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July 18,2012
Infrastructure Africa Business Forum recently concluded. It was a success! Congratulations to Siyenza Management!

May 31,2011
New feature in GoingtoMeet is the Conference Reminder

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Medical Device Process Validation - Statistical Aspects - Webinar By GlobalCompliancePanel

May 02,2012 - May 02,2012
Online Training, Wilmington, Delaware, United States


Overview: The FDA QSR requires device manufacturers to validate processes when the manufacturer cannot "fully verify the output". The manufacturer must validate these processes with a "high degree of assurance". The presentation explores the statistical underpinnings of these two phrases. To "fully verify the output" relates to the use of statistical sampling plans, while "high degree of precision" relates to process capability. The presentation illustrates the statistical concepts. 

The presentation concludes by showing the strong relationship between validated processes and Risk Management. ISO 14971:2007 requires that production (and post-production) information go back to Risk Assessment to help complete the life cycle. Validated processes, where the manufacturer cannot fully verify the output, present a risk of product “escape”. Statistical information of each lot from a validated process should be part of the Risk Management File. 

Why you should attend: If you conduct process validation, you need to ensure that your results are valid. Beyond the regulatory requirements, statistical approaches will help you achieve the desired result - processes that produce only conforming material. This is the essence of the statistical approach.This webinar presents the statistical approach that will help you validate your processes. Your team should attend this webinar if you cannot easily answer these questions.

  • Can you give the statistical rational for you verification sampling plans?
  • Can you state the desired and actual process capability you need to achieve?
  • Can you list the worst-case input parameter combination for your process?
  • Do you know how to determine challenge points for your process?
  • Have you set action limits for your process inputs?

Areas Covered In the Session:

  • QMS Requirements for Process Validation
    • FDA's QSR (21 CFR §820.75)
    • ISO 13485:2003
  • The Statistical Process Model
    • Relating input to output
  • The Process Output
    • Sampling Inspection
    • Process Capability
  • The Process Input Parameters
    • Design of Experiments
    • The Challenge Points
  • Risk Management
    • Production Information
    • Validated Processes as High Risk

 Learning objectives:

  • Understand the QSR requirements for process validation
  • Explain the FDA’s approach as documented in Warning Letters
  • Understand the ISO 13485 requirements for process validation
  • State the statistical model that links process input and process output
  • Link sampling verification to the process model
  • Understand the role of process capability and describe the desired values of the indices
  • Understand the role of designed experiments in determining the input parameter space
  • Describe the role of challenge points in Operational Qualification
  • Recognize the role of process validation in Risk Management

Who will benefit:

  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Process Owners


Price List:Live : $245.00Corporate live : $995.00Recorded : $295.00
Phone: 800-447-9407Fax: 302-288-6884


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Phone: 800-447-9407

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Sponsors: GlobalCompliancePanel
Speakers: Dan OLeary
Attendees: Quality Managers,Quality Engineers,Small business owners,CAPA investigators,Inspectors,Technicians and Metrology/Calibration Techs,Consultants

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Contact person: webinars
Event website:
Phone: 8004479407
Fax: 3022886884

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