Zenati
Senior Account Executive

Malaysian Prime Minister cites Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit as a global driver of renewable energy development

Thursday, January 7th, 2010
  • H.E. Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak, Prime Minister, Malaysia is confirmed as a keynote speaker at the World Future Energy Summit

  • Abu Dhabi, December 28, 2009 H.E. Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia has highlighted the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi as one of the global drivers of renewable energy development around the globe in pursuit of environmental sustainability.

    The Malaysian Prime Minister has said that the World Future Energy Summit will play a significant role, alongside Copenhagen, in accelerating the uptake of renewable, the future of the energy sector. He will be one of the speakers the Plenary Welcome Session, that will open the World Future Energy Summit for the third year from 18-21 January 2010. Other speakers in the session will include HE President Karolos Papoulias, President, Greece; HE Mohamed Nasheed, President, Maldives; HRH The Crown Prince Felipe de Borby Grecia, Spain and HRH The Crown Prince Frederik Andr© Henrik Christian, Denmark.

    Mohd Najib, Prime Minister of Malaysia commented on the challenges surrounding the adoption of renewable energy sources, Each and every one of us has a role to play in driving the swift adoption of renewable energy. For a developing country like Malaysia, the cost of renewable energy generation is still high and is not economically viable because generating a return of investment takes a long time. It is therefore not easy to convince businesses to consider power generation from renewable resources as an attractive business opportunity.

    Hence why, to jumpstart the development of renewable energy, introducing the right policy support and providing an environment that is conducive is a vital issue that governments must address and Malaysia is working actively towards that. However, it must also be said that this responsibility must be complemented by other stakeholders such as the private sector, industry, banking communities including the general public, he continued.

    The Malaysian government has played an instrumental role in promoting the use of renewable energy having included fiscal incentives in the annual budgets since 2001. The strategy adopted for the growth of renewables in the country is focused towards market forces delivering the intended outcomes. Malaysia has successfully attracted more than US$3 billion in Foreign Direct Investment in the solar PV manufacturing industry and is poised to become a solar PV manufacturing hub.

    Mohd Najib, went on to comment on the World Future Energy Summit, “I feel that it is important for me to attend the World Future Energy Summit and partake personally in the development of renewable energy in the global scene. I do believe that the World Future Energy Summit will play a significant role alongside Copenhagen, as renewable energy is the future. The World Future Energy Summit will continue to be one of the global drivers that will accelerate the uptake of renewable energy development in our pursuit of environmental sustainability for the sake of the future generation.

    Hayet Zenati
    Senior Account Executive

    Maldives President urges global commitment to Copenhagen and Abu Dhabi’s World Future Energy Summit to save country

    Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

    E President Mohamed Nasheed describes climate change as the 21st century's greatest human rights issue

    Abu Dhabi, December 07, 2009 Speaking prior to two key events on the global energy calendar – The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and the 2010 World Future Energy Summit in Abu DhabiMohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, has called for massive investments in renewable energy and green technologies to address the critical issue of climate change.

    In a statement to government, industry and the world’s public, Nasheed warned of the dangers to all countries if the world continues along its current path of business as usual.

    Nasheed, who will speak at the 2010 World Future Energy Summit in January, said: We must ensure that solid outcomes come from these two critical events. We need to build the green economy of the future by jettisoning fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy.

    Climate change not only threatens frontline states such as the Maldives; it threatens us all. It is therefore everyones responsibility. I urge everyone; governments, businesses and the global public to act now.

    The Maldives President has long been an advocate of renewable energy, recently announcing plans to make the Indian Ocean islands carbon-neutral within a decade.

    The Maldives Government aims to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2020, with plans for renewable generation of electricity and a new transmission infrastructure, including wind turbines, rooftop solar panels and biomass plants. The move will require significant investment and support from developed nations across the globe.

    President Nasheed recently wrote on the United Nations website that climate change is the 21st century’s greatest human rights issue and security challenge.

    Nasheed goes on to state that developed countries, with funds and technological expertise at their disposal, must lead the way in slashing emissions and embracing green growth.

    But if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, he writes, it is clear that developing countries must also halt emissions growth, including the phasing out of coal power and immediate reductions in tropical deforestation.

