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July 18,2012
Infrastructure Africa Business Forum recently concluded. It was a success! Congratulations to Siyenza Management!

May 31,2011
New feature in GoingtoMeet is the Conference Reminder

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Fast Facts

2nd Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress (APRADOC)

Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress
Nov 26,2012 - Nov 27,2012
United Kingdom


Against the looming backdrop of patent expirations and the need to minimise expenses the Pharma industry continues to look towards the Asia Pacific region to outsource its’ R&D activities. As the pace of change continues to gain momentum at an unprecedented rate it is not only the bigger players such as China and India that are benefiting but other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea have sought to create an infrastructure that will support this trend through academic innovation and government investment. 

This has created a scenario where the Asia Pacific region is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for fully outsourced drug discovery programmes from lead identification through lead optimisation and beyond. This trend has been further enhanced by a significant increase in experts with the necessary technical expertise who had previously worked in the West now returning to Asia to assume leadership roles whilst still maintaining their contacts at a global level. 

Building on the success of last years APRADOC the 2nd congress will drill down even deeper into the current challenges facing pharma companies who are already outsourcing their R&D activities to the Asia Pacific regions or looking to do so in the near future. As well as looking at the current ‘state of play’ the 2 day conference programme will also take hard look at the future and the impact this movement will have on the pharmaceutical as a whole. 

Some of the topics under review during keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions will include –

  • Potential partnering opportunities with companies and research centres in the development of drug candidates
  • Current ongoing government initiatives in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and China
  • Growth trends in the global pharmaceutical market. How Asia is becoming increasingly important
  • Opportunities for the treatment of localised diseases
  • The changing face of R&D in Asia Pacific – meeting localised healthcare needs instead of those of the West
  • Does Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) still pose an obstacle too outsourced clinical activity
  • Re - examining the role of Asia as an outsourcing destination for clinical trials. How real are the potential cost savings?
  • The increasing role of regional CROs in the drug discovery process
  • What steps are Asian countries taking to streamline regulatory procedures
  • Managing IT and data management outsourcing to increase return on investment

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Event Profile

Theme: Asia Pharma R&D Outsourcing Congress
Attendees: Vice President, Director, CEO, CSO, Medical Director, Senior Director, General Manager, Head of R&D, Drug Development, Chemistry, Biology, Biomarkers, Alliances, Partnering, Toxicology, Preclinical Studies

Contact Details

Contact person: Scott Taylor
Event website:
Phone: +44 (0) 1865 811188
Fax: +44 (0) 1865 793165

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