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July 18,2012
Infrastructure Africa Business Forum recently concluded. It was a success! Congratulations to Siyenza Management!

May 31,2011
New feature in GoingtoMeet is the Conference Reminder

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Fast Facts

Global Clinical Trials Outsourcing Summit

Global Clinical Trials Outsourcing
May 14,2012 - May 15,2012
South Korea


The ongoing shift of drug development to the Asia Pacific regions continues unabated. Whilst India,  China and Japan have become the default countries clinical development teams are also increasingly considering other Asian Pacific nations such as Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. Each of these countries offers it’s own unique qualities and many factors other than potential cost savings can effect country selection. This may range from the indication and type of treatment being developed, following protocols, to the differences in medical practice standards between East and West. It is also worth keeping in mind that, for example, although China boasts a huge population there is increasing competition for clinical trial participants and smaller countries such Philippines with relatively large populations may make patient recruitment easier.

Cost factors have impacted on Western pharmaceutical and Biotech companies severely over the past ten years and have no doubt heavily influenced the move Eastwards. A number of Asia countries can offer potential cost saving of up 60 percent when compared to running similar trials in the West but even in the Asia Pacific regions questions are now being asked as to how long these cost benefits  can be maintained and it is interesting to note that some trial costs and investigator salaries in South Korea and Japan may even be higher than in the West.

With so many factors to consider this poses potential trial sponsors with numerous operational, regulatory and logistical obstacles when deciding which countries to conduct clinical trials in.  

The Global Clinical Trials Outsourcing Summit is Global Engage’s fourth outsourcing summit focused on the Asia Pacific region and will provide a forum for discussion and networking between Western and Eastern Pharma, Biotech and CROs senior level executives. The format will include an in depth two day conference programme with presentations from leading industry experts as well as interactive panel and round table discussions.  The exhibition area will allow industry suppliers to showcase their products and services and also serve as a networking area during refreshment breaks and lunches. More in depth exchange of ideas will be facilitated by a series of one-to-one meetings between delegates and industry suppliers taking place during break out sessions from the main conference agenda.

Some topics under discussion during the two day conference programme will be – 

•    Patient access
•    Patient retention
•    Regulatory environment
•    Intellectual property laws/practices
•    Cultural concerns
•    Communication and language
•    Clinical trial technology infrastructure
•    Supply chain management
•    Investigators' available knowledge base
•    Data standards
•    Investigator standards
•    Site management standards
•    Anticipated costs

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Event Profile

Theme: Global Clinical Trials Outsourcing
Sponsors: CROs, Data management and logistics companies
Attendees: Vice President, Director, Outsourcing, Clinical Trials, CRO Liaison, Licensing, Partnering, Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Director from Pharma and Biotech companies

Contact Details

Contact person: Scott Taylor
Event website:
Phone: +44 (0) 1865 811188
Fax: +44 (0) 1865 793165

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