    One of the key measurements of success at the Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference will be the agreement of financial commitments from developed countries to the developing world.

    According to European Commission, this subsidy amounts to US$150 billion per year up to 2020. But developing economies have requested as much as US$400 billion per year to address climate change.

    For countries such as the Maldives access to capital and technology is crucial in order to implement renewable energy strategies.

    The challenge of realizing sustainable energy supply will be a key topic at the World Future Energy Summit 2010. Six plenary forums will address the most urgent questions related to world energy policy and achieving a viable renewable energy industry.

    Discussing the main outcomes and implications of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December will also be high on the agenda.

    Over 100 countries to attend World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

    Friday, November 27th, 2009

    World Future Energy Summit

    Ministers to debate on upcoming energy challenges the world is facing

    Abu Dhabi – 24 November 2009 – The third World Future Energy Summit is gaining momentum as world leaders, policy makers, industry experts, thinkers, investors and researchers from over 100 countries will meet next January in Abu Dhabi, where they will collectively identify real solutions to today’s climate change and energy challenges.

    Government Ministers from North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa will lead the first plenary session of the upcoming Summit, where they will discuss the actions necessary to balance demands the world is facing between an economic and social need to boost energy infrastructure to fuel economic growth and environmental imperatives that must be met to ensure sustainability.

    Participants at the plenary forum 1 at the Ministers roundtable discussion are The Honourable Ed Stelmach, Premier of Alberta, Canada, H.E. Mohamed bin Dha’en Al Hamili, UAE Minister of Energy; H.E. Dr Farooq Abdullah, Minister of New and Renewable Energy, India; H.E. Hany Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Ghana; H.E. Federal Counsellor Moritz Leuenberger, Minister of Energy, Environment and Communication in Switzerland; H.E. Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands; H.E. Mauri Pekkarinen, Minister of Economic Affairs, Finland; H.E. Jesca Eriyo, Minister of State for the Environment, Uganda; H.E. Ola AlterÃ¥, Secretary of State for Energy, Sweden; H.E. Tadahiro Matsushita, Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan; H.E. Kim Young Hak, Vice Minister for Trade and Energy, South Korea and Hélène Pelosse, Director General of IRENA.

    Ensuring a sustainable energy supply is an issue that is becoming more critical by the day. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that 70% of the increased energy demand to 2030 will come from developing countries. The other 30% of this growth will be from developed economies, which will continue to witness growing demand as they get wealthier, and as their population expands with increasing migration from the developing world.

    The growth rates of developing countries emissions currently outstrip the rates of the developed world. Nevertheless, developing countries claim they bear less historical responsibility for the emissions already in the atmosphere, and that their emissions per capita are far less than that of the developed world. This ongoing debate will be brought to WFES Energy Ministers roundtable.

    Global energy demand is expected to soar 44 percent over the next two decades with most of the demand coming from developing countries such as China and Russia, according to the forecast released earlier in 2009 by the U.S. government’s top energy forecasting agency the Energy Information Administration. The majority of this expected increase in demand will take place in developing countries, where growth in occurring most rapidly and a transition to higher standards of living is taking place.

    Jacob Fleming Group:2nd Annual MENA Infrastructure Finance Conferencein Abu Dhabi, December 14-15.

    Monday, August 31st, 2009

    Given the overwhelming success on the signature event of 1st MENA Infrastructure Finance Conference 2008 on Infrastructure development and investment finance opportunities within MENA region, Jacob Fleming will continue the glory of 2nd Annual MENA Infrastructure Finance Conference.

    The GCC is facing challenges in finding the best response to the recent global economic slowdown, to stabilize the markets, position the economy to be competitive when the international recovery comes, and finally to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Financial institutions need to be more creative and flexible than ever to find new sources of capital and support their clients financial needs, policymakers and regulators need to implement the right measures in order to bring back confidence and stimulate recovery in a volatile environment and investors need to re-assess their risk/return appetite.

    Based on this the Jacob Fleming is proud to announce its 2nd Annual MENA Infrastructure Finance Conference which will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 14th-15th, 2009.

    The focus on the main topics which will be discussed is more than acute in regard to current economic, financial and global situation. Experienced and accomplished heads of leading financial and governmental institutions together with leading experts from infrastructure and development companies are considered highly important to open dialog on Infrastructure Finance.

    In current global situation, in order to be prepared and to expand in the proper time it is a must to elaborate topics on effect of global financial crisis on infrastructure investing and closely linked future of Islamic infrastructure finance in the MENA region.

    Analyze, evaluate and share experiences on most appropriate models for financing infrastructure projects, risk mitigation for different infrastructure assets or various financing and investments opportunities for infrastructure and utilities projects is the best way to take advantage of the current situation.

    2nd Annual MENA Infrastructure Finance Conference by Jacob Fleming Group will bring together the most important decision makers and leading industry experts to talk about their experiences and share their knowledge. This event offers great opportunities for networking and to grab present-day challenges.

    Therefore do not miss the opportunity of being a part of a high class quality event that will attract huge participation of regional and international industry and financial leaders to unite your troop around a sacred cause and a rewarding infrastructure finance experience.

    For more information please visit our website or contact Jacob Fleming on tel: +91-80-4050-9936, e-mail:

    About Jacob Fleming

    Jacob Fleming is one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies producing business-to-business conferences, which consist of current research, market trends, technological developments and applications.

    Jacob Fleming offices – with headquarters in Dubai (UAE – in Prague (Czech republic), Budapest (Hungary), Barcelona (Spain) and Bangalore (India) specialize in organizing prestigious international conferences for Europe, the US and the MENA & GCC region, providing groundbreaking strategies and proven technical expertise in both business functional areas and vertical markets through energy, finance, media, pharmaceutical and telecom sectors.

    Disaster Management & Crisis Response Middle East 2009

    Thursday, March 26th, 2009

    Failure to implement a detailed national disaster and crisis response plan can dramatically increase the number of fatalities but can also have a severe economic impact. A unified and coherent national disaster management plan is crucial for dealing with a variety of crisis scenarios from oil spills to an outbreak of infectious diseases.

    Disaster Management & Crisis Response Middle East 2009 offers a unique opportunity to learn from leading global experts to understand the key factors to consider when formulating a national disaster management plan.

    This three day program brings together global experts who will help you learn:

    Effective strategies for developing and executing emergency response plans from
    The Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Pakistan

    How Emirates National Oil Company is responding to emergencies and executing
    effective drills in oil storage installations

    The steps required for implementing coherent evacuation plan by
    National Disaster Management Authority
    The importance of clear responsibilities for emergency response teams from Mafraq Hospital

    How a nations medical facilities can be fully utilised in disaster situations from
    The Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services

    And much more!

    Disaster Management and Crisis Response Middle East 2009 is your only opportunity this year to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, strategies, projects and solutions. You can’t afford to miss out, so book now. It’s easy to register:

    Call +971 4 364 2975

    Hope to discuss these issues with you at the event.


    Zuzana Laukova, Conference Director

    IQPC – International Quality & Productivity Centre

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    Health and Investment Development Forum 2009

    Thursday, March 26th, 2009



    Sanofi Aventis to support the Health and Development Investment Forum 11-12 May 2009, Abu Dhabi

    Friday, March 20th, 2009

    Sanofi Aventis has announced that it is supporting the Health and Development Investment Forum at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research as a Sponsor of this esteemed international event.

    Sanofi Aventis will join an impressive line up of eminent international speakers and healthcare organizations (including The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Santeum Partners, Gulf Capital, Daman, the National Investor UAE, and SEHA) to address delegates at the First Health and Development Investment Forum.

    The Forum is to be held on 11-12 May 2009 at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) in recognition of the Forum’s importance as a major regional and international health initiative of benefit to the UAE.

    The event is being organized by, The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria and Santeum Partners with support from the Abu Dhabi Department of Planning and Economy, Al Qudra Health Care, The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bioventures for Global Health and Santeum Partners.

    Mr. Kerry Gilzene who is a Partner at Santeum Partners says “Building high quality and accessible health systems is a global challenge. Increasing public-private collaboration and optimal coordination of health systems and development across the UAE is vital as we stay on track for our world class health system. We are proud to be supporting such an important international event of benefit to the UAE.

    The Health and Development Investment Forum 2009 offers 2-days of cutting edge presentations, panel discussions, open sessions and social events. It aims to achieve recognition as a top-tier platform where public and private sector decision makers, service providers, investors, not-for-profits and sovereign wealth funds can debate, learn and share best-practice on building and funding best-in-class health systems.

    Delegates attending the Forum will be those from the UAE with an interest in healthcare finance and banking, not for profits, health authorities and associations, academia, and the pharmaceutical services industry.

    Forum Website

    For more information on attending the Forum contact:

    Strong demand for exhibit space at next year’s inaugural BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT – Floor space poised to reach 20,000 square metres –

    Monday, February 11th, 2008

    The inaugural edition of the BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT is receiving strong interest from prospective exhibitors, with floor space projected to top 20,000 square metres.

    BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT will be held in Abu Dhabi, 20 – 23 April, 2008 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The event marks the debut in the Middle East of France’s world-famous BATIMAT building show.

    Confirmed exhibitors at BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT include leading local and international names such as Tabreed, Unibeton Ready mix, Swegon, Emirates Iron & Steel Factory, Qatar Steel Company, Technal Middle East, VM ZINC, Corus Building system, Marantec Steuerungs, Al Nahr, AMC protection -Siplast and Mammut among others.

    BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT is organised by Reed Exhibitions Middle East with the support and participation of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the UAE Contractor’s Association.

    The four-in-one show


    * Structure Gulf Exhibition (focussing on structural technologies and implementation techniques);
    * Envelope Gulf Exhibition (solutions for cladding, façade, joinery and shutters);
    * Intelligent Building Gulf Exhibition (solutions, systems and networks to improve user comfort inside a building); and
    * HVAC Gulf Exhibition (thermal comfort solutions focusing on temperature and air control, energy, plumbing and water treatment).

    The shows focus on key aspects of modern building construction encompassing the technical, energy-related, economic, environmental and safety aspects of construction and are aimed at property developers and owners, architects, engineers, consultants, dealers and contractors.

    The exhibition’s organizers say that the strong demand for floor space is a reflection of the boom in the construction and property development sector in the country and the region. The Middle East construction market, currently valued at $300 billion, is registering 10 percent annual growth, according to a study commissioned by Reed Exhibitions. “The building sector in the region is maturing quickly with emphasis shifting from completing construction in the quickest and cheapest possible manner to a focus on ensuring building performance, said Leonard Lecoq, Show Manager, BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT.

    BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT has been designed to provide a comprehensive look at the building sector via the specialised platform of the four shows. This format has been well appreciated by the market and we have received excellent exhibitor interest despite the show being in its inaugural edition, added Lecoq.

    China will host country pavilions at each of the four shows, while a pavilion showcasing Italian expertise in the HVAC sector will be organised in collaboration with Mostra Convegno Expocomfort – the biennial international exhibition that is the world’s largest in the HVAC sector. A Turkish pavilion focussing on the Structural and Envelope elements of buildings will also be organised.

    Abu Dhabi a booming construction market

    A report by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) states that over AED 850 billion will be invested in the Abu Dhabi construction market in the coming years. Stating that Abu Dhabi was the ideal venue for BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT in the Middle East, said “Mega projects that are in the pipeline such as the Warner Bros. and Ferrari theme parks, the Louvre and Guggenheim museums, The Central Market and Capital Centre property developments are but a few examples that highlight Abu Dhabi’s position as one of the most dynamic construction markets in the region.

    Value-added features

    Besides, an innovative business meetings programme will be offered at BUILDING FUTURES GULF by BATIMAT whereby Reed Exhibitions will match offer and demand before the show by identifying construction projects as well as the building solutions that the projects need. The exhibition can therefore serve as an ideal business and deal-making platform and ensure that visitors at the show are able to promptly zero in on the specific solutions they require.

    Presentations and seminars focussing on the four themes of the exhibition will also be organised with the participation of experts such as Ecosmart, TBC-France and the Intelligent Building Group. The International Union of Architects (UIA) will organize The International Architects Conference at the show.

    For further information:

    Leonard Lecoq Brian Carvalho

    Show Manager ASDA A Public Relations

    BUILDING FUTURES by BATIMAT or Ph: 009712 6334133

    Ph: 009712 4446113 Mob: 00971 50 668 1902 Fax: 009712 6334233

    Fax: 009712 4443768 Email